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  1. Check their website.Even though on Dawn a lot,they also sail on NCL Pride Of America around Hawaii a lot.
  2. We just returned from a four day cruise from NYC to Bermuda.Waters were only rough around New York.The Dover Sole at Le Bistro was the best we ever ate. And Patti and Jose performing in the atrium each night made the trip perfection. We love sailing on the Dawn and we love most of their staff.
  3. Really!Huricane(tropical storm Jerry)is coming to Bermuda Monday 😳I wonder where we will go;oh well at 4pm we sail to somewhere!
  4. Does anyone know if King s Wharf dock is re opened after Humberto. I read in an online Bermuda newspaper that the mall is closed through Friday and reopened TBA.Curious as we are scheduled to arrive on Sunday morning.
  5. Has anyone been recently on the Dawn.If so does anyone know the current butlers. Thank you in advance.
  6. I am afraid so.I find having Bonine or similar on hand to take seems to help.🙏🏻Smooth sailing.
  7. So Pelican Pete, We leave NYC on this Friday,arrive Bermuda Sunday for a day and then back to NYC.Short trip this time due to care giving obligations. Will our trip be rocking and rolling in your opinion.The Atlantic is always rocky when we cruise but is this going to be worse. As always,thank you.
  8. Thank you.You do know your weather and we are grateful you are willing to share.Thank you.
  9. Well thank you for the information.Our last cruise to Bermuda went to Canada due to Hurricane?many people came to Boston Terminal all set for Bermuda and were shocked!!We knew because of this site and the posts of kind folks who gave a heads up.
  10. Thank you for positive thoughts.
  11. How likely for Humberto to reach Bermuda as a hurricane?And when do you think?
  12. Thank you I want to that section and Pelican Pete knows his Hurricanes.
  13. Thank you.That was very kind.
  14. Do you think Humberto will still be around Bermuda this coming Saturday/Sunday. Also leaving New York Friday;rolling seas? Thank you for listening.
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