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  1. Certainly do not think any cruises scheduled to sail from the Canaries wil sail this year. Covid infection rates are rising steadily there, and there are no signs that the Spanish government intends lifting the cruise ship embargo anytime soon.
  2. Yes, Spain is opening its borders BUT that does not necessarily mean cruise ships will be allowed to dock. Hotels that do open, and many are saying they will stay closed until 2021, will have to comply to strict restrictions so expect changes from your usual Spanish vacation.
  3. So sorry for the late reply but I have only just seen your post. There are several companies that can offer day tours either by taxi or rickshaw/tuk tuk. Here is a link for a taxi company with tour details https://transfertaximalaga.com/en/tours-prices/ and here is one for rickshaw/tuk tuk tours (the advantage of these is that the vehicles can get into the narrow back streets where cars are sometimes inaccesible) https://www.malaga-rickshaw-tuktuk.com/ . There are also horse and carriage rides available for shorter durations just to give you a taste of the city. Hope this helps.
  4. We were on Dream in the Canaries that week last year. Apart from the decorations being up, a 'Hunt the Elf' competition and Christmas music there were no special festive events but it did feel Christmassy.
  5. A good warning - there are a lot of fake cigarettes sold in Gibraltar.
  6. Although it is a rare event, and we all go down to see it when it happens, Malaga has had up to 7 cruise ships - including some of the largest - in on one day and is a regular reprovisioning port so could take some of the diverted ships if necessary. Marella Discovery 2 (owned by TUI the same company as own Mein Schiff) was diverted yesterday from Tarragona to Ibiza but as yet their Catalan ports for next week are as scheduled.
  7. We are joining D2 again two weeks today. Can anyone who has used a wheelchair on board tell me what happens each time we get on or off the ship? Although this is our 15th cruise it is the first time my husband will need to use his wheelchair each time we go ashore (although he hopefully will be able to walk short distances with his stick whilst on board). Do we use the ordinary gangway and have to carry the chair up and down the steps, or is there a separate less steep one for people with mobility problems? Any advice on this, or any other tips for passengers with mobility problems, would be
  8. Officially only by the glass although my husband and I did get Cava by the bottle each night on Dream last December.
  9. We joined Dream on 7th December last year and all the decorations were up - the ship, especially in the reception area and the Orion restaurant, looked lovely.
  10. Which of the six Marella ships are you going on? Have a look in the 'Roll Call' section on here to see if anyone has started one for your cruise but there never seems many for Marella sailings - however there are often events for individual cruises on the best known social media site where there are groups for each Marella ship.
  11. Its a 4-5km walk into Valencia centre depending on where you dock. A long and not particularly interesting walk. Either take a taxi or our ships have always provided a shuttle service.
  12. Which is why I would always recommend a ships tour for Granada where they will wait for you if you are delayed.
  13. I wouldn't risk doing it by public transport. The Granada road is notorious for delays from traffic jams due to road works and accidents.
  14. mikb - hope this helps:- MALAGA CRUISE TERMINAL TO CITY CENTRE
  15. We live in the Western Med near Malaga in Southern Spain. February is a mixed month weather wise. It can be windy making the sea a bit choppy but you should get plenty of sunshine. Daytime temperatures are often in the 60s (can feel considerably warmer in sheltered spots) although it will feel considerably cooler once the sun starts to go down around 4 p.m. Some rain is likely but the good news is that this tends to come in sudden short/very sharp showers rather than prolonged downpours and the sun comes out again as soon as the rain stops - carry a fold-up umbrella in your bag and you
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