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  1. I think we paid $21.95 for our 8x10.
  2. I heard Maker's Mark is gone for good. We didn't see it on our last cruise. What's the difference between bourbon and whiskey?
  3. I reposted my final thoughts after I was reprimanded (rightfully so) for indicating what was printed on a fellow passenger's t-shirt. Suffice it to say the t-shirt slogan didn't pass the Cruise Critic Family Friendly test! I've removed the slogan so hopefully my final thoughts can stay put. Thanks!
  4. Final thoughts (edited for crude content): Crew: The crew on this sailing was fantastic. From Norman who offered us the moon and wheeled our luggage into the cabin to Gergely who, as a random beverage server on the Lido deck, remembered my and my husband's name on the first day forward, to Wanya's energy in the MDR, everyone we came in contact with seemed genuinely happy to be there. We'll give Ahmad a pass since maybe he was just having an off cruise. I've heard from more than one crew member who works on the smaller ships, that the work is a lot better than work on the larger ships. I'm beginning to see the truth to this just in the way the crew behaves on the Fantasy class. They get an A+. Food: This was a miss. Guy's was great as was the one shrimp taco salad I had at the Blue Iguana. The pizza is usually a favorite of mine but both times I had it here the toppings were thrown on haphazardly with skimpy sauce and a good 1.5 inches of edge crust. The lido deck salad bar was OK, but the rest of the lunch offerings were just tired. Or maybe it was me that was tired. The food at the MDR was meh. I've seen Carnival's menu a lot and I usually find something that's interesting. I tried switching it up and had the tilapia one night. It was so fishy smelling I sent it back and got something else. I always like the desserts, but just wasn't feeling it this time. I didn't even gain one pound on this cruise. Grade C+ MDR: I already commented on the food, so I'll just mention the crew. We had Wanya two nights, Gergely one night, and someone I can't remember another night. Wanya was fantastic and really kept her team moving and correct. Gergely bent over backwards to keep us happy. He even brought DH a neat whiskey at our dinner on his recommendation. We had Cheers so it was fine. DH couldn't stand it since he's not a big drinker and certainly not a down-the-shots guy. He drank it because he wanted to be polite, but he mumbled never again! I don't recall the last team, but at least I don't remember anything bad. The nightly singing and dancing is a Carnival tradition, yes. They've changed up the songs over the years so it feels fresh and fun. Sometimes, though, our waiter will drop off a HUGE tray of food and you just know that's your food. But, then, it's SHOWTIME and you get to watch the show and get your colder-than-before food later on. I hope the crew is 100% on board with the dancing, because if they aren't, I'd prefer just to get my meal, thanks. Maybe sing on the first night and the last. MDR grade A+ Entertainment: We didn't do much other than sit outside the Dream Bar and watch whoever was on the stage. James from NZ on guitar was particularly good. We almost went to a production show, but we were always so comfortable wherever we happened to be sitting, so didn't feel the urge to move along. I'll mention Mel our CD. Oh, sweet Pete! The announcements seemed endless! One particularly annoying announcement came during James from NZ's set. Mid-song Mel piped up with her announcement, which automatically cuts off James' mic. Mel went on and on and on about something none of us cared about. It had to have lasted 3 minutes, which is just about commercial length on an evening TV show. By the time she stopped flapping her yap, the crowd listening to James burst into applause. We were so glad to get back to the entertainment instead of Mouthy Mel. I mean, I'm sure she's a fine CD, tbut the required announcements which usually involve some kind of money-making thing are annoying to no end. Entertainment: B Photographers: We buy one photo per cruise and put it in our cruise photo album here at home. On Elegant night we stopped at two backdrops. The first photographer handed us a card after the shoot. The second photographer asked our cabin number after our shoot and wrote that in a notebook. The next day we were invited to a 10:00 a.m. appointment with the photographer that took down our cabin number. We didn't go to the appointment, but neither did we see any of those photos on the photo wall. We're assuming this is another way to make money and we can't just get one of the photos in that shoot but would have to purchase some kind of package. We did buy a photo from the first shoot. None of the photographers were pushy during this cruise. Grade B+ Cheers: I'm not going to grade this because we didn't buy it to get a deal on booze. We don't drink enough for that. I will say that we never had a problem getting a drink waiter, nor did we ever have to wait long for a drink in the MDR. As I said, this cruise had great service. Fellow Passengers: There were a lot of kids on this cruise, but we didn't see the hordes of pre-teens and teens cruising around. Most of the kids were elementary school aged and younger. The passengers seemed to be having fun with none of the drunken shenanigans we've seen on past short cruises. There were a lot of groups on this cruise and other than the congregating in the passageway outside our cabin every night, people were polite and agreeable. Cabin: Basic OV. It gets a B- because the pillows are too fat and the mattress too soft. The air conditioning was amazing, though. OK, that's it. I'm going to copy/save just in case this is another failed posting!
