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  1. See entry #37: 7 bookings @ $1000’s of dollars. Now $700 cancellation fees. Family together for 90th birthday celebration. Longtime client cruisers. Many referrals. No loss of income to agency. Loyalty not reciprocated.
  2. I probably should have mentioned: We are paying for 7 bookings (a 90th birthday family celebration). $100 cancellation fee X 7= $700 in cancellation fees. Yes, a CRUel CON.
  3. Both of us are over 80 and naturally concerned. To our inquiry, our multi-years TA will also charge us $100 to cancel our July cruise if we need to do that. We think it is a CRUel CON.
  4. Hi, 24 years ago (1996) we first sailed on Song of America in a tiny inside cabin. A small ship with a great Crow’s Nest bar and great food and a fun vibe. The food was more than great - on lobster night, the waiter served a whole lobster and cracked it for us at the table - yummy! We sailed to Bermuda, 3 years in a row, because we loved S of A and Bermuda so much - but especially the Crow’s Nest with its waiter who served hot delicious hors d’ouvres. In June 1997, we sat in the CN during a tropical storm and enjoyed watching massive waves lap the pool deck as we sailed. During the rough seas, the dining room was quite empty and paper bags were available at every elevator station. We have sailed many cruises since but Song of America remains our favorite ship - no bells - no whistles - no slides or ice skating - just a great tiny ship with a great crew and great food and Bermuda! We are sailing to Bermuda this year on The Empress which is small enough to dock in St. George and Hamilton. As Mark Twain famously said, “. ...Heaven.” See you there!
  5. Is Chops open for lunch on embarkation day on the Empress?
  6. Hi We are new to RC. If we bring the 2 allowed bottles of wine, is there a corkage fee?
  7. Cynbeth, That is interesting. I was told recently that we cannot expect Beverage packages etc. for our July 2020 E of the Seas not be available until November. How long ago did you learn the prices of the packages?
  8. I called RC last week to ask about this. I spoke to a RC agent and his supervisor and was informed that the drink packages info may be posted in November. As this was a novel idea to me after 22 cruises (Celebrity, HA, etc.), I asked about this RC policy on our Roll Call (7-20-20) and was told this is not unusual on RC.
  9. My above question is not accurate. I would like to know the location for the B1 Muster Station on the 5-12-19 Summit cruise. Thank you.
  10. I would like to know before boarding on 5-12-19 where our Muster Station is located. Can anyone tell me where Muster Station 1 is on the Celebrity Summit?
  11. The Irish recipe for potato pancakes (Boxty) is: in blender grate 4 medium size potatoes with 1/2 medium onion + mix with 1 large egg and 2 tablespoons of flour. Fry in bacon fat until crispy brown. Serve buttered. Yum
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