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  1. I would think if someone has used a Marijuana Vaporizer you certainly would know unless the crew had totally cleaned and deodorized the cabin. Of course I am far from an expert as I wouldn't touch any of that stuff for the life of me.
  2. Since I put up the original post would like to thank all for the excellent feedback for a Holland America TA. IMO it's so important, when you are spending your hard earned money for a long trip, to insure that the trip is not an unwelcome one. I realize that Holland America is a fine cruise line where just about any ship would be satisfactory. Have been on two of them myself. But, if we can hone those ships down to a couple then all is well. ☺️
  3. That answers my questions indubitably. Thanks very much. Most appreciated πŸ›³οΈ
  4. When booking a stateroom on the MSC website it requests to know what level that you want; Bella, Fantastica, or Aurea. I tried Bella and then did a mock confirmation. It would not allow me to pick my own stateroom. In a sense it was a guarantee stateroom where MSC assigns it. Do I have to move up to Fantastica in order to choose my own stateroom? If I am able to choose my own stateroom under Bella why is it not allowing me to do so? I'm choosing an Oceanview stateroom. It also would not allow me to choose Aurea at all. Would I have to move up to Balcony in order to pick Aurea? Thanks Again, Dave
  5. We are also considering the same TA itinerary as you are on with MSC. Excellent Itinerary with many very good port stops and ending in Copenhagen. Also, nearly new ship, good size for traversing the Atlantic, and much better price than the rest. I have been researching MSC for over 3 months on various different forums. It is really difficult to coalesce all of the reviews. Some are horrible, some are glowing, and some are somewhere in between. I just think that there are significantly different types of people with all sorts of expectations. Since my wife and I have minimal expectations when traveling you learn go go with the flow and enjoy that you are still alive and healthy at an advanced age. What type of stateroom have you booked? I am tempted to possibly try the RYC but am not keen on paying a small fortune for the privilege. So, we will go with what we normally do and that is an Ocean View. Am leery of a balcony on an MSC ship as they are very lenient with smoking. Have read that sometimes there are problems with Balcony Staterooms with people smoking on their balconies. I would never put up with that if the rules state no smoking on balconies. Don't really want to get into a confrontation right out of the box. So, we'll stick with an Ocean View. My Best, Dave @ Ad from Northern Florida
  6. Hello Again. I notice that many of the Oceanview cabins are becoming scarce. However, balcony cabins are still fairly numerous. As such Stateroom 8510 an Oceanview, which is forward facing on the very end starboard side (this is where you only have one cabin next to you), is available. Deck 8 is also primarily the Central Park Deck. Would being in this forward facing outside cabin encounter Central Park at all? I would think facing the outside of the ship that there would be little if any convergence with Central Park. Sorry to be a pain on trying to decide. But, the right cabin is so important to us especially on such a long trip.
  7. How did you folks find the food, entertainment, service, and overall experience aboard this ship? I'm not referring to the Yacht Club but the standard class. Would you sail on her again? πŸ€”
  8. This cruise has a bunch of ports that we would like to see and the ship is brand new. Also, the pricing is pretty decent. We are in our 70s and are not really interested in partying or anything like that. As such, I am somewhat concerned about the overall review given by one of the Cruise Critic Managers which is quoted below. "The average age is around the early 40s for adults, though with the strong emphasis on family expect literally hundreds of kids during school vacations, all of which are extremely well catered for. The only thing that an American or Canadian (or indeed a Brit) might find jarring is the fact that there are no bedtimes for kids, nor adult-only areas: Children are up until all hours, roam the ship unchecked and will be in the disco until closing time, which can seem odd" Will there be a great deal of kids on a transatlantic cruise that leaves Miami April 12th and arrives Copenhagen May 3rd? For any of you that have traveled on this ship and especially transatlantic is it peaceful inside the cabins. We can put up with some noise in the general areas of the ship but not if sleeping will be a genuine problem. 😱
  9. The 4 ships embedded in my profile. Actually I liked all of these ships. I especially liked the Windstar Star Pride as all cabins were Suites and there was that Private Yacht feel. Not for everybody especially if you get sea sick in the slightest. Only drawback was lack of big time entertainment. We got a fantastic deal on a TA otherwise I would not have wanted to afford the price. I am prone to Holland America and Celebrity because you don't have to put up with Young party goers, unruly kids, and crowds everywhere. Also, we are not interested in Disney type activity.
  10. I agree and, although I have never been in that type of cabin with the Verandah deck where you can step outside onto a verandah instead of a balcony, I would really like to book one of those cabins transatlantic. Do only the older ships have them? I'm wondering why all the ships don't have them?
  11. Thank you all for the information provided on these three ships . Very helpful in making a decision. πŸ‘
  12. We have been to most of the ports that Holland America goes TA to and sometimes on other cruise lines although we are definitely not marathon cruisers nor are we wealthy. I like the Rotterdam's itinerary as it has ports in Ireland and Cornwall (the place where the series Poldark was filmed). Have been to Barcelona three or four times, and most of the ports en-route, but would not mind going again. Have only been to Amsterdam for a brief stay so the Nieuw Statendam would be a consideration. However, our priority is the ship itself as you can have an uncomfortable time for two weeks if the ship is not all it is made out to be. Another consideration is ships sometimes not being able to enter ports due to weather especially in northern Europe.
  13. Only two MSC ships go TA out of Miami, Meraviglia and the Divina. One good thing about these cruises is that you can cruise as far as the ships go or to anywhere in between. Also they seem to stop at ports that other cruises don't go to. Pricing is another good point. That being said, are we going to like a TA on either of these ships? Both senior citizens, drink very little, like a comfortable oceanview cabin, enjoy decent food and entertainment, don't use specialty restaurants. Have read about the Yacht Club experience and don't think we want to spend that type of money. However, I see that you can book a specific inside (which we don't prefer) or a balcony with the Yacht Club added. Don't know how you could do that on line. At any rate, is just the standard fantastica oceanview and ship acceptable? Thanks Very Much Dave
  14. Ports are not really that important at the moment as I am just trying to determine the best all around ship.
  15. Have only been on one Celebrity cruise and that was the Equinox on a 15 day Mediterranean out of Barcelona which was outstanding. Looking toward a transatlantic aboard one of the following: Infinity Reflection Silhouette Edge is way too expensive for us. We're a couple of old timers. We drink very little but enjoy good food, decent entertainment, and nice oceanview or balcony cabin. Which ship would you recommend? Thank You in advance. Dave
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