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  1. So we hope and pray it isn’t canceled! I may be kidding myself,but that is how I roll!
  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts.They mean a lot. I stopped worrying;it is out of my control.But, I really want to cruise.Doesn’t everyone on this forum???
  3. of course;I GOOGLED and got a Christian League and didn't want to insult you!
  4. Not sure what “cls”stands for but we are going to enjoy our suite and the beautiful ship!
  5. Thank you.We have the same concern however September 12 th is 51 years of marriage. I am praying.
  6. Hoping this cruise will happen! Anyone out there thinking of cruising then?
  7. Has anyone been on the Oceania Insignia PH3 suite 8000?
  8. Anyone know if a butler first name is still on the Dawn.Last we cruised,some said he might have switched to another ship(?The Joy) He was Our butler twice on the Dawn and he made trips so wonderful.
  9. Margie 1221, Thank you so much for your kindness.God bless. I expect you even believe in God. You have renewed my faith in humanity. I am a retired RN who worked 40 years and would be out there now if I were able.Please pray for our nurses,I am.
  10. Thank you.This is fairly new territory for me. I will try to follow the thread.There have been many insightful and helpful responses and I thank you.However,if you go to the thread for this cruise,many people think it is a go.The cruise in part is sponsored by a popular NCL duo .My guess is I would be surprised to see the Gem sail on May 15th,However,This has been a time of surprises.
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