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  1. I had a problem the last cruise we went on. Usually my TA did all that for me, but she suddenly said, "This is not something I do. This is up to you." We've booked probably 25 cruises through her and suddenly she can't do it. I both emailed and mailed my documents in. The email got an auto-reply that said I had to fax my documents in. I don't own a fax machine or pay for a fax app. I called about the mailed documents and they claimed they never received them. I made a bunch of noise and somehow the obc miraculously appeared. I love working with a TA, so I've found a new one for our Crystal cruise who is a cruise specialist with several awards. I'll use her moving forward and will even dump my travel credit card. Covid has changed everything for us, including how we travel.
  2. I've been on a limited number of ships, so I'd have to say I love all the atriums but for two: Splendor and any Vista-class ship. I'm glad to have the Panorama here, but they really made a huge mistake on the atrium and theaters.
  3. If someone never pays off the cruise early, I would suspect those same people would be demanding a check so they can earn the interest in their own accounts instead of their banks'.
  4. @Aplmac What a wonderful collection of photos. Thank you!
  5. I'd take it and be happy. These are extraordinary times.
  6. At least they're working. I'm surprised Carnival isn't lining up some European cruises sans Americans.
  7. I saw this the other day. I feel for the crew. How horribly boring.
  8. Every time we go on the Inspiration/Imagination there are many blue card holders. There is almost always a wedding (or two), as well. IMO, Carnival uses the small ships to attract and keep first-time cruisers for a quick getaway. And the crew has told me often they actually prefer the 3/4-day schedule. So, everybody on board is happier than a pig in a poke and has a fantastic time. Maybe the die hard cruisers don't care about the small ships, but I believe Carnival sees a market for these gorgeous workhorses. I love our little 3-day cruises and really miss them. There may come a time when I don't sail Carnival again, but the 3-day jaunts will be awarded an exemption.
  9. I predict pricing will stay high. Carnival has had to borrow billions to stay afloat. They're going to have to pay that back somehow and I'm OK with paying higher cruising prices to get the stock value back up.
  10. I traded a cruise for a nice watch. The watch will last longer and won't make me sick. 🤣 I'm still waiting for Carnival to cancel our October cruise.
  11. I'm sure John Heald would love to hear from you! The EU is forbidding Americans from entering any country right now. I would think the excursions will start populating once the EU opens to Americans again. https://www.wsj.com/articles/eu-opens-up-to-some-travelers-but-not-americans-11593524652
  12. With my luck, they'll swap the Panorama with the Splendor.
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