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  1. This reminds me of the boxed lunch line in the galley. I'm not sure I want to spend a couple of grand to be reminded of galley food. If it was Air Force food, I might be a bit more interested, like .00000004% above zero interested.
  2. I agree. I've been getting a flu shot because I was in the Navy and it was required. Some years I never got the flu, some years I did. I do know some vaccines that are recommended for the season end up being the wrong one, so more people get sick. I'll continue to get the flu shot even though I'm retired because it's recommended for older folks and those who have pulmonary issues.
  3. Hawaii is not going to starve. They will take care of their own without mainlanders going there and spreading the virus. Have faith. "Kama'aina" means....local?
  4. On your typical Caribbean/Mexican Riviera cruise people dress somewhat casually for elegant night. On the longer cruises, like the Journeys cruises, there are more long-time cruisers who dress up a bit more and are more respectful of the dress code. Remember, YMMV.
  5. I would absolutely love a social distancing cruise. Maybe it means the ship would sail at 25% capacity. It'd almost feel like a private yacht.
  6. I'm not going to do anything differently. The past year or so I would send out a RFQ to my 4 or 5 favorite agents and see what they offer. I'll book a couple years out for a major cruise, such as my Crystal cruise that I'm still paying on. COVID is what I hope is a once-in-a-lifetime event. I'll not let it get me spooked.
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ This might get you started. Check the boards of cruise lines that do world cruises every year. Those passengers, who are basically living on the ship for 6 months at a time, are very experienced with insurance coverage of all types and all needs.
  8. This is absolutely NOT true. It depends on where the cruise is visiting.
  9. Your concerns are valid. I am going to assume that cruise lines won't be starting up cruising without all these scenarios thought out with solutions in place. That's why they're listening to the CDC.
  10. I'd like to play! Here are a few... Hawaii on the Splendor a few years ago. St. Thomas during one of those seaweed blooms. Yikes! This was on the Breeze. This isn't Carnival, but that pie! That PIE! I think the cherry was the best. This was on the Jewel of the Seas. Do you know how hard it is to get a sunset photo on a moving ship? Most of the horizons are askew. This one is a horizontal horizon! This would be the Miracle to the Mexican Riviera. P.S. I'm sorry I don't have any door decorations to share. 😞
  11. We've got an October 11th cruise booked out of Galveston. I'm pretty sure things will be back to normal by then, even in California. I saw a report last night that the numbers are starting to decline a bit with COVID. The top five states with the most deaths includes California, which may be why the governor here isn't messing around with opening too early. We can now get our hair cut, but I'm not going to quite yet. I happen to be related to my hair stylist and I know she's been hangin' with her homies all through this COVID mess. I'll wait another couple of months before I make my appointment.
  12. I live 45 miles from Mojave airport. I watched the Virgin Galactic testing years ago. After the launch I couldn't see a thing, so I called my dad in Florida who was watching it live on TV. His view was from the camera on board the escort jet. Dad gave me the play-by-play while those of us on the ground waited for the space craft to make it back to Mojave airport. It was such fun!
  13. Thank you. This was an excellent article.
  14. I think it just depends on the cruise port. Sailings will start in July out of some US ports on the mass market lines. I'm just guessing, but younger cruisers board the mass market lines and so are less susceptible as compared to the average age of the luxury line cruiser. We cruise both, so we'll be on a ship in October sailing around the Caribbean.
  15. It might be a cash thing, too. If the company is getting low on cash for refunds, they have to spread out the refunds over a longer period of time. I feel very fortunate that our cruise has fallen outside the cancellations that Carnival has put in place.
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