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  1. Yes...if you're getting ON the ship, it's fine. If you're LEAVING the ship, once you're off, you are NOT allowed back on.
  2. You will have a great view..no worries. You can look AROUND any bars there may be. It's really not "obstructing" anything.
  3. You can fill your bottle in your cabin at night, from the sink, stick it in the fridge and it will be nice and cold. Or, if it's wide-mouth, put some ice in it. You can also get ice water at ANY eating venue or BAR...just ask. You won't really need to carry your bottle around with you, as they will give you ice water on demand! Coffee and tea (iced or hot) is available in ANY eating venue. Bars typically don't have either.
  4. Your view isn't truly obstructed...you can easily move between those structures and see all there is to see.
  5. Lol! The vape "smoke" is water vapor....it won't hurt you. There is very little, if ANY, odor. It's certainly not as offensive as a cigarette.
  6. Under 16 does NOT need a photo ID...so the BC will be fine.
  7. Almost all of the cruise lines stop at one of their "private islands/beaches". I think that's what you're looking to do.
  8. There really is no difference....even with a "suite" gty, you are likely to receive a JS.
  9. The SANITIZER, if it kills germs at all, will take care of whatever might be transmitted to the spout.
  10. If you're simply leaving your chair at the pool to take a dip or go to the bathroom, just tell someone sitting near you "I'm taking a dip, etc..."that's still considered USING your chair. If you're going to another activity, you give up your seat, so that others may enjoy. You can get ice water at ANY bar or eating venue whenever you want. Lemonade is in the WJ. Coffee, Tea, milk and juice (at breakfast) are only in the eating venues.
  11. "Port side" simply means the left side of the ship. Ships dock in different directions all the time...depends on their assigned "slip" and if there are lifeboat drills for the crew while docked. There will be sights to see, even if you aren't facing the pier.....you'll be in a harbor with a lot to see!
  12. That's right...your cabin attendant is being tipped by the daily tips (or service charge) the cruise line adds to your bill. If you have a butler, or you use a concierge, then they are NOT covered by the daily tips....so tip what you feel their service was worth to you. $20-100...depending on what you requested from them.
  13. The fee you pay to dine in the "specialty" restaurants does include the tip. You can tip more, if you feel the need.
  14. I would NOT want to be in an inside room at all...let alone with 3 adults. They are pretty tight. 140 sq. ft, which INCLUDES the bathroom sq. footage.
  15. Boarding day IS the 1st day of your cruise, even tho the ship doesn't sail until later. I'm all for getting use of the ship as early as possible. We always try to arrive by 11am.
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