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  1. Hi All, Thinking of booking a cruise from Dubai. I see that there a lot of theme nights with MSC. I will be travelling from Australia and taking a full wardrobe of clothes is probably not going to work. We will obviously take clothes for elegant night but what sort of percentage dress up for the other theme nights? Will we feel out of place in neat casual on these nights? Thanks in advance.
  2. Apologies for hijacking!!! Just to clarify, I have paid $400 NRD if I re-book a different ship they will transfer $200 (2 pax) to the new booking. IE: If the new deposit is $400 again I pay $200 plus the $200 from previous booking? Or pay the new $400 and that NRD $200 is used towards a different booking within 12 months? Hope that makes sense???
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. I think we will switch to Quantum.
  4. Hi All, I already have a booking on Ovation from Sydney but am thinking about switching to Quantum from Singapore. Trying to understand if there any differences between the two from anyone that has been on both? Is one better than the other or nothing much different. Thanks in advance.
  5. Be careful with the sales. I booked Ovation virtual balcony cabin (for Australia sailing) then the next week RC had a "WOW" sale with second guest half price. I was so annoyed but then I did a dummy booking to see how much I'd paid extra. It was $220 ish per person extra with the sale and half off the second guest than what I paid with no sale. So Sales are not always sales.
  6. Hi all, Just a FYI not a question!!! I booked a VB on Ovation for $1,703 aud per person (nor refundable deposit). I was so annoyed when a week later I see a "WOW" sale with second guest sales at 50% off. Well to my bemusement when I did a dummy booking to see how much I would of saved I found it was $1,929 aud per person. Anyway no complaints just found that sales don't always mean they are on sale. Will be curious if the price drops back to $1,703 tomorrow when the sale finishes.
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