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  1. I just read this morning that Finland is working with dogs to detect Coronavirus in humans. Interesting idea.
  2. Since our cruise isn't until '22, I can hope the protocols are effective. Actually, by then I'm hopeful things will have calmed down quite a bit. Remember, a great number of cruisers on Crystal are in the 70+ age range. We'll see if all the people who are saying lines should simply prohibit the elderly from cruising are right.
  3. Which line? Go to that line's board here on Cruise Critic and see what other cruisers have faced in getting their refunds. This type of question has already been posted on every line's board. 🙂
  4. We moved around so thoughts of collecting anything was not my idea of a good time once it came time to pack it all up again.
  5. I also have to rain on this parade. The article doesn't mention which visitors will be welcome. We all know Americans are getting the side eye by all of Europe right now due to our 200,000 dead (more than Korea, Vietnam and all Gulf wars to present) and inability to agree on a national stance for combating this disease. We're seen as Covid carriers. BVI will be leaving the EU come January, so that will be a bit different for them over there.
  6. It seems the lines are drawn geographically on who believes the science and who doesn't. There was an NIH study on masks posted on I think page three of this thread. That study has to do with bodily fluid splatter and prevention of bacterial infection in a surgical theater, not the release of aerosolized particles carrying Covid. There's as much misinformation on this website as there is in any social media platform (and with no controls in place).
  7. The reason it's not worth the paper it's printed on is the reaction from the few cruisers who are finding ways to waive compliance. They are the travelers who will continue to keep ships from sailing in US waters.
  8. Flexitarian sounds like Cali-sober.
  9. You see, I don't believe cruisers understand how to protect themselves. Or, they understand, but refuse to comply. Just walk into any store where masks are required and you'll see it only takes one.
  10. Where is this puppy found? I know it's a cruise ship, I just don't know which one. Thanks in advance!
  11. @Joebucks, I don't think you speak for the industry. Many lines use the smaller-sized ships to reach better ports. If you've only cruises Carnival, then maybe that's how you've come to that conclusion.
  12. An opinion piece displayed as journalism. All too prevalent these days.
  13. My favorite mocktail on Crystal, The Lonely Mule. Thanks to Keith and Anne Marie for getting me the recipe. 🙂
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