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  1. The dining room is your FRIEND! You will be served! No one will mind the baby....the staff will DOTE on your child! No worries! I'd avoid the buffet, simply because of the logistics of "self-serve"....not a fan with or without a child in tow! Use that dining room!
  2. All of the mainstream lines have PLENTY of "extra for fee" things! No worries. You are under NO obligation to purchase anything extra. It's totally up to you! All (except Disney) charge for sodas....most have "for fee" gourmet ice cream. Most have FREE ice cream for dessert nightly in the DR....and many have soft=serve (frozen yogurt) either in the buffet or on the pool deck. All charge for booze someway or another...either a package or increased pricing, or a la carte. Cruising isn't as cheap as you think from the cabin price. But, it's up to YOU what you spend!
  3. Your "status" has nothing to do with how fast your bags get to you. It simply depends where in the pile yours happen to be. If they're on the bottom....you're last. No worries...your stuff will find you eventually.
  4. Yep...hop the bus to the above mentioned areas...stay as long as you like...then hop the bus back. $2.50 pp bus fare. Do keep an eye on return traffic...it can be slow in the afternoon! Allow time to creep back to the tender!
  5. All the beaches are public...and they aren't extremely wide, so getting TO the beach isn't difficult. Palm Beach and Eagle beach are probably where you'd want to be with kids....Palm is calmer than Eagle .....chair/umbrella rentals are avail.
  6. Look at the deck plans...see if the new cabin IS a junior suite...if so, it sounds like you were upgraded! Nice!
  7. If you get the aft, go deck 10..that has the least obstruction. I'd rather be on the hump as it's VERY convenient! The 10 and 11 year old won't give a fig about the balcony!
  8. It IS to have access under the tub...once you're IN it, it's a normal-sized tub. It's just it's raised off the bathroom floor level. Sit on the side, swing your legs in, and stand....repeat to get out.
  9. The ones right around the pool seem to be coveted...even tho they are so close together, you must access them by crawling from the foot of the chair to get in it. We prefer to be up a deck level, where the chairs are more widely spaced...and you have some actual room to access the SIDE of the chair! It's not a big deal to walk down the stairs to take a dip!
  10. The only time we noticed flying insects was in the Panama Canal....you're there for quite a while, and bugs are RAMPANT.....just opening balcony doors to go in and out was an invitation to them. We never called for spraying...we simply smashed any we saw.
  11. If the patient is reticent, don't go. We once had a cruise planned, and hubby needed a pacemaker about 3 weeks prior. The doctor gave him the "all clear", but in hubby's mind, he was NOT "clear"...he had a miserable time. Let the patient decide when/if they're ready. Hopefully, this wasn't "pre-existing" and insurance will cover it....have the doctor say he shouldn't travel. If not, the money may be "wasted" IF you go....good luck and fast recovery!
  12. You can also go to ANY bar or eating venue and ask for ice water. There's really no need to carry it around with you, as it's so readily available. No package needed.
  13. If you have a sofa in the cabin, just let them sleep on that!
  14. Ice water, coffee, tea (iced or hot), lemonade, milk and juice at breakfast are included in your fare...that goes for pretty much EVERY mainstream line.
  15. Anything you book will get your a confirmation in your cabin. It will tell you where to go.
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