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  1. Indeed, the colors were amazing. I didn't know calla lilies come in other colors than white.... The neighbors insisted we take home some of the tables' bouquets, they are beautiful. Also, all the guests received small bottles of olive oil [the bride's uncle is a producer].
  2. Oy vey 😉..... [I gather they originally schlepped the tray in their suitcase?]
  3. +1 +1 Ohhhh, the vest is the "cherry beneath the tux" 😉
  4. I agree with you. We didn't have any money, so we got married in a Synagogue, 2 hours at the most. But here people bank on being able to cover their expenses, since every one invites every one, and a list of how much was given is kept..... I've checked with my son how much the neighbors gave him for his wedding almost 6 years ago, and we added a third to the sum.... inflation, expensive venue, etc. There is also an application where you fill all the data relating the wedding, and it gives u an estimate how much to write on the cheque....
  5. No. It is usually done "fifty-fifty".... BUT, suppose one of the parties wants a big and costly wedding, and the other party doesn't have the means for it, or one party has 20% and the other 80% of the guests, an "agreement" is reached, proportionate mainly. The first 2 weddings we've been to -- the couples were well into their thirties, and they paid for the wedding, with the parents adding symbolic gestures, like the bride's dress or groom's suit. Our married son has done the same, and they broke even (+ 2000$).
  6. Sue, pls. see post #35941. @Ozark_Kid managed to restore the video to life 😁 I've tried to copy and paste it here, didn't work.....
  7. The wedding venue site -- https://www.kahi.co.il/ Much more professional than me 😉
  8. The video is on my Iphone.... I can't "export" it since it is too heavy -- the only option is to go through "drop box", and that's "over my paygrade"😉 John, Thank you, thank you, thank you for successfully converting it. I've just been trying the link to the conversion on my Iphone, IT IS converting it / compressing it, but then I don't know where to find the new "slim" version.... As I said above, those technicalities are "over my paygrade"....
  9. @Keksie - Samantha is getting prettier and prettier 🥰 @Sea Dog - So impressed with all your achievements. Chapeau 👍 @h20skibum - Short summary of "Routine".... Mallory's US was OK, as well as Lenny's wife Toby is better ( @lenquixote66) -- good. Mimi ( @jagsfan) will need surgery, scheduled for Nov. 9th -- bad. It is what it is ( @Lionesss).
  10. Mark, Thoroughly enjoying your review, thanks for taking the precious time from your vacation. "Big Lake" v. "just" lake --- let's make a "deal" .... 3 weeks "just" lake, 1 week -- "Big Lake" pictures 😁
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Pat. It seems that I cannot upload a video longer than 16-17 seconds....😢
  12. I don't want to clutter the thread with my videos, just made a test to see if I can upload directly from my IPhone, since yesterday, when I've tried through my computer, it was "too heavy". I assume some of you will be able to see it. I can see it on my Iphone.... The reception in the garden, before the wedding ceremony. IMG_6541.MOV
  13. I took off the shoes "periodically" under the table, and then the moment we were back in the car.... I walked barefoot from the parking into the building, since the shoes "refused" to go back.... Luckily, I don't have to work tomorrow 😉 Yes, just north of Netanya (Emek Hefer). Lots of wedding venues there, turns out. The land is cheaper than Tel-Aviv.... Seems like 400. I'll ask tomorrow, they stayed the night at the venue. A shot every 6 months, or not [Hamlet...]. That is the question.... And the answer here is that, accordingly to "measurements", the 3rd shot is, like his name, a "booster", namely, it boosts your immunity 10 fold [or something]. So the experts expect it to last even one year. Our friend, who got Covid just after his 3rd shot, was hospitalized and very close to intubation, had his antibodies checked... He has more than 40.000, whereas before the 3rd shot he had 50, which he says is practically nothing. Being a physician, he somehow succeeded in getting a serological test....
  14. No. The extended family joins, depending upon the "relations" between relations... Apart from the parents [the groom's are divorced, they stood far from each other], also the grandmother, and the sisters and brothers.
  15. After the main meal, the family changed to Moroccan style dresses, and the dancing continued.... The mother, the sisters and the bride in pink. At the last moment, the groom joined them. You'll have to excuse me, being so short, everybody towered above me for taking pictures....................😢 IMG_6562.mp4
  16. The no less beautiful sisters of the bride The venue also has rooms for the guests And the dancing is on IMG_6555.mp4 IMG_6551.mp4
  17. Next, just pictures, which are easier ... The beautiful bride and me.... Her bucket The place where the religious ceremony will take place (chuppa) The renowned chef came to greet the early guests.... As u can see, I was quite elegant in comparison to the "surroundings".... But got plenty of compliments for my shirt 😉 ME 😟 The ceremony under the chuppa The food was very disappointing (taken into account that the chef had a 2* Michelin restaurant...), so some neighbors at our table ordered..... the kids' menu 😁
  18. The wedding was lovely, and I did dance the night away -- until 11.30PM, which is a LOT... Trying to post some of the videos I took, problems with my IPhone. I'll try one movie, let's see if it works..... OK, it is a short one, it loaded !!! The "atmosphere" at the wedding 😁 IMG_6553.mp4
  19. www.kahi.co.il אולמי קאי של השף מושיק רוט, אנחנו עכשיו בדרך לשם, בפקקים Chef Moshik Roth, who had a 2* Michelin restaurant in Amsterdam, closed it due to Covid, returned to Israel and opened this venue a fee months ago 😁
  20. On our way to the wedding, and the story of the "vintage" shirt.... Some 40 years ago, when we lived in Brussels, we were invited, like every year, to the company's NYE party. It was hold in a very nice castle, just outside of the city. Most of the other employees were European, used to dress up for such parties. We, Israelis, are much less "formal".... So I splurged for a nice silk shirt at Max Mara, a once in a lifetime "event" for me... Needless to say, it was the only time I've worn it. I was struggling with what to wear for this wedding, which should be a high profile event, in the most prestigious venue in Israel, and suddenly remembered it. I hesitated, since it's so old, but, unexpectedly, I've received the OK, not more not less from.... royalty. Yesterday, a royal wedding took place in Athens ( @singinalot Crystal, you missed it 😉), and one of the princesses wore this --- whereas my shirt looks like this (and the shoes are a mix of my pants and shirt colors) BTW, the shoes are also ~40 years old, wore only for that occasion ....
  21. Heartfelt congratulations, Greg. Such a great achievement and a marvelous "send off" into retirement 💐
  22. Marietta, amazing -- just what I was going to say, word to word [actually was thinking in French -- mot-à-mot] @jagsfan
  23. @lenquixote66 Wonderful news, so sorry you had weeks of worry. @Luckynana Glad William is on the mend 🥰
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