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  1. He's so right... "In for a cat, in for two..." (it's not that you didn't have already a mother and her kitten for many-many years 😉)
  2. Hi @harryfat1(aka "cheapo dad" 😁), Welcome. It's never "too late" to a great party🌼 Reminds me of the Duchess of Windsor's (portrayed amazingly by Geraldine Chaplin in the "Crown") saying -- "you can never be too rich or too thin" 😉
  3. On IG a few days ago, Captain Kate stated that she has to go back to relieve the actual captain, since he was also working many months without a break.
  4. Ohhh, those lamb chops look amazing and the right color.😁 I'll move to US for those chops....
  5. Thank you so much -- I appreciate the time you took during all those preparations for Thanksgiving -- to detail the recipe. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner tonight 🌺
  6. She was so looking forward to the Apex inaugural.... RIP.
  7. The "Edit" is found under the 3 dots on the upper right side. It works only during 15 min after posting.
  8. That cake looks amazing. Nice height. Is it mixed with chocolate? I'm a big fan of cream cheese + chocolate cakes 😁
  9. No, ours was supposed to cruise September 27th, and included Greek + Italian ports. I've found a slightly similar itinerary on the Apex (Sept. 18th, 2021), which now includes Ephesus. In the unlikely event that this next year cruise will be a "go", I really don't know what to do in Ephesus the second time😁
  10. Wishing Happy Thanksgiving to all the "Routine" family 🌼 "Social distancing" this morning at the beach.... Coffee shop -- take away only.
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