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  1. The forecast for Hurricane Dorian keeps becoming more ominous and serious, particularly in Florida, even as the specifics as to exactly where it will strike remain highly uncertain. Dorian steadily strengthened Thursday night and Friday, growing into “an extremely dangerous” Category 4 storm with winds of 130 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center. This intensification trend is forecast to continue. Hurricane Dorian gained Category 4 intensity faster than expected, illustrating the complexities involved in anticipating periods of rapid intensification. In its 8 p.m. advisory, the Hurricane Center wrote that “... Additional strengthening is forecast, and Dorian is anticipated to remain an extremely dangerous hurricane while it moves near the northwestern Bahamas and approaches the Florida peninsula into early next week.” The upgrade to Category 4 intensity occurred after the 8 p.m. advisory was issued, after a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft measured stronger winds in the storm. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/08/30/potentially-disastrous-hurricane-dorian-looms-closer-stronger-targeting-florida-southeast-us/ Stay safe everyone
  2. I am totally team starboard. I prefer chilling on the balcony with a beverage while observing the goings on below at Ports.
  3. What an amazing TR of an area of the world and ship that is not covered often. I would love to do a Singapore cruise but seeing as we are on the other side of the world, just the planning itself seems intimidating. Even though we rarely go out for Indian food (we get plenty of it at home), i always try RC's specials because they put many restaurants to shame. The Fish curry i had on Oasis last year still has no match anywhere; land or sea. On a side note as another person of Indian descent we don't often see many cruising or even more specifically here at CC, your reports and especially your pics are too good.
  4. Nice pics of Coco Cay and even better food review ;) Keep it coming. Hope you are having fun.
  5. Hello from Forsyth County. A very entertaining review that is making me rethink my current cruise free calendar.
  6. Along with the women's Soccer World Cup, the Cricket Men's World Cup is ongoing in the UK. So you will be seeing a lot of Cricket for the next month.
  7. Damn that is a terrible setup to enter the WindJammer. I like the hand sanitizer station on the Oasis/Allure so much more than this.
  8. I always just let the servers surprise me with a dish as supplement to whatever we order. I too avoid Indian food when i am out but the Fish curry i got on the Oasis last summer was some of the best i ever had (even in India). Can't say no to dishes like that. Have fun!!
  9. It's all in good fun in my opinion. I generally avoid the first two rows to avoid getting picked on. If you or you wife are hankering for indian food (based on your user id) and from past experience the MDR servers can get you Indian food that is not on the menu. When we travel with my family, my mom is a very picky eater so she will always let the servers get her Indian food. Most of the time it's what they make for the crew and properly good and spicy.
  10. This was a very good TR..Pretty much spent most of my day at work going through it 😉 Can i get your consultant's info. We are trying to plan for 2021 season and Alaska is the great unknown would love to get some professional help. Email is vpaturi at gmail . com
  11. A very nice review and i am looking forward to the end of it. You have a very beautiful writing style.
  12. My nephews were 6 and 7. We did a tour of Dunn Falls and BlueHole in June and they loved it.
  13. We were on Oasis last month and went to Columbus Cove around 9. It was so empty, and were able to pick the perfect spot under the shade. Plus there was a decent breeze as well to cool down once the sun is out in full force
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