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  1. Thank you Miss Jamie for your caring and reporting back to us
  2. I would call NCL and ask the cruise specialist who answer.
  3. My guess would be that you are covered.Fingers crossed
  4. not sure if cvs test will please Bermuda.My next step is printing what Bermuda wants and bringing to CVS and Quest lab.
  5. sounds good to me ;however ,my head is spinning with time frame of testing and paperwork for Bermuda!My biggest fear /nightmare is testing positive on the ship and quarantined in a tiny cabin in the belly of the ship near the medical center!!!Dear God please not that!
  6. CVS does the PCR test in Connecticut where we live.I think it is the "brain swab"
  7. I emailed to an address for health on Bermuda Health site and was told that as long as you do not get off ship in Bermuda,no paper work or testing need be done".However,you must comply with cruise lines mandates"This took place about ten days ago and may have changed!!!
  8. we got same Amazon holders and put vaccination card in it and it fits into passport perfectly.we also read not to laminate the card
  9. Oh you are right!We hoped to miss all this testing in Bermuda by staying on the ship but rereading their Bermuda cruise ship paperwork,to sail to Bermuda must be pretested,papers and fees filed before leaving home port.Oh my!
  10. I agree with all above comments.Just hate not knowing what is going to happen and I better get over feeling this way.I really just want to cruise!
  11. I just read and printed new "rules"to enter Bermuda.I understand it is a small island and they want to keep their citizens safe but oh my. Go to Bermuda goverment page and read.To enter Bermuda a long covid test must be taken four days before entry to the island.Also a very long form filled out and $75.00 sent to Bermuda with proof of negative Covid test,filled out health form and the money.Wonder when NCL will notify it's cruisers?
  12. No to September 11;however I would not take cabin with 666 in the number!!!!! To each his/her own fears or feelings.
  13. We just switched a cruise this past week.Called our NCL travel assistant and she did the entire transfer in a few minutes!!!! Easy peasey!
  14. On our way to Rhode Island now.Lovely state with lovely people. Thank you
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