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  1. If you're itinerary says "partial transit", that means you will go thru the first 3 sets of locks into Lake Gatun. If that's the case, you will not be able to do anything "independently"....every excursion is thru the ship. If your ship does NOT enter the canal at all, you certainly can book something on your own...research will be key, tho, on getting the most out of your day.
  2. It's nice to be able to access the outdoors without having to dress, get "made-up", hair fixed, etc....we won't sail in anything less than a balcony, having tried it without one.
  3. Of course, it will depend on the number of smokers on your cruise, and how many of them are in the casino at any given time. That is the only inside venue where smoking may be allowed (while gambling....you aren't allowed to just go there for a smoke).
  4. I 2nd that.....put the mattress on the floor. If he falls, it won't be far!
  5. Carnival is a fine line, especially for families! There will be "public" drinking on EVERY ship in EVERY cruise line....drinking is NOT relegated to bars. 7 night or longer have fewer "partiers", so don't take a 3-4 nighter if that would offend you. All of the shows (except perhaps, the comedians) would be "family friendly. Anything that is "racy" will be labeled "Adult only".
  6. We aren't really into souvenirs....although, we did buy some beer bottle koozies at a few ports! I don't tend to buy anything I can only look at...it must be useable on a daily basis. Not into "clutter". I find my memories are the best souvenir!
  7. If you have MTD, they don't allow you to book IN ADVANCE the "popular" times. So...just go to the dining room when you board the ship, and request the time you want. EVERYONE wants to eat between 6:45-7:30 or so....
  8. If you show up with 4 or 6 or 10..that's how you'll be seated. No worries. If you want standing reservations, you can do that on boarding day or at the 1st dinner. Don't freak out. It's all good!
  9. Ice water, coffee, tea (iced or hot), lemonade, milk and juice at breakfast is included in your fare. Generally, lemonade is only available in the buffet...but coffee and teas are avail. in the dining rooms, along with ice water, and milk...and juice at breakfast.
  10. The cruise line doesn't care if ANY of you show up, once they have your money. Any refund of tax/port fees will be as an OBC to your account. It is refundable, if you find you don't use it on the ship (because you prepaid EVERYTHING)....then it will go to the card you used to link your shipboard account.
  11. Many folks can only do same day arrivals. The key is to get the 1st flight of the day OUT of your home city...so that delays are less likely.
  12. Deck plans are not "to scale"....what you're seeing on the photo is an optical illusion.
  13. If you happen to have a "moldy" or dirty shower curtain, ask the attendant to replace it.
  14. ANYTHING you buy will have a 'profit margin" built in....there is no point to having a business if there is no profit to be had...that means, you're working for free! After all salaries, wages, bills and taxes are paid, you HAVE to have a profit!
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