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  1. And this is one of the several reason why I'd just as soon not cruise Carnival anymore. It's not the line, it's *some* of the passengers with really bad manners and attitudes, yours included.
  2. fyree39


    Assorted cruising photos
  3. The latest annoyance I'm seeing is early boarding passengers (I'm one) placing both carry on and personal item in the overhead. I see men do this more than women.
  4. Just taking a break from all the aftershocks to catch up on your review. Looking forward to the rest!
  5. I love retreating to my cabin for an afternoon snooze or maybe some TV time or whatever it takes to recharge. We were on Holland last spring and I really enjoyed all the TV that was offered. On Carnival it's pretty bad. I would expect nothing more of Carnival. That's why it's so inexpensive.
  6. The smoke in the casino is like the smoke in a Las Vegas casino. It can get rather smelly, but I'm not one to be bothered. I loved my first Journey's cruise and have been on a couple more since then. There are few children, more varied activities and menus, and good entertainment.
  7. Fran, you posted this question in April, but didn't go to the Celebrity page and repost the question. I'm hopeful you'll come back this time and visit the Celebrity board. 🙂
  8. You can also purchase Carnival gift cards and put that on your account once on board. Or Cruise Cash, which is purchased on Carnival's website, is another option. Bad thing about the Cruise Cash is it's non-refundable. Many people don't use credit cards, so you're certainly not alone. I'm relieved you know about the debit card hold. I've read some horror stories on the Carnival board about people returning home and their checking account is all messed up due to the rather large hold.
  9. Definitely NOT worth it on the Paradise. The balcony cabins are after-market additions so the balconies themselves are pretty small. I would wait until you sail a non-Fantasy class ship in the Carnival fleet. Those balconies are much nicer.
  10. Carnival doesn't have much in the way of suite perks. It's definitely not like other lines in this regard. I understand the new Mardi Gras will be introducing a suite class with a ship-within-a-ship difference. There's also the Havana cabins that offer an exclusive area. We're going to try a Havana cabin in 2021 on the Panorama. Because of no perks, we don't typically book a suite. We've had a couple of vista, junior or ocean suites because of location, but that's about it. We tend to stick to balconies.
  11. I apologize for my knee jerk reaction. So many threads that start out "just how formal..." end up with the OP wanting to wear jeans and a t-shirt to something. As for the stained and torn clothes, I always seem to see this during muster drill. I just don't understand how men (it's always men...just saying') think it's OK to take the oldest, worn out shirts and grease-stained shorts on vacation. I see it all the time on Carnival cruises. Please leave the work-on-the-car clothes for hanging out at the pool instead of Chef's Table.
  12. I have some sparkly "flip flops". I also have Clark's "flip flops". I have a pair of rubber flip flops that are used as shower shoes or I might take them water skiing. I don't take them on a cruise. The rubber flip flops are probably not ideal in a dining room, but you do you.
  13. Chef's Table isn't the MDR. It's not even the steakhouse. It's a wonderful dining experience. If you dress like you're going to go mow the lawn, you're not going to fit in very well. If you dress in slacks and a polo or slacks and a nice top, you'll fit right in. Of course, Carnival is the cruise line of people who wear stained and worn out clothing on their vacation, so you can probably wear whatever you want and be done with it.
  14. You might call and ask to speak to a supervisor, who might have enough experience to understand your question.
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