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  1. +1 👍 That's why they were wealthy.... 😢 Same goes about your well known doctor, Lenny ( @lenquixote66) One thing I can't stand is someone being cheap.
  2. Greg, my bad, maybe you didn't notice the "fingers crossed" that [the test performed already] [it] was false positive 😟
  3. Indeed, the colors were amazing. I didn't know calla lilies come in other colors than white.... The neighbors insisted we take home some of the tables' bouquets, they are beautiful. Also, all the guests received small bottles of olive oil [the bride's uncle is a producer].
  4. Oy vey 😉..... [I gather they originally schlepped the tray in their suitcase?]
  5. +1 +1 Ohhhh, the vest is the "cherry beneath the tux" 😉
  6. I agree with you. We didn't have any money, so we got married in a Synagogue, 2 hours at the most. But here people bank on being able to cover their expenses, since every one invites every one, and a list of how much was given is kept..... I've checked with my son how much the neighbors gave him for his wedding almost 6 years ago, and we added a third to the sum.... inflation, expensive venue, etc. There is also an application where you fill all the data relating the wedding, and it gives u an estimate how much to write on the cheque....
  7. No. It is usually done "fifty-fifty".... BUT, suppose one of the parties wants a big and costly wedding, and the other party doesn't have the means for it, or one party has 20% and the other 80% of the guests, an "agreement" is reached, proportionate mainly. The first 2 weddings we've been to -- the couples were well into their thirties, and they paid for the wedding, with the parents adding symbolic gestures, like the bride's dress or groom's suit. Our married son has done the same, and they broke even (+ 2000$).
  8. Sue, pls. see post #35941. @Ozark_Kid managed to restore the video to life 😁 I've tried to copy and paste it here, didn't work.....
  9. The wedding venue site -- https://www.kahi.co.il/ Much more professional than me 😉
  10. The video is on my Iphone.... I can't "export" it since it is too heavy -- the only option is to go through "drop box", and that's "over my paygrade"😉 John, Thank you, thank you, thank you for successfully converting it. I've just been trying the link to the conversion on my Iphone, IT IS converting it / compressing it, but then I don't know where to find the new "slim" version.... As I said above, those technicalities are "over my paygrade"....
  11. @Keksie - Samantha is getting prettier and prettier 🥰 @Sea Dog - So impressed with all your achievements. Chapeau 👍 @h20skibum - Short summary of "Routine".... Mallory's US was OK, as well as Lenny's wife Toby is better ( @lenquixote66) -- good. Mimi ( @jagsfan) will need surgery, scheduled for Nov. 9th -- bad. It is what it is ( @Lionesss).
  12. Mark, Thoroughly enjoying your review, thanks for taking the precious time from your vacation. "Big Lake" v. "just" lake --- let's make a "deal" .... 3 weeks "just" lake, 1 week -- "Big Lake" pictures 😁
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