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  1. Nope. Don't wear one at home, not wearing one on vacation.
  2. Very few ships will have SPECIFICALLY BURGERS 24/7......you can generally get them from room service, (usually for a fee on most cruise lines, nowadays).
  3. It really depends on what YOU think "good food" is.....used to be, the dining room was awesome....not so much anymore. Now, you pay EXTRA for what you USED to get included in your fare. Things have changed quite a bit.
  4. Probably about 15% of passengers use c-paps. It's "positive air pressure"...it's NOT "oxygen"....just air, to keep your airway open while you sleep.
  5. I would NEVER use a debit card internationally....heck, I don't use one at all! Credit cards offer MUCH better protection!
  6. You can get ice water from ANY bar or eating venue, whenever you want. No charge for water. Coffee, tea (iced or hot), milk, OJ at breakfast are included in your fare and are available in the WJ buffet or other restaurants. If you BUY a soda without a package, you get a can. If you have a package, you get fountain soda. Traditional dining, you are likely to be seated with others..and that will be YOUR table for the duration. You will have a set time. My Time Dining, you will be seated with only your party. You can make reservations for the time you'll show, or simple
  7. Let everyone "do their own thing" or it's gonna be a lot of "hurry up and wait"!
  8. The doors on Suites are larger than standard cabin doorways....there should be PLENTY of space....but if you need an HC bathroom, you may be out of luck. If you CAN walk, and step over a small "curb" on the shower, you should be fine.
  9. It appears, to me, from the deck plan, that 10447 is accessed from that inner hallway. 10529 is accessed from the main hallway, and not opposite your door. Do you see the red outline? I believe that designates the INNER hallway.
  10. The vaccines are not APPROVED for younger folk.....
  11. Probably should have had it brought to the table, THEN asked for it to be wrapped "to go".
  12. Pretty much the same menu...but the "interpretation" by each chef may make a difference. Some "specialty cruises", like repositioning cruises, may have a few special options thrown in.....but for the most part, the menus are pretty standard. The cruise lines buy in BULK...and standard menus simplify things greatly!
  13. If the staff didn't make the money they needed, they wouldn't sign the contracts. They are not "slave labor" you know. Do they work hard? Yes....don't YOU? I would hope so!
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