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  1. As long as there is no storm nearby, the seas will be as normal (which is totally unpredictable!). If there IS a storm, the ship will re-route and go elsewhere...they will not willingly sail through a hurricane or tropical storm, if avoidable! Just because it's "hurricane season" doesn't mean the seas will be any different than normal. It simply means they may have to change route/ports to avoid any potential storms.
  2. Hop on a bus (looks like a long van) and it will drop you anywhere. Chair/umbrella rentals at all entry points. Hop on the bus to go back in the afternoon. Very easy! $2;50 pp...
  3. Plenty of places within walking distance. No worries.
  4. Google Aruba...find out ALL there is.. You can probably keep your little one entertained without any excursion at all. The more you know, the better time you can have. And remember, you don't need to spend every minute ashore. Perhaps, go ashore, do one thing...head back to the ship for a pool dip and lunch, then back out later!
  5. cb at sea

    Live bands?

    Sloppy Joe's almost always has live music in the mid-day/afternoon. Other bars will, too. Just walk around, and you'll find what you're looking for. We are talking short distances here....it's not a big place!
  6. A 9 year old will love ANY cruise line's kid's club! No worries. There will be plenty of "stimulation" on any ship, any cruise line. Your child is lucky to be able to cruise! Disney is the least structured...and most kids enjoy structure...no worries!
  7. NO...if the STATE issued it (not the hospital)!...then you're fine. Doesn't matter if it has a "raised" seal anymore...they don't do that nowadays, anyway. As long as it's certified by the STATE of your birth, it's fine. Most folks certified BC's are from the year they were born!
  8. Flying KILLS my ears, too...but taking Sudafed (the 4 hour pill, not the 12 hour one) before and throughout the cruise helps me IMMENSELY !!!! I start the night prior to the flight, and continue until I land...it's worked! I've been in such god-awful pain in past flights that I was nearly screaming......the Sudafed relieves this. You may know it by the name Psuedoephidrine.
  9. You can use your plan WHILE you're in your home port...and you can pick up a signal until you're almost out of sight of land. So, if you don't turn the phone off immediately upon setting sail, you're still ok...but do it soon after!!!
  10. I've found the coffee in the dining room on RCI to be MUCH better than the buffet has available. Even the room service coffee was ok...it was just the stuff in the "self-serve" pot that was nasty!
  11. Unless you MUST have MTD, traditional would work best for such a large group. MTD is like a restaurant....so larger parties are more difficult to seat. With Traditional seating, your tables would be waiting for you, and there would be no confusion about what time you're eating tonight! That's why they suggested traditional seating...to make it easier for you and them.
  12. Most ships have some form of "anytime" dining...if you feel you may miss your assigned time, that is the dining choice you should make. However, rarely do excursions make you late for any dinner seating. You will have to be ON the ship 30 mins. prior to sail away each day. Also..research your ports....you may find that what you want to do is easy on your own, without ANY excursion at all!
  13. Anytime Dining is like a regular restaurant....you can go ANYTIME between the open/close hours. Some make reservations, either daily, or standing reservations....others just show up and wait for the next available table. Your choice. If you have a LARGE party (more than 6) it's best to make reservations, as larger tables are in shorter supply. You can certainly be put on the wait-list for your preferred time...and if you don't get it confirmed prior to sailing, check once you're on the ship. They will do their best to make you happy! If you don't do that, you can still eat at the early time...and you can make "standing" reservations for the same table/waiter, if you like...that way, they will get to know your requirements. The menu/dress code for both traditional and anytime dining are the same.
  14. Humidity will be the biggest difference....it's more HUMID in the summer, than in spring and fall...the temperatures won't be much different, but that humidity can get you, if you're not used to it!
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