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  1. Although I've been on this ship a few times, it's always a pleasure to see it again through Patti's viewfinder. 🙂
  2. I have to pace myself with the Guy's burgers. I love them and the Quattro formagi pizza equally. <-----Did I spell formagi right?
  3. Five years ago a $699 balcony cabin was the norm, those same balconies often going for less than that. Now I'm finding the prices up around $849 and higher. The lower prices for a balcony are on other lines.
  4. I'm on the Oceania mailing list, which morphed into the Regent, Princess, Celebrity, Crystal mailing list. I'm sick and tired of pulling glossy brochures out of my mailbox. The way I see it is this junk mail helps keep the price of stamps down. All the brochures go right in the trash.
  5. The Penne Ham is the food my husband heads for on sail away day. He loves that above all else.
  6. The Magic is one ship I'd like to try. Thanks for your review!
  7. No, the JS guests cannot use the CK for breakfast/lunch nor can they use the lounge.
  8. With all this shopping, I was kind of wondering what Patti's been loading up on. Any good deals out there?
  9. Although I'll never sail on Oceania (maybe because of the elitist posts concerning the line), I've come to the conclusion that no loyalty program is worth sticking with one line. A loyalty program is, in my mind, only a marketing tool used to make the consumer believe he is missing out on something if he books with a different line. My husband is very keen on making a particular level on a particular line. I've learned to zip my lip and go on these cruises, then come here and complain about it.
  10. When there's a complaint, I usually side with the complainer since the cheerleaders come out in force. In this case, I'm siding with the crew and their reward for a job well done. To the OP, I think you need to accept the fact that you lost an hour of sleep.
  11. Thank you for this installment. Looking forward to the next!
  12. What a great time! I'm wondering if this was the park you're talking about or if that's yet to come...
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