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  1. Is this available on Carnival ships? I discovered the non-alcoholic version on my last cruise (not Carnival) and am hoping it can be replicated when we sail the Panorama.
  2. I guess our sailing was the first to implement this procedure. Having no basis for comparison, it seemed flawless and quick. We boarded at Terminal F because there was some kind of construction going on at Terminal J. We did return to Terminal J at the end of the cruise.
  3. The Lonesome Mule became my all-time favorite drink from the non-alcoholic side of the bar menu. The Raspberry Lemonade came in a close second. There was something like a fake martini I tried that tasted of pond water. The walk through immigration with the cancelled, but not expired, passport was a complete non-issue. Thank the good Lord for small favors! I tried caviar. You people that actually like it have a screw loose. 🤣
  4. They did, but a non-CC group were (already?) there. I saw the sign and the group of people as we entered. DH and I got settled more forward of them, then I went back to say hello. I didn't notice that someone had moved the sign to the opposite side of the Palm Court so I was ASSuming I was in the right place. After that bit of embarrassment I didn't really feel up to saying hello to the real CC crowd.
  5. We're home We're both exhausted from a long day of travel We had the best time ever Everyone was so, so friendly Crew was amazing Production shows were spot on and won't be soon forgotten The violinist was so talented as was the piano player The magician pulled my husband in to be his assistant. Fun! I went to the wrong group of people in Palm Court thinking they were the Mix and Mingle crowd from this site and announced, "Hi! I'm fyree39!" I got some strange looks, but they invited me to join them anyway. I'm an idiot. The Apropos sale prices were fantastic and I was ready to buy something but my size was pretty much gone 10 minutes after the sale started. I think there's a Crystal California Coastal cruise in our future Thanks to all for your help and tips!
  6. This is the most wonderful experience. Everyone is wonderful, passengers and crew. I'll post more when I get home, but just wanted to tell you about how we're enjoying the cruise so far. We're in Grand Turk, but will stay on the ship. As an aside, I came down with a bug and visited the ship's doctor. Easy, peasy! I also have an acupuncture treatment scheduled for this afternoon, using my certificate I won on Friday's spa drawing. This will be a first for me as I've never done acupuncture and hate needles. I'll let you know how it goes. Ta-ta for now!!
  7. And somehow I managed to win $100 in the spa raffle. Pedicure, here I come!
  8. The ship looks great and the glasses spotless. 🙂
  9. Yes, thank goodness. I always joke with DH that if we ever forget to pack our passports, we'll just spend a week in a hotel at our embarkation city. My dad lives in Tampa and I was joking yesterday that we could always rent a car and go see him. I started thinking this morning we'd have to do just that! When we get home I imagine DH'll put that old passport in a very different spot from his current one. Rooms available soon...
  10. We have our tickets for the magic show. Lunch was wonderful, and everyone on board is so nice! We've met so many passengers that are excited that we're trying Crystal for the first time. One gal I met said she'll look for me in a couple of days so she can make sure I'm loving this as much as she expects I will. My husband fears we'll have a real hard time going back to the mass market cruise lines. Well, if he's thinking like that, I might have to go back to work! No "as low as $50 a night" on Crystal. Lol
  11. Other than my husband accidentally bringing his old unexpired, but punched, passport, leaving the new one (which number I entered in the Crystal website) at home in his dresser, we made it ok. The gent at the check-in desk just shrugged and waved us through. When we return to Miami we'll see what happens with the hole-punched passport as we go through customs. Wish us luck. As for the ship, fellow passengers and service so far, I'm in heaven! See you all in 9 days....
  12. If I remember, I'd like to sign up for the magic show. Where do I go to do this? Thanks. 🙂
  13. That baked Alaska looks good. I don't remember the last time I've had it on a Carnival ship.
  14. I'm two days away from flying to Miami and this review is about to send me over the edge. I'm going to have to change what clothes I bring because my plan is to throw caution to the wind and eat, eat, eat, eat!
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