  5. Sure enough! One time DH forgot his dress shoes and we were hoping to rent some. That's when we were told all that had ended. I see Carnival has a work-around, which is nice.
  6. Yummy bread! Vegas, baby! Well, not really. $10 store. Um, no. Just no. A model of the Seabourn Pride at the entrance of the Pride MDR. Carnival is not Seabourn. This food sculpture sat atop the case holding the Seabourn Pride model. Seagulls used to be a huge problem on the little ships. Some years ago Carnival installed this netting to enclose all outdoor eating areas. The poor seagulls just didn't understand at first. Now they can only sit and stare longingly at the full plates of food. The end...
  7. Hah! Yes, that's what I meant. I suppose one could turn it magnetic if one were to shift some electrons around, but, well, you know what I mean.
  8. Are you sure about the rental of formal wear through Cherry on Top? I heard that was discontinued about 5 years ago.
  9. I should be getting the OBC awarded on my Panorama cruise. I certainly didn't get the OBC on this cruise. I'm assuming Carnival will print out the Milestone card on #25 no matter what. If that's not the case, then I've been screwed. 🙂
  10. Push up position! Ready! "One, sir, two, sir...."
  11. I'm going to post my final thoughts and some last photos later on today. I have an appointment I need to get to in a few minutes.
  12. The last sea day was also the day of the Chocolate Extravaganza on the lido deck. I don't each much chocolate, so I didn't get anything. However, the lido servers were walking around with these creations so DH tried one and really liked it (which made up for the Chocolate Nastiness from earlier). Earlier in the cruise I'd received this in our cabin. I was a little confused because I was under the impression these coupons were reserved for birthdays and anniversaries, none of which we were celebrating. Well, we hit the dining room for our final dinner. I really wasn't diggin' the food on this trip and nothing appealed to me on the menu. I asked for the kid's menu for the heck of it and ended up with.....this! PB&J on toast. What I was craving was the potato chips. People sometimes complain that the snack foods on board are missing something. I'd hazard a guess that what's missing is a salty/crunchy snack like chips or nuts. The sandwich would've been better if the service wasn't stalled for not one, but TWO numbers by the serving crew which included the usual "leaving on the jet plane" tune. So, I ate most of my cold toast with PB&J, ate all my chips and skipped the cookies. Surprisingly, before we could leave the dining room our server brought us a Happy Anniversary cake. Our anniversary is in April and I have no idea why we got this. We played along, did the kissy-kissy with the song, and ate a couple of bites of the cake. Sorry I didn't get a picture, but I was too surprised to pull out my camera.
  13. Our final day was a sea day as we slooooooowwwwlllly made our way back to Long Beach. We parked our tookuses by the coffee shop and enjoyed the view out the window. He's Too Good for Me tried one of the double chocolate cupcakes sold at the coffee shop. If you love chocolate more than life itself, you might like this. My husband said it was just plain nasty. The frosting was so thick he thinks they were trying for "fudge" instead of "frosting." He tasted the cake, the frosting, and gave up. I tasted it, too, and didn't much care for it either. While we were sitting there the Seuss-a-Palooza parade went past us, for which I posted a picture earlier in this thread. There's a story time involved with the parade, but there was also something fun going on in the atrium with Mel the cruise director talking to the kids and generally having a good time. This spread was set out for the kids and their families. I predict rainbow poop after all of this food.
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