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  1. Seabourn has piqued our interest. We've been on dozens of mass market cruises, but then tried Crystal. We've decided when things go back to normal we'll cruise less often, but enjoy a finer experience.
  2. I miss my dad who's on lockdown in a nursing home, my mom who died 15 years ago, my aunt who just died two days ago, and my ability to get in the car and drive anywhere and feel safe while I order off the menu. I sure don't miss cruising in its current form. I look forward to all the changes coming, including smaller passenger numbers on board. With luck, the number of lines will shrink along with the number of ships and cruising will return to its former classy glory.
  3. Is something scheduled? Do tell.
  4. .01% Have you been following the news down here? Hearing what Newsom is doing? Long Beach does have its own health department, but good luck with that.
  5. I'm OK with that. Anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers fill these boards. They can go on these specialty cruises and bring their own life rafts so they can paddle home from just outside US waters should they get sick.
  6. On the contrary. They should have a few 3-day cruises a year for the anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers and let the rest of us cruise safely year round.
  7. We cancelled one cruise and lost the deposit. Not everyone's story will be the same, so you need to call Carnival and see what they tell you. I'm assuming you booked early saver?
  8. Don't forget riding togs. My Irish niece, the horsewoman, always used that term.
  9. I am applauding this new ruling. Next: cruise ships. Oh, and service animals on aircraft can ONLY be dogs. Read it and weep, as my old boss would tell us as he posted the day's work schedule.
  10. I don't think you know how to read that writing on the wall. Entertaining, if nothing else. Such devotion will still go unrewarded.
  11. But, the Lakers still won the championship. Thanks, King James. 🙂
  12. This is just wonderful! Thank you so much. I hope for a positively uneventful cruise. 🙂
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