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  1. We travelled "down under" half the world for the NZ Sounds, especially Milford. For us, it was a once in a life time trip. The crossing from Sydney was rough. We were very lucky with the weather in the Sounds, turns out the week before us they skipped it due to bad weather. Imagine travelling such a long way, only to be denied "entry".... Auckland was very rainy. Bay of Islands -- The glow worms cave was flooded due to heavy rain... We were happy that we saw the Sounds, and everything else was a bonus.
  2. At the time, I think that Chester meant to safeguard all his "musings" on a separate "entity", which doesn't change its shape every time and then, but since he passed away, his account was closed for the lack of "upkeeping". Should u find his reviews, I'd grateful if u could send them to me.... korema1 at gmail com, many thanks
  3. Sadly, after posting the above link, I've realized that everything was removed. You can, maybe, read some of Chester's posts by looking into his profile and press "posts". The links are worthless.... May be the mods can "relive" them?
  4. "She asked for it"....😁 Soo glad u quoted me, I was not sure the Hebrew will appear and be readable, and not some gibberish...
  5. אם הדג לא מספיק שמן, להוסיף ג׳לטין כאמור, להמיס אותו במעט מים, בתיאבון🌺
  6. You cut the head in two - fill them with the grounded fish, and then lay it at the bottom of the pot/pan, along with the spine. Do layers. DH used a single fish (1.5 kg). He says, depending on how many fish do u use, you'll need to add gelatin, 2-3 teaspoons, softened in a bit of water. Feel free to ask -- he enjoys sharing his cooking knowledge😁 The difficulty is translating from Hebrew to English.....
  7. Thank you. We can drive to food stores, even if they're more than 1 km from our home. We have an Olympic pool 12 min walk from our home. I'm swimming there 5 days a week. I was hoping that, since swimming and walking on the beach is allowed, I could at least do it during the lock down. Alas, we're not allowed to drive to the beach even if it is a mere 10 min drive from our home... Go figure 😦 There are lucky people who live closer, like the US Ambassador to Israel 😁
  8. Thanks. Yes, and onions and condiments according to your taste. We're using carp, since pike is not available here. The fish should be grounded twice. According to DH, the spine and the head are very important, since they provide the gelatin. Enjoy !
  9. My DH decided that, even if there are only the two of us for the festive dinner tonight, at least one "element" should be present -- stuffed fish...😁
  10. My friends and I are also protesting, but on bridges. We're all pushing 70 and more. Nevertheless, according to the police and the Ministry of Health, not even one person contacted Covid-19 during the protests in open air.... OTOH, many contacted Covid-19 during mass weddings in Arab or in mostly religious cities.
  11. We can go "outside" -- 1 km from the house (it was 500 meter at the beginning, 100 meter the 1st lockdown). No limit in individual exercise, but you can't use the car... Same with seaside -- u can walk/swim alone. For us the sea is too far to walk. My son can surf, luckily he has a bicycle. Public work is restricted to 30-50% of the workforce. Private companies -- no restrictions. Hotels, rooms for rent, gyms, pools, hairdressers, nail saloons, restaurants (deliveries only) - closed. Moms & Pops small eateries are doomed, they can't afford deliveries. I can't swim in our open air Olympic pool, but if I wanted to go to a ritual bath, which is in a closed confined space - I can.... Lots of the above restrictions are not making sense, and the people are not as complying as in the 1st lockdown. Then the feeling was as during the Blitz - we're all in this together, like Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother said: "The children won't go without me. I won't leave the King. And the King will never leave." Turns out that the President, the PM, ministers and congressmen, all spent the equivalent of your Christmas Eve with their families, whereas "we" were relegated to be alone and far from our dearest... I'm not overly optimistic that this time we'll manage to "flatten the curve"....
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