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  1. +1. I've just checked the expiring date of the cream cheese I've bought for the new cake I was planning to bake... It is good for another 2 weeks. Hopefully, in a week, this unscheduled "rodeo" will be over... Pls. tag me when you're planning to visit !!!
  2. Thanks, Bob. This paella, and, especially the meaty scallops, looks very "inviting" 😁 This boyfriend should be labelled "a keeper" 😉
  3. Thanks, JC. Ashdod -- yes, sadly very much so. Haifa -- for the moment no (the rockets are launched from the South/Gaza Strip), but if the "guys" from Hezbollah (north, aka South Lebanon) will decide to "join the party", then -- very much in the range. No way Israel will be included in the itinerary IF hostilities are going on here. Hopefully, you'll be lucky and will arrive in a period of [relative] peace.
  4. 1st time in Tel Aviv and here -- siren during the day... Was just trying to recuperate from the night and get some sleep....
  5. sea fret -- learned a new word 😁 Eerie silence around here... only a very limited number of cars on the roads, no people on the streets... We have kinda "ancient agricultural festival" Sunday&Monday, the tradition for me is to bake a cheese cake, and people usually eat diary products. Bought all the special ingredients, not sure I'll go ahead and bake it, since, for now, we can't host the family.
  6. He is excellent, but you'll need a "special mood" to read them, since they're quite sad and melancholic...
  7. + Grisham, Baldacci & James Patterson's Women Mystery Club series. I'll have a look at Robin Cook.
  8. I'm with you -- Alaska is beautiful and special. We were hoping for a quieter night, since from 9PM there was a lull all over the country. Sadly, the lull lasted only 4 hours. 1PM -- Sirens in Tel Aviv -- DS1 rushing to the stairs. Check 😢 1.12 - Our turn. Check 😢 1.23 - DS2. Our in laws don't have a shelter, so they're spending the night in DS2's new apartment. It was crowded with DDIL, DS2 + 2 grandkids. Check 😢 Another sleepless night awaits us....
  9. ALL of them are mine too, especially Connelly -- you can't go wrong with any of his books.
  10. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your 33 anniversary. Beautiful itinerary and pictures. Absolutely love lighthouses 😁
  11. Yes, it was -- yesterday evening for about an hour and a half.
  12. I too prefer a book in my hands, but the "supply" has dried out... Amazon isn't sending 2nd hand books to Israel and they charge a lot of dough for shipping new ones 😢 It took some time for me to get used... but now all I can see are the advantages of "one click buy" and in a minute - the book is downloaded... It surely beats waiting for DS to be in NY and fetch the 2nd hand books I've ordered to his hotel 😉 Fingers crossed for your house sell today... May it sell waaayyy above asking price !!
  13. Haifa -- yes. Tel Aviv -- not so much... The schools/kindergartens are closed, lots of people remained at home after the bombings yesterday evening and during the night....
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