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  1. Wish we had the same 3 for free in Australia. We get the OBC, cabin upgrade and wait for it .... free specialty dining. Doesn't even come close to free gratuities. Gratuities are built into our fare price here in Australia - probably because we are not a tipping country. When we cruise overseas and there is a 3 for free promotion we are not eligible for it being Australians. Maybe that is why many Australians don't pay them - that way they are on the same playing field as other passengers.
  2. I just purchased some OBC last week and paid Aus $140 for US $100. Better than the currency exchange places. I booked the cruise back in May.
  3. I would consider E409. Had this one on Majestic Princess (same class ship) and even though it is sold as an obstructed (therefore cheaper) there is no obstruction looking out. You do look down onto an outside area but this is not a smoking area. Also has a larger balcony than normal. Photos below.
  4. We were in Mt Maunganui earlier this year on Majestic Princess and hired a car. Went to the Karangahape Gorge and did the windows walk - lovely scenery and highly recommended. Also managed to have a look at Whangamata and Pauanui. Even though we weren't leaving until 7 pm - 12 hours in port from memory - there was no way we had time to go any further north.
  5. When we are in a regular inside cabin on Princess we usually opt for twin beds rather than a queen as it seems more spacious this way. Just wondering if it is the same for the sideways inside cabins on Sapphire Princess. Are these more spacious with twin beds or a queen?
  6. I am in Australia and if I pre-purchase OBC through Princess Australia the exchange rate is better. Doing this I also avoid extra card fees as it is not an overseas transaction. Tips are taken care of as well in advance.
  7. We have an upcoming cruise where we have US $250 of non-refundable OBC. We also want to pre-purchase another US $250 of OBC. Just wondered what is the situation if we do not end up using it all. I know we don't get the non-refundable back but do we get back any OBC we pre-purchase ourselves?
  8. Sneaky people who aren't in a hurry can catch a taxi from the airport to Mascot station and save some money. It costs roughly $17 to $22 depending on traffic. There is also a 400 bus to Mascot station for the very frugal. Yep - we have used the frugal option when we have plenty of time. Short walk to bus and short bus ride to Mascot - saving round $30 for 2 of us. I refuse to pay a premium price to squeeze myself onto a crowded train.
  9. We have booked a 21 day cruise that is also sold as separate 11-day and 10-day cruises. We booked it as one cruise and have the one booking number but Captains Circle Cruise History shows 2 cruise credits so is Princess treating it as 2 separate cruises like a back-to-back? We are not in a suite so that is not the reason for the 2 cruise credits. I am a bit confused about a couple of our elite perks. Do we get another lot of free internet minutes and mini bar after the first cruise? If we do, and we change our mini bar for 2 coffee cards and don't use them up before the second cruise starts, can they carry over? Haven't struck this before so thanks for any advice on this.
  10. Queen Elizabeth 14 December 2019 - 8 night cruise Melbourne return to Tasmania and South Australia. Twin interior $960 per person or twin balcony $1,590 per person.
  11. datone


    You can get an E-visa for Vietnam at a cost of US $25. Much cheaper than Princess. If you look a few threads down under Vietnam Visa for Independent Excursions all the details are there.
  12. I find a small cross body the best. Keeps your hands free and you can put in other things such as glasses, patter, etc. as well if you want.
  13. Thank you very much for this information. Very helpful. When they say single entry visa does that cover you for 2 ports as we go to Nha Trang one day followed by Ho Chi Minh City the next day? By the way, if you have been to Cambodia, did you go direct or use Princess?
  14. Fleece, daylight robbery, price gouging - where do I start with Princess over this visa. 10 times the price is ridiculous. And what makes it worse is that US $55 is about $80 Aus so $160 just for us to step off the ship. Will have to see if I can get it cheaper going direct then.
  15. How long ago was your cruise as $6.00 is cheap. Princess wants US $55 for my upcoming cruise in February.
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