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  1. Virginia is "shut down" until June 10...or so our Gov. says. This is ridiculous.
  2. We prefer to make our own "sea day" on a port day, anyhow.....Hubby would be happy to not have sea days...I can take 'em of leave 'em.
  3. You can still book once you're on the ship.....
  4. Hey...whatever you do at home, you will do on your cruise. You are now a FAMILY....and that's how you'll be vacationing from now on! I would book a balcony, so I could have somewhere "to be" when baby is napping or down early for the night! Life changes when you have kids! Go with the flow!
  5. Whenever you have different "bodies" of water coming together, it can certainly be rough, regardless of weather.
  6. I would be more than happy to have buffets done away with altogether....not a fan!
  7. This is a bunch of BS. Shutting down the world....crazy.
  8. Included drinks are: ice water, coffee, tea(ice or hot), lemonade, milk and juice during breakfast. If you can get by with those things MOST of the time, you can simply BUY a soda when you want. It might be cheaper than the "refreshment" package. Maybe try that for a day or two....and if it seems you're buying more than you think...get the package then...they do "pro-rate" the cost, as long as 4 day remain in the cruise. You can get ICE water at ANY bar or eating venue upon request...no charge. Just ask. Lemonade is in the WJ...help yourself. Milk, coffee and tea are in any EATING venue....as is juice.
  9. Depending on WHERE your ports are, it's rarely needed to take ship's excursions....however, not ALL ports have folks standing around waiting on customers! Research is key. Most things are quite doable ON YOUR OWN, without ANY excursion at all....but not ALL places are the same! Get a guidebook or google your ports....that way, you'll know what to expect! For instance...the Caribbean has PLENTY of "last minute" guides....but Hawaii? Not so much....do your research!
  10. We are all in the "same boat", so to speak....everyone is frustrated, bored and somewhat fearful. Just be nice....nice goes a long way!
  11. May 29 is a long way off....If your cruise is "still on", I'm sure there will be a way to pay online as the date gets closer.
  12. There is NOTHING there to see.....stay in the recommended area.
  13. Not ONE person is looking at your luggage....honestly, most folks have NO idea what kind of suitcase it might be. You could bring everything in a trash bag, if you want to! Or a gym bag....backpacks....doesn't really matter!
  14. Not too much to see if you look up...most folks are looking OUTWARD!
  15. If you go to Virginia Beach, dolphins swim freely and FREQUENTLY along the coast EVERY DAY. We were once on a sailboat...a 2 seater, and the dolphins were keeping pace with us....looking at us, swimming under the boat...it was pretty damn cool! You don't have to go too far afield...dolphins love coastal regions!
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