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  1. We just got canceled so thank you for all the good advice but it won't be needed now...... 😞
  2. We are stopping in San Juan and St Thomas. I have snorkeled at St Thomas and might again. I was just looking for additional options. Thanks for the chill Island advice.
  3. Can anyone tell us the best option for snorkeling between the two ports? We have our own snorkel gear so we don't necessarily need an excursion.
  4. The Intercontental is over $400/night and the YVE is $185 which was the main reason I was looking at the YVE. I can live with the small rooms we are going to be in a cabin for the whole week so what's 1 more night LOL. Just want to make sure it is safe and clean the rest is fine we were planning on using Uber/Lyft to get to and from the airport and the cruise port so shuttle/breakfast etc not that big of a deal.
  5. We are getting in Friday afternoon for a Sat departure. May 9 well fingers crossed anyway. Looking at a couple of hotel options. 1) Novotel Miami Brickell 2)YVE Hotel Miami 3)Hyatt Regency Miami YVE is across the street from Bayside market which is where we were thinking about going for dinner so leaning that way. Looking for any personal experience or recommendations please.
  6. Good afternoon all. We just booked the Symphony and will be stopping at both islands. I love to snorkel and was wondering if anyone could give me the inside scoop on where to go? I have my own stuff so I don't need to rent anything just point me in the right direction.
  7. I have a water daredevil 5 year old. Does anyone know the height or age limit to use the water slides on the Symphony?? Not the Abyss not out of fear for the boy but his daddy!! LOL
  8. Yes, they are taking bookings. On Thursday our Princess cruise May 9th was canceled. I was able to re-book for the same week on the Symphony since Royal was only stopping voyages for 30 days instead of 60 days like Princess. Keeping our fingers crossed that this remains the case. By the way when Princess canceled, we also canceled our original flights. Just rebooked flights for the same days this morning and saved $700. Now we are hoping our "Royal up" bid gets selected and nothing else cancels!!
  9. From what I understand the Coronavirus is made substantially easier to deal with if you also have "Lime Disease" at the same time.... Thank I am here all week.... tip your waitresses...
  10. Cool, thanks we have a 5 year old and it seems like he is growing and changing every day so we want an up to date photo as we get closer... LOL
  11. Thank you all for your OPINIONS! Clearly I stumbled upon all the lunatics hoarding toilet paper and bottled water for absolutely no reason. I didn't ask about what the word quarantine meant, nor do I care about what the government says about getting on a cruise ship. Having sailed dozens of times, every single cruise has some sort of Nurovirus on it, as well as some other sort of transmittable sickness, as does every airplane currently in the sky. So why does the government not say, "whatever you do don't fly anyplace??" I was just wondering if ports were being closed. Thank you AstroFlyer for answering with facts. I am not going to put my family in harms way, nor am I going to panic. I do understand about the medical facilities on some of the Islands in the Caribbean and am not judging them for keeping the ports open or closed I was just wondering if there was a central place to determine what is currently going on. I apologize if I offend anyone but it is just frustrating to try and gather factual information so that I can make a decision and everyone immediately becomes an expert in opinions and if my opinions are not aligned with yours I am a bad person. Sorry about the rant. I am going back to watching Youtube videos of the ships, sailing into beautiful harbors in far away lands with amazing sunsets and families enjoying their well earned vacation time with each other as we count down the days until we hopefully set sail on another adventure...... Que the theme to the Love Boat......
  12. We are a little under 60 days out. We just took pictures and loaded them onto the app. Question is can we re-take the photos and update the app? I was thinking we could up until the medallions are shipped which I have heard is between 15-25 days prior to embarkation. Just wondering....
  13. I really appreciate the link to the post about what ports were closed. We are absolutely in the wait and see group. I was just wondering if any ports were closed as of now. I believe the hysteria will be done by the time we cruise in 60 days as the end of traditional flu season winds down.
  14. My wife, 5 year old son and I are booked and paid for on the Caribbean Princess for May 9 sailing. We did just received our $200 OBC and are extremely happy with it. Perhaps with all the hysteria and cancellations an upgrade will be in our future. If no upgrade happens then we will enjoy our mini-suite as we watch the world go by from our balcony. My question is has anyone CONFIRMED that ports in the Caribbean are denying entrance? We are going to Grand Caymen, Cozumel, Roatan and Belize. I have not seen anything regarding closures so I was wondering. Please don't answer if you have heard a rumor, your cousins hair dresser knows someone from Belize or think that we are terrible parents for even thinking about keeping the booking and bringing our son with us. I am just interested in personal experience. The only reason we would not go is if Princess cancels or the ports begin denying entry since that was one of the factors in choosing this itinerary.
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