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  1. Thanks for the help. I figured it was possible just wanted to confirm.
  2. We are coming from West Coast to Miami and purchased the air/transfer package through NCL. Arriving the day prior to embarkation. We are being charged $140 for the transfer part. (total for family of 3). My question is can I remove just the transfer part? I already saw the Hotel NCL is using and it is near the Airport and has a free shuttle. I can Uber/taxi from Hotel to port and from port to Airport for substantially less than $140. Just wondering if anyone has experience with just removing the transfers??
  3. We sailed the Allure a few months ago and just booked the Breakaway in May 2020 so I am really following this post. I think the Allure was just too big for my taste which is weird since I was really looking forward to the ship. I was very upset with the food options. It is my wife and 4 year old son and we had trouble getting dining reservations in the main dining room earlier than 8:30pm so we ended up at the Windjammer on all but 2 nights. It seemed like I ate the same food every night and it wasn't very good. This coming from a guy that can find something to eat anyplace and considers salt and pepper all the seasoning needed LOL. I will say the ice cream was amazing... We are new to NCL so are very much looking forward to our new adventure next May. 317 days but who is counting.... MEEEEE!
  4. I was very much thinking of doing my own hotel after reading some of the reviews and you guys all confirmed my thoughts. I think I am going to book another property with the ability to cancel at a later date. This way if we end up getting into Miami later in the afternoon or evening we can just use the Pullman and if we get in earlier in the day use the one I book myself. It has been years since I have sailed out of Miami can anyone tell me the approximate distance to the port from the airport? Does it really matter if I find a Hotel by the airport vs the port to save on some costs? It is my wife, myself and 5 year old so really just need a bed and someplace to eat close by. Thanks for the help
  5. go to Chakanob (SP) in Cozumel. There is an amazing place to snorkel. It has a great beach with hammocks spread out under palm trees, a couple of play areas for kids, I believe it even has a dolphin encounter. Hands down the best snorkeling I have done. My then 3 year old and I walked down a set of stairs into the aquarium, I mean ocean. We were maybe 5-10 feet off the beach in about 5-10 feet of water with hundreds of colorful fish surrounding us. We took a cab from the ship and I think it was about $15 and to get into the park was another $10 or so and it was worth every penny. We are going back next year.
  6. We just booked air and hotel through NCL. They put us in the Pullman does anyone have any feedback for the hotel?
  7. We just took advantage of this leaving from Miami. The hotel that NCL booked for us the price was substantially less than the Travelocity price online if that helps.
  8. I agree with one of the other posters hang out at the airport grab some breakfast and head to the port. Or grab a cab over to the area near the Embassy Suites on 17th (I think) that is the area that we normally stay in and there are places to grab breakfast, a market to get water/soda and some other shopping. Should not have an issue finding a hotel to store your bags for a couple of hours and plenty of stuff to kill the time then head over to the cruise port. I think the taxi to the hotel was about $20 and then from the hotel to the port was less than that. Uber might be cheaper than that.
  9. We would probably Uber/Taxi to the port we no matter if we choose NCL or or own. We were just wondering if it would be better to book with NCL for their hotel of choice or just choose a hotel on our own and pay the $25-50 deviation charge. Round trip air for 3 of us for about $600 is an amazing price coming all the way from Southern California.
  10. We are sailing on the Breakaway May 2020. Debating the reduced airfare NCL is offering. We are coming from the West Coast so we would be coming in the day before embarkation. I was told our choices are to book a hotel with NCL and then the airfare will be booked the day prior or book our own hotel and pay $25 per person for the deviation and they will fly us in the day prior. My question is does anyone know the hotel options that NCL uses in Miami. Also any experience with the reduced airfare program? We are traveling with our 5 year old so arriving super late the night before or a 5 hour layover on our way to Miami would not be very good for either son or daddy... Any experience or comments are welcome.
  11. we are on the Breakaway next May as well. Can't wait to try NCL we are veteran cruisers but new to NCL.
  12. Thank you so much this really helps. Now my son has to grow about 5 inches or so by May!! LOL
  13. Does anybody know the age or height requirements for the water slides??
  14. that is what I thought but I wasn't 100% there wasn't a parent company overlap. No big deal still looking forward to making a final decision in a couple of days but we are looking like it is time to try NCL.
  15. We are looking at our first cruise on NCL (Breakaway May 2020) we have higher loyalty levels on Carnival, Princess, Celebrity and Royal do any of these programs transfer to NCL? I don't think so but I wanted to ask.
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