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  1. Our HI circle cruise over Thanksgiving has gone up around $200 since we booked using the BSE promo. We still have the only forward cabin booked on the Caribe deck. Looks like C108 cancelled as it is now showing as available.
  2. Yup. I made flight reservations last June to go back to the UK this Easter. Under the fare conditions of my tickets, cancelling now would only allow me to rebook for flights through the end of June and this thing will not be over by then. My flights will be cancelled by the airline as they are suspending all long haul travel until May, so I will be able to get a refund on those tickets. I’ve already rebooked alternative flights for August, so I’d want cash, rather than them finally relenting on the expiration period. I also have flights booked for May to South Africa on Qatar. They will allow me to cancel up to 3 days before departure and will issue a voucher that is valid for a full year from the date I cancel.
  3. I got caught up with the same issue. The cruise fare dropped by around $400 on my Alaska cruise that I booked using a non refundable deposit so I called up to re fare. I was told that there was no equivalent non refundable price drop, so I was not eligible to refare, so my non refundable fare ended up being $100 more than the refundable fare. I lucked out in that looking for alternative cruises, I found that by simply cruising on the same cruise just 2 weeks earlier, I could save $2400. OK the refundable fare on the new cruise was still $100 less than my refundable fare, but I will still take it as a win. Given the status of current affairs, I’m wondering what will happen to that non refundable deposit, if I, or Princess cancels our cruise.
  4. I sometimes see the “pricing nit available” error when looking at cruises every now and then. Even my HI circle Thanksgiving Cruise showed the same message. Switching browsers fixed the issue, so looks like a data caching issue with my default browser.
  5. Our cruise is still 3 months away and final payment is still over a month out (assuming no more policy changes from Princess) so we can afford to wait this out a little longer, even if the US contamination peak is still several weeks away. We can drive to the port as it’s only 2hrs north of here, so again, no big deal if we have to last minute cancel (as long as we can get FCC in lieu) We however are at risk with the latest airline travel ban, though right now are eligible to still travel back to the UK for Easter as we are only visiting the UK and have permanent US residency and do have a route that brings us back home through a supported screening airport, but the threat of a potential quarantine on the return looms large. Ex Up Nately and Kingsclere resident here, so I know Hampshire pretty well 😉
  6. I believe that US permanent residents are also excluded from the ban too. I get 2 exemptions as I’m a UK citizen permanently residing in the US (and I have flights back to the UK over Easter too!) 😉
  7. PYup. That is my plan too, though our cruise is in June. I’m happy to give Princess my money now in the hope that this all blows over by then and if not, at least I could use those FCC funds to pay for our HI trip in November. I’d even have to book another cruise as the June cruise costs more than the HI cruise. 😉
  8. I’m in the same boat “so to speak”. I have a June 13 sailing. I would have no qualms with regards to cancelling and leave the booking in place, if I knew for sure that I could cancel within 48 hrs of the sailing and would receive a FCC. I know that as of right now, I’m still free to cancel up until 60 days out without penalty, but there are other deadlines that may push me towards cancelling well before that date.
  9. The way I read it, any new bookings made after a March 10 for sailings up to Sept 30 can be cancelled up to 48 hrs before sailings and can be used on future voyages out to the end of 2022. Any existing bookings for voyages up to a July 31 departure are also covered under the same 48 hr policy, but only through the end of 2021. That is significantly more lenient than the current Princess policy that only goes out to May 31 departures, with the same end of 2021 limitation.
  10. I had this issue last week when I refared. I lost my shareholder OBC (hadn’t spent it yet). I called Princess and they said it was a known issue and it should be back in 24hrs. It didn’t so I called back a few days later and they manually restored it. I did question what would have happened if I had spent it and they said that they weren’t sure.
  11. I’m leaning more and more towards cancelling our mid June Alaska cruise. The new final payment date is now April 14, but if I cancel by tomorrow, I can get a refund on our travel insurance as that had a 10 day policy review period. I had set that up just prior to the original PIF date so that an existing medical condition would be covered. Not sure if I were to cancel and take out a new policy just prior to the new PIF date would still cover pre-existing. As we are booked in a suite, there is a significant dollar amount at stake here if we did have to cancel closer to departure date. It would be a little easier to “let it ride” if I knew for sure that Princess would extend the FCC for June departures as we would simply use that credit to make final payment on our HI Thanksgiving Cruise.
  12. We’ve done 5 MR cruises and for the most, they have been very smooth sailings. The one exception was on the Ruby after departing Cabo for the long run back to San Pedro. It was a little windy that afternoon and we were in the 10 block on Caribe deck. It does tend to be a lot calmer Southbound as you follow the current as it moves down the coast from Alaska and slightly less calm on the return North as you sail against the current.
  13. Can someone who has ever cancelled a cruise, received a FCC and rebooked later on, or has acted on a move over offer and had travel insurance that was not through Princess, explain what happened with their insurance? Was the insurance lost, or could it be moved to the new booking, or was a credit issued? A few years back, I had booked a land vacation in Jamaica, but the hotel was not going to be ready in time, so they moved us to an alternate hotel that was not acceptable, so we ended up cancelling and we booked a cruise instead for the same week. We had insurance and I had a devil of a time getting them to move the coverage over from the land vacation to the cruise vacation. I had to prove that we did not incur any cancellation fees by cancelling the land vacation. We were lucky that we were flying Southwest, so no change fees to switch from Montego Bay to New Orleans and we just had to pay the fare difference and we got the hotel company to send an email that we were not charged a cancellation fee, so after a few days, we paid the premium increase as the cruise was more expensive and had the insurance moved over. In my case, it was a little easier in that my dates did not change, but if we had to cancel our upcoming cruise and switch to a later one (probably next year as it was an Alaskan itinerary that we loved, so would need to wait) then the dates of coverage will change. Another question if I may, what would happen if I did end up with a FCC and I applied it to another upcoming cruise that we have booked and the cancelled cruise cost more than the upcoming cruise? Does the excess get lost, appear as OBC on the upcoming cruise, or does it remain “on account” and can be used towards another new cruise? TIA
  14. And sometimes you can get very lucky in that the rental car company has too many cars in Vancouver and need to get them back to the US (or vice versa) and you get an absolute killer rate as you are “doing them a favor”.
  15. You can download movies onto your iPad through the Amazon Prime app whenever you have coverage, so that you can watch them when offline, such as on an aircraft, or on a ship at sea. You are limited to around 16 Prime movies/episodes at a time for offline viewing and you have to be careful that the movie/episode doesn’t age out. Sometime a quick connect to the Internet can fix that, but not if the program is no longer available on Prime.
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