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  1. I have to agree -- a drive from Tel-Aviv to Miami will be quite "complicated".... since the only way out of here is by air... Sadly, no cruise ships start from Israel 😢 Dani
  2. One cruise booked for May 2021. I'll book flights only after finding out if the cruise will go ahead.....
  3. I find it so hard to believe ....😁😁😁
  4. Celebrity provided a top-notch experience (10 days with hotel pre- and post cruise). Xpedition was then 96 pax, very intimate and friendly. The groups with the naturalists were no more than 16 pax, very relax atmosphere., time to ask questions and interact with others. I was in the cheapest room, oceanview only (my first and only cruise not in a balcony), but really was in the room just for the bare necessities, since in one step you''re already on the deck. The food was to die for.... and I'm a foodie. I went for the nature and the proximity to animals, fulfilling a childhood dream. Here's a friendly guy inquiring about my shopping bag... ...
  5. Following advice on this forum, I've 1st cancelled my shore excursions, and then cancelled my cruise. Got the tours refunded in a few days. Still waiting for the deposit refund. Personally, I've found the advices on this forum always spot on.
  6. That's why I think that the starboard is the best side, much more quieter, even if the balcony is regular size.
  7. The best are 8594 & 8596. I imagine the same on deck 9, but haven't stayed there.
  8. We were on Jewel 8594 & 8596 == both excellent quiet cabins, with amazing views.
  9. It is... so very sad. Venice is/was such a special destination. Visited 5 times, not nearly enough.
  10. Amazing places and pics, may be, one day, we'll manage to visit..... thanks👍
  11. I live in Israel, which is not EU. When booking with US-TA based, u get the terms of US customers law. After reading endless posts about the pros and cons of booking within EU vs US, me thinks that US customers (and those like me, who choose to book outside my country) get the longer end of the stick"😁
  12. YES. I'm using one based in Florida, and I don't even live in the States.
  13. Bill, when you [re]started this review, I was hoping you'll have the opportunity to take a tour with Michelle. For me, it was the highlight of our Alaska cruise. The views from above were breathtaking, and Michelle was a gem. DH declared early on that he's not flying in such a small plane.... Not deterred, I've booked myself. He went to Dolly's House instead 😁
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