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  1. How will COVID 19 rules change the Antartica expedition cruises? I’ll be going dec 22 on the wind. Will vaccinations be required for everyone on board? Required to get tested 5 days before boarding, during the cruise , and returning home? Where will masks have to be worn on and off ship? How will the pre hotel arrangements in Santiago Chile change due to covid as well? Jo Weber
  2. Dec 22 WIND CRUISE TO ANTARCTICA -----------ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ONCE YOU GET TO Santiago? I REALIZE WE GET TRANSFERRED TO SIMPLY HOTEL THEN HEAD OUT THE NEXT DAY FOR CHARTER TO USHUAIA. I HAVE read in past reviews that they get you up at 3 am in SANTIAGO then transfer and go to charter, then fly, then get to the ship. Anyone know the details?
  3. Did ur ship get stuck in ice on ur trip?
  4. How many days were u stuck in ice doing all that Antartica?
  5. Did u look at Seabourn or nat geo? For expedition cruises?
  6. How were ur expeditions on zodiacs & kayaks? Enough for everyone? How did u find ur silversea expedition experience ? I looked at nat geo, Seabourn, le boreal, and am booked on wind if she’s ready in dec 2021. Would love to hear more from folks that have been to Antartica with SS.
  7. Anyone been on Seabourn Greenland/Canada/Iceland cruise in 2018 or 2019? Thinking about one of their new ships in 2022. Did they do a good job on zodiacs an kayaks? How was the knowledge of the expedition team? Food? What month did u go? Would love to hear from u?
  8. Who does the better job silversea? Seabourn? Le boreal? Nat geo? TAUCK for Iceland? Would love to hear from others that have been on NW PASSAGE before. Thks.
  9. i realize most of these ships are brand new or refurbed. My real question is how the staff is with each of theses companies? would love to have people that have been on these trips to write back and let me know how knowledgeable the expedition staff was. Also, did you take three trips out a day on zodiacs? Staff always makes the difference!
  10. I would love to hear from folks that have been on Seabourn, Silversea , and nat geo/lindblad & Tauck on expedition cruising Iceland , Greenland & Canadian artic areas. I can view the ships on line. Really wanting to know how the expedition staff is on knowledge and trips out each day on zodiacs? EXPEDITION Staff can really make the difference! PLEASE REPLY BACK If u have experienced going on any of those cruises.
  11. Cruise mapper show silver wind in FRANCE STILL. CANT TELL IF it’s on renovation or just sitting at port in France????
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