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  1. In most states, you can choose to be paid (as a teacher), either thru 12 months, or for 9 months (or however long the school year might be). You can the same YEARLY pay, but it's just divided differently, if you want to get a check when you're NOT working.
  2. You know your child best...but I wouldn't have any issue with her coming and going on her own for SPECIFIC purposes. I don't think aimless "roaming" is ever a good idea. She will likely find another child or two that will sort of "hang" together for things outside of the club.
  3. You may hear thumps or scrapes occasionally....it won't be an "all the time" thing. Just like ANY cabin ANYWHERE on the ship, you will hear any noised from the hallway....doesn't matter where, the hallway doors are NOT soundproof! Midship is a great location, IMO!
  4. Yes, if you pay for 1 child in brother's room, he will only pay the "per person" rate. Otherwise, he'll pay for 2 people even if he's only 1 in the cabin. If your cabin can sleep 4, the child can sleep wherever you want them to....
  5. Packages aren't meant to be "shared"...that's why they require both to get it....they didn't used to require that, but apparently too many were "working the system". That said, if you only drink a couple drinks a day, you're better off buying what you want. Beverages that are INCLUDED in your fare is: Ice water, coffee, tea (iced or hot), lemonade, milk and juice at breakfast.
  6. I have to agree...you would never ask these questions of someone in a hotel, airport or other "service" industry! It's almost demeaning to treat these folks differently because they're on a ship! I mean, they weren't shanghaied onto the ship...they chose the job! I personally know 3 people who choose to work a ship's job...they enjoy it greatly, or they wouldn't do it! Travel, food, lodging....they don't make a ton of money, but they apparently don't want or need more than what they make, or they'd get a different job!
  7. It would be possible, if you have enough time to make a name change....a replacement can't just show up and board the ship at the last minute.
  8. We are NOT fans of buffets....but at lunch, if you're at the pool, it's the closest place to grab and go with some food. We do most of our dining in the dining room....I mean, we're on vacation...what else do we have to do? Being SERVED is lovely! We ALWAYS do breakfast in the DR....and most dinners....once in a blue moon, we'll either eat ashore, or go to a specialty.....but it's the dining room for the most part!
  9. The BW on O'Donnell .....not my first choice. We've had issues with cleanliness a couple times. I don't like to walk into a dirty bathroom!
  10. Call them. A refund from cruise lines ALWAYS takes longer than the charge...but that's a bit much. Ring them up tomorrow!!! INSIST it be done TOMORROW>
  11. If you all just "show up" together, you will be seated together in MTD. You can make reservations, but you don't have to. You really don't need to LINK for MTD. You are seated just like in any land-based restaurant....the party you arrive with is who you are seated with.
  12. If anyone goes "above and beyond", we will tip extra on the last evening. We don't carry cash around the ship, unless we're going to the casino... We've had some bartenders that we tipped quite nicely and one or two cabin attendants that were very good and got extra on the last night. Conversely, we've had some service that seemed below the norm....so we didn't tip them additionally... it's really up to you.
  13. You can also simply get tags from the porters when you arrive....
  14. We've been close to them, but not directly beside them....no noise issues so far!
  15. RCI doesn't enforce the "dress suggestions"...no worries. As long as they aren't wearing "sports (think basketball) shorts, they're fine. Just look decent.
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