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  1. cb at sea

    Cabin selection on Anthem

    I prefer cabin space to balcony space....if there is a balcony, we don't host a dance out there...we just sit and gaze! If you aren't needing the balcony, I'd take the space! Cabins are pretty tight, you know....but, I do want a balcony....just to be able to have access to outside immediately...I like that!
  2. cb at sea

    First Cruise Planning Help

    Since this is your 1st ship, any will do just fine. Those itineraries are all about the sights you'll see...not so much about the ship. Decide where you want to go, then choose the cruise line that will take you there. I'd base it on cost, because the actual amenities on the ship will be more alike than different.
  3. cb at sea

    Is this the norm...for pricing?

    There is no "normal" when it comes to cruise prices...just like there's no "normal" when it comes to airline prices! I can guarantee no 2 cabins pay the same thing....they price according to what they think they can get.
  4. cb at sea

    The vexatious issue of tipping

    That's right...when they started INCLUDING tips in everything, they don't expect you to tip additionally.
  5. cb at sea

    Disembark question

    They will want everyone off the ship by 10am at the latest...earlier, if they can. You don't need to request a late time...simply stay on the ship until they announce EVERYONE must leave. Bear in mind you will still need to be OUT of your cabin by 8am or so....so you'll be hanging in a public area until they make you leave. The last morning has none of the service you've come to expect...they really want you to go.
  6. cb at sea

    Pools in Port

    Always open, unless there is some sort of "contamination"....the buffet is also open....pretty much everything is, except the shops and casino. Bars may have limited daytime hours, but if there are passengers aboard, they will be there to serve you!
  7. cb at sea

    Extra charges

    You've covered the necessities....the other stuff...you can easily do without. There will be bingo, and jewelry sales, cheap t-shirts, and photos galore. You are under NO obligation to partake of any of that! That said, definitely bring some extra spending money...you are on vacation, after all! And Cash is KING, if you need it, you'll be glad to have it!
  8. I prefer the Voyager and Freedom class ships. They are well-designed and don't have so many others onboard! Plenty to do...we don't need all the "bells and whistles"...so it suits us best! I think they are the perfect sized ships!
  9. Nothing for passenger use. You can send out things to be pressed, for a price!
  10. cb at sea

    10:55 AM flight from FLL?

    It's fine, unless there is some unforeseen problem. You don't need to do self-carry...but do tell them you have an early flight, so you're in one of the 1st groups off.
  11. I think the dining room and room service coffee is fine...but for some reason, the coffee in the buffet is bitter and strong, to me....
  12. 2620 and 2320 open to the foyer....the other HC cabins on deck 2 shouldn't have noise issues. I don't see any HC cabins on deck 3.
  13. cb at sea

    Whee, things have sure changed!

    I agree....I watch the re-runs of "Golden Girls"....on the show, they are younger than I am now, but they "seem" older, nevertheless...I don't consider people "seniors" until around 75 or older...and that will depend on how they act! I know some folks in their early 50's who act like they're 90! And I know folks in their 80's who act like they're in their 50's!
  14. cb at sea


    Yes, you should get an e-mail about a week or so prior...you can make requests then, if you haven't already booked things.