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  1. Yes, we're on the Zaandam for this cruise departing April 21st. Only 1400 passengers which is perfect for visiting these ports as the ports are mostly small and ships with 6,000 passengers overwhelm them.
  2. Has anyone considered that most of the ports on this itinerary are small. The Zaandam holds 1,400 passengers which are mostly Senior Citizens. The Oasis holds 6,000 passengers and caters to families. The ports will be mobbed. All of the tours will probably be packed. Rental cars may be sold out. I would never take the Oasis on the New England cruise even if my son was still a tyke. πŸ€₯
  3. Great info as the terminal you berth at could change your plans considerably. I'm wondering what ships cannot make it under the last bridge during high water levels. I'm on the the HAL Zanndam which is not a very tall ship. Also, your map of the Terminals and the cruise ship Itineraries and assigned Terminals for 2020 is very helpful. πŸ‘
  4. Very strange that they don't have the Island Explorer Buses running during the cruise ship stops earlier than June 23rd. Also the Acadia National Park Tours don't start until May 8th. But Ollie's Trolley seems to run most of time. Guess they are the only game in town during our Zaandam port stop April 26th unless we want to pay for a private tour or rent a car.
  5. I agree. Anne of Green Gables homestead for an 11 year old and also for some of us old timers that remember the beautiful stories of Anne when we were young. We guys also liked knowing about Anne's difficult adventure. I would suggest that a car be rented in Charlottetown as everything on PEI is far flung. Also the Green Gables Homestead can get crowded when the tour buses stop there. If you go by yourself it's much easier to manage your time.
  6. We are doing the New England/Canada cruise out of FT. Lauderdale on the HAL ship Zaandam. The Itinerary used to include Newport. However HAL changed from Newport to Port Canaveral. Does anyone know the reason why? I was looking forward to Newport as my Navy ship was home ported out of Newport. Would have liked to revisit.
  7. We did this cruise in 2015 on HAL Veendam and I don't remember having to tender in any of the ports on this cruise. Are they now tendering for Bar Harbor or have they always tendered?
  8. Wow, You must have left Ocala at Oh Dark.
  9. Our cruise will embark from Port Everglades and disembark in Montreal. But, what you suggested is a consideration. Just trying to figure which way is better. Actually the Florida Turnpike is an excellent road with very few problems. And, if we do leave early enough, even if there is a problem, outside of us getting into an accident ourselves, we should have enough time for contingencies. There is another thing to consider. We are only a few miles from Port Canaveral so if something does happen, en-route, we can always pickup the ship there which would arrive a day later. 😏
  10. We have cruised before and at least 3 times out of Florida ports. However, we certainly don't know it all. Upcoming cruise on Holland America Zaandam out of Port Everglades in April and departs at 5 PM. We live in northern Florida close to a 5 hour drive down the state. One time we did a same day drive and the other two times we stayed overnight. If we choose the same day we would drop off the rental car at the rental car company office and they would shuttle us to the ship. If we choose overnight I'm trying to figure the best way to turn in the rental car, get to the hotel, and then get to the ship. Not necessarily in that order. Can't remember specifically how we did it before. Would like advice on pros and cons of both methods and experiences. Thanks Much, Dave πŸ˜€
  11. You are correct. I'm amazed that there are quite a few nonstop flights out of Buffalo to Orlando. $91 one way as opposed to $132 one way out of Toronto. Not a huge difference but saving $82 for two people is enough for a meal or two in the Prime restaurants on board.
  12. You know, I completely forgot about Niagara Falls Canadian side. Thanks for mentioning that factor. The train goes there from Toronto. I'm not much for buses.
  13. On this ship does one have to make reservations for shows prior to embarkation? How about specialty restaurants? When we traveled this same route on the Veendam I don't remember having to make reservations for much of anything. Not even when we got on board.
  14. I just booked Cabin G2706 on the Main Deck. It's the last cabin aft on the Port Side. Only has one cabin next to us on one side. Above and under decks with cabins only. Should be fairly quiet with a good ride. Has two portholes but that is fine as we are only looking for natural light in the cabin. Used my favorite V to G for $828 PP. Total for both of us $1,756 which is close to a $450 saving off the HAL price.
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