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  1. We have been on harmony but not recently. Do they still have theme nights like 70/80s hippie dress or the deck party where everyone wears white? We are on the Thanksgiving sailing celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with our immediate family of 14. Thanks for any info.
  2. Thank you for your post, I had just upgraded to an H5 on the Escape and really enjoyed your insights. Made my night.
  3. I just upgraded to an H5 18128 on the Escape. I am surprising my husband we board on the day we celebrate 50 years married. Yup, Pearl Harbor day 1969. My Dad kidded as he walked down the aisle hopefully this wasn’t the start of WWIII, guess we didn’t. I want to know what to expect at arrival. Is there a pull up we go to. My son is dropping us off in the Port of Miami. I am not wanting to put the luggage tags on till we are at the curb to maintain the surprise. Is that a good or bad idea?
  4. I am new to NCL. We are traveling in a mini suite on the Escape 12/7, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. (High school sweethearts) I just received a upgrade request for the Haven. I’d love to surprise my spouse with an H5. How much of a bid might be successful? This is my husbands first NCL cruise, only my second. We have cruised extensively. Thanks for any input.
  5. Thanks bob, I assumed you knew I was talking about the DL. We were on a short cruise on our first ever promenade ship from RCL and she did not disappoint.
  6. Just off Mariner and was never asked for card after the first night.
  7. Thanks Bob, I’ll do a screen print from the app that has the suite on it, maybe they’ll have it fixed in 80 days on the web site, lol. The staff at Canaveral said D+ was more important than Sky Suite class, I felt that was a wrong answer.
  8. I checked in the Royal app and our set sail is barcoded on the app and it states suite and D+. Has anyone traveled the allure recently, will they accept the set a sail on the Royal App?
  9. We are just off oasis we were in a GS there was no suite designation just D+, the check in process at Canaveral was a mess, I never remember it being that chaotic and this was our 9th time on her. I just completed the set sail for the allure on 12/2 in a GS and once again no suite designation. We also were issued our cards at the counter, but they didn’t work, and had to get new ones once on board.
  10. Love these threads, I find them entertaining! I am currently on oasis in a suite and I can attest the pinnacles get a lot more attention than regular suite folks. Doesn’t bother us as we are laid back, but I can see how it might bother others. We love to cruise, expect nothing other than what we pay for. Doubt if we will ever make pinnacle but enjoy our D+ status, and in a suite we even have MORE options. I would love to see $s spent on a cruise be a point factor, although empty nesters we started this journey with our family of 6. Thanks for the entertainment off to Sabors for some GREAT food.
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