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  1. That is your status in the Casino...
  2. I'm sure that at one time Michaels Club was open to everyone. But when we were there, it was only open to Elite and above...So I stand corrected.
  3. Michaels Club was only open to Elite and above...then they took it away from the Elites...And now, it's only open for those in a suite...
  4. In addition, we don't book suites...as I have looked, the suites get all the perks included.
  5. Really, the only reason that chose to rebook to get the 4 perks is that they were free, and I do mean at no added expense. And as for the premium beverage package, we do not drink to excess, but we we do enjoy some higher shelf items, and the fact that I can get a regular size martini, mixed with grey goose, not the small one with something that may lead me to have a headache later in the evening...internet, we can take or leave it, just nice to know that I can keep track of my elderly mother while we are gone. The OBC was a nice add, and we always pay our gratuities upfront. Just nice to have these, with no increase in our price...I would never have rebooked if they were an added expense....
  6. In our case, we purchased the cruise and got 2 perks on one day with no extra fees...the next day, because of the 24 hour period, we were able to pay the exact same amount for the cruise, but were given 4 perks...again, no increase in price...so I guess it is just the luck of the draw...
  7. Nice hotel as well...clean, friendly...we use it quite often.
  8. It sure was a waste...we had mother-in-law in our cabin as well....they would not let us put a recliner there for her to sit...very silly...
  9. We always park at Park n Go, which is right next to the cruise port. They have a shuttle to drop you off and pick you up after the cruise is finished...never had a problem with them. The earlier you book with them, the better your price will be....
  10. You might try getting on the #10 bus, not the #10A, and take the #10 bus to Ardastra Gardens and Zoo...about a mile from the port. There is all kinds of birds, and what not. They have a "marching flamingo" show, which is pretty cool, and you can feed the Lories, which is a hoot! Less than $20/adult to get in and takes approximately 1- 1/2 hours to go thru.
  11. We were able to smoke our cigars on the pool deck under the overhang...no one said a thing to us..and also outside the Rendezvous Lounge as well...there were more than two of us, again, no one said anything to us.
  12. Yes, you can smoke cigars at the mast bar...on on one side of it, outside the Rendevouz Lounge...they put comfy seats w/tables right outside and on one area on the starboard side of the pool deck. The Infinity does not have a Sunset Bar...Oceanview Cafe and upstairs from that is the outdoor theater.
  13. Are there any tours to go to the Distillery in Curacao? Anyone done one before? Looking for something that is not an excursion from the ship...look forward to your answers!
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