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  1. Thanks Paul. Japan wasn’t mentioned in the fine print I had seen but clearly it is listed above. Bit of a bummer but I am sure we will still have an awesome time!
  2. My husband and I were on the Diamond Princess in July 2017. We pre-bought the photo package and found it to be fantastic. Then we were planning a repeat cruise back in April, and had already bought the same package. We had to cancel that cruise at the last minute due to my health. We have booked a similar cruise for September, and the all-inclusive package doesn’t appear as an option anymore. I read online that it is not available for cruises from China, Australia or New Zealand, but ours is around Japan. Does anyone know if it will be available closer to the cruise date, or if not then, once on board?
  3. I reckon you have a chance. Bear in mind that various cruise travel agents have allocations that they might not completely sell and therefore they will become available at the last minute. If I were you, I would actually be contacting the various travel agents to see if they have anything left on that cruise. Good luck!
  4. I have a question about photo packages. We bought one last time we were on the Diamond Princess, as well as for a cruise we unfortunately had to cancel in April. We have just booked a new one on that ship, and I can’t seem to find the all inclusive photo package as an option?? Is it no longer available?
  5. We are going on the Diamond Princess in April. We have just qualified as Platinum. Will we automatically get something sent to us?
  6. My first Princess cruise was around Japan on the Diamond Princess in July 2017. I am so excited because we are going to do a similar (but longer - yay!) cruise this April. By far, this has bee my favourite cruise.
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