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  1. It doesn't show on mine. I recently received Future Cruise Credit Certificates from Oceania via my travel agent for a cruise that was scheduled for July 2020.
  2. You are absolutely right and THANK YOU. I had no idea what the difference was in my FCC. I just knew it wasn't 125% of the cruise fare paid. I was not aware that the cruise invoice included taxes and fees. I really think that should be reflected on their invoice. They automatically applied a portion (an odd amount) of the cruise credits to a cruise. I will follow up with the balance on one of the four cruises I currently have booked. I hope they go! Anyway....can't wait to get back to cruising!!!
  3. Thanks jwindham. I hope that is the case.
  4. I am saying that I didn't get 125% of what I paid as a future cruise credit. About $300 was deducted from the total payment for I'm not entirely sure what...some fees of some sort
  5. Has anyone else had the government fees paid for a cruise that was cancelled deducted from their FCC?
  6. I seriously hope that we get a vaccine. I have read all the proposed implementations put forth to the CDC on behalf of Oceania and Royal Caribbean and their medical expert advisors. I am not at all looking forward to having to take ship's shore excursions only. I like to hire my own driver and go see what I want at my own pace without having to get somewhere in a crowded bus. If I don't have any specific sights to see, I enjoy just wandering around the ports, grabbing some local food, shopping and people watching. That is the main draw to me beyond the wonderful cruise experience in itsel
  7. No. I have no interest in the cruise line owned islands! I want to see different ports and try different cuisines. I can go to the beach from home.
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