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  1. You can take it to the bank 😁 -- a huge desire!! We're like an island, since we can't travel by car to any of our neighbors........... Top to bottom by car you can "do" Israel in 8 hours.
  2. Imagine 😁 The travel agents are already overwhelmed with hundreds of people asking to book, and it was published here only in the afternoon.... We don't have many options to travel (only flying out anyway), but a round trip cruise [starting and ending in Israel] was very much in demand in the last years, but absolutely no cruise line was interested 😅.
  3. Rome for us, even if it's more expensive. We want to feel safe while on holiday. In Barcelona -- My family was purse-robbed, my friend had her chain snatched from her neck, nearly garroting her (both times from a motorcycle). A gypsy tried to steal my DH valet from his jacket, approaching him with a bunch of flowers, while with her other hand trying "the deed". Luckily, he pushed her hand back. Turns out there were "watchers" for her, and they tried to intimidate him, but he stood his ground.
  4. He was always a Samsung user (doesn't like Apple's "modus operandi"), and I'm always been iphone... He isn't much of a phone user, just for taking pictures, therefore that's the main thing that interest him (of course he has a nice Nikon too, and looking to upgrade it). He isn't much into mobile's upgrading, until his Samsung is on the verge of collapsing.... In those "circumstances" he upgraded from 7 (yes.....) to S21... About the camera, he said something along the lines of "many pixels..." in comparison to 12 prox max. He says it
  5. If it looks like Ham... Ham it is (I ate most of it.... vegetables don't "speak" to me 😁)
  6. Today we went to visit, for the 1st time after one year, a dear friend of us, who accidentally has his foot in a cast. Another friend, who just bought an iphone 12 pro max (1520$, monthly payments for 36 months), was eager to "demonstrate" the 3 cameras performance (v. Galaxy S21). So I let him take pictures of our brunch. @Milwaukee Eight @bobmacliberty @A&L_Ont BTW, DH still thinks that Galaxy S21 is better....
  7. Thank you all for thinking about me -- just today we were finally out all day and my iphone battery was running low. Came home to tons of new posts. The Odyssey is all over the news, including the Prime Minister thanking RC for the novelty of having a cruise ship actually leaving and returning to Israel. It is a FIRST and we were eagerly waiting for the opportunity not to fly out... BUT, with your kind permission, I'll wait for more details before "committing"... Knowing "my" people, I fear that the food will be "kusher", which for us
  8. Both look amazing. I envy you those pork ribs -- pork is not "kusher", so it can only be find in special butcheries, owned by immigrants from Russia. Mainly steaks. Pork ribs -- very very rare. I enjoy them while cruising...
  9. I think also that there is a very special light in Venice....
  10. Israeli fighter pilots are one of the best there is 😉 La creme de la creme 👍
  11. Excellent choice, if you don't plan to visit again. One day in Haifa and an overnight in Ashdod will give you a taste... I strongly recommend overnighting in Jerusalem. Sukkot is a holiday where everybody is on the road and you'll waste precious time should you decide on back and forth. Many workplaces close for the 8 days, many work half a day, schools are closed. And I'll give Menachem Begin Heritage Center a miss. Much more interesting Christian sights, even if you've seen some in Rome. Not comparable.
  12. Rag doll !! That's what I had in mind when I said "full fur".... I remember seeing this "model" and fell in love with it, but when I've checked a little, the price as well as them being prone to stomach obstruction [?] problems because of the quantity of fur they ingest, have put me off...
  13. @firefly333 Eagerly waiting for update about your condo, fingers crossed 🤞
  14. Today at the beach we met a huge medusa (19 inch) and a pupil still in lock down (those 10-15 years didn't went to school from the beginning of the C) passing her time
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