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  1. Paul 8718

    Silver Cloud Restaurant Hours.

    Thank you for your kind response.
  2. I will be traveling on the Cloud in March and I wonder if someone can tell me if the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch? Thank you !
  3. Just seeking some opinions from my cruisers friends ! When do you think they will start to release more sailing past March, 2020 for the fleet ? ;)
  4. Paul 8718

    'Discoverer-ing' Japan and the Philippines

    Master Echo.... Looking forward to reading your day by day blog..especially with the new unlimited wifi. Enjoy your adventure!
  5. Paul 8718

    Update on Muse dining reservation changes...please

    I just returned from the Muse on January 13th. To give you more specific dining upgrades to the past...here they are. LaTerraza now has table clothes in the evenings. The two side by side dining rooms on the 4 th level you can walk up to at any time any be seated. solo or group no problem. I would admit 7:30-8 pm it is starts to be busy. They change the menus every 7 days in the main restaurants and in LaTerraza. The main bar is still pretty wide open except for some decorative dividers that have been installed. Hope this help....Paul. :)
  6. Has anyone heard about when they will be releasing the full year 2019 itineraries... it has traditionally been in late September? thanks.
  7. Paul 8718

    expedition ships dress code

    thank you for your response. It is very helpful to me. Paul. :)
  8. Paul 8718

    expedition ships dress code

    What is the current dress code after 6 pm currently on the expedition ships...and what do you think it will be on the "new" sliver cloud ?
  9. The sailings have been posted on the SS website from January - May 2019 and it appears that there are no "V" sailings! iS THIS AND INDICATION THAT THESE SPECIAL DISCOUNTS WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE ? Opinions Please !
  10. Paul 8718

    Wind Vista Suite 738

    I have stayed in that suite...it is larger than the standard...but you do have some noise from the pool area above moving chairs and such. But there is a door right outside the room for access to the pool equipment and you can hear them coming an going. Enjoy your cruise....the wind is a great ship.
  11. Paul 8718

    No Shadow in Feb/April 2017

    It appears that there are no voyages in February or April? Do you think its a Drydock or charter?
  12. Paul 8718

    Whisper Dry Dock

    It appears that the Whisper will be in drydock today in San Juan till the next cruise on the 18th. Does anyone know what will be refurbished?
  13. Paul 8718

    Whisper Bed sizes.

    Does anyone know the size in width & Length of the "Queen" bed configuration or the twin beds on board the Whisper. Thanks.
  14. Paul 8718

    Silver Wind Bathrooms

    Does anyone have any info when SS will upgrade the bathrooms to be similar to the Cloud. They are a big improvement and make the bathroom feels modern.
  15. Paul 8718

    Deck 4 Cabin noise