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  1. What was the name of the pianist in the Mix?
  2. Was it on a Gala night?
  3. Thanks for the info. It sounds like HAL is turning April's King's Day into an event throughout the year.
  4. Has anyone been on a recent cruise that had an "Orange Party" night. I hear they will be one night per cruise. What was the dress code on the night it was held? Where on the ship was it held? How was the attendance?
  5. There is also a thread re this cruise on PORTS, Africa. It was started on 4/25/19 and last posted 5/29/19.
  6. How much did they want for the deposit and by when did they want it?
  7. The Grand World starts in Jan 2020, the Grand Africa doesn't start until Oct 3, 2020 as you should know.
  8. Barry, Any chance you'll be on the 2020 Grand Africa Voyage. Boston to Ft Laud Oct 3--Dec21, 2020? Albert & Susan, Boston
  9. No new changes on my HAL account info. Maybe Tuesday after the Holiday.
  10. Where it says More Filters. Click and then click on sold out twice.
  11. Click on World Cruise AS WELL AS "Sold out" and you should see the portions of the WC still available.
  12. This from the Cruise contract may be the reference to the 3 payments. Grand World; Grand Voyages; any Segment of a Grand World or Grand Voyage; 28-50 day Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas; Incan Empires; Amazon Explorer; 30+ day Europe Transatlantic or any segment of a 30+ day Europe Transatlantic sailing; Africa Explorer and Far East Explorer 120–91 days before commencing travel: an amount equal to deposit requirement; 90–76 days before commencing travel: 60% of gross fare; 75 days or less before commencing travel: 100% of gross fare.
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