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  1. Thank you Adamma, Was this a private cruise or one through P & O ? The one we are hoping to book is a private one. We are hoping we do not have to go far to pick up the private one.
  2. We are thinking of taking this evening canal cruise on the short break we are taking on Azura soon. Can anyone tell me how near the canal cruise boat would be to the ship? We do not know Amsterdam very well.
  3. We walked through the Port the year before last, as did people from other ships. We then made our way to the Station which was about 10 minutes. The free Shuttle would not stop at the Port gates to let us off. We knew it went into the town and we would have to either walk to the Station from there or catch a bus. Has the Port changed its policy about walking through it?
  4. Joline21

    New year

    We did a New Year cruise on the Arcadia. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The ship was decorated beautifully. The New Year Gala Dinner was very good and the Haggis was piped in, which was great. There were several venues around the ship to choose from to see the New Year in. We finally decided to go to the deck party and grabbed a glass of champagne to see the New Year in. We were in the Canaries at sea and it was quite warm. It was one of the best New Years we have had since seeing in the year 2000. Hope you enjoy yours as much.
  5. The Aurora is a beautiful ship. She has really warm feel about her. She is one of our favourite P & O ships. She has a great Crows Nest with fantastic views too. You will love her. Have a great cruise - sounds fantastic.
  6. Hi Wisden, The lovely dresses you described would be great on Informal nights on Cunard. I would keep your cocktail dresses for Formal evening, to wear as a change from a long dress. Of course, you can wear some if you wish and they won't be out of place. But a lot of ladies wear very smart trousers with dressy tops, and nice skirts and dressy tops as well. You definitely have a lot of choice. Have a wonderful cruise. Cunard is fabulous.
  7. Also make sure your cabin is not directly above the Theatre. We had one and found we could hear rehearsals during the day. We turn in quite early and could hear the late show.
  8. It is very easy to catch the train into Rome. It is a 10 min walk from the Port Gates, you turn right. You are allowed to walk to the Port Gates but keep your eyes out for passing traffic (not too much). It takes about 15 minutes.The trains are frequent, clean, fast and very reliable. You get out at the St. Peter's stop and you can see the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral, so its easy to find your way there first. If you have a map (easy to get one locally if you don't) you can get around Rome on foot quite easily. Of course, buses, taxis and the metro are available too. Coming back (we had a return ticket) is easy. We just walked onto the right platform - trains come up on lit up signs above - and a train came within 15/20 minutes and we were back to the Port in no time. Hope this helps.
  9. We got off the ship with everyone else and went to Miami Airport with our luggage. There we left it in the Left Luggage place. We then took a taxi into town and near the beach for the day. This worked very well.
  10. Thanks Florry and Wilson 2579. We are really looking forward to cruising on Aurora. She is one of our favourite ships. Hoping to get some warmer weather after our rather depressing Summer.
  11. We are cruising with P & O in a couple of weeks. I have just had a look at our Personliser and I was amazed to see that we are now only ticked as having a Priority Check In Queue (whatever that means). No tick for Early Embarkation or a Terminal Hospitality Lounge in Southampton. We had both of these on our last two cruises & were checked in on arrival at the port immediately.As others have said it took some time and loyalty to P & O to get to Caribbean and if we do lose these benefits we will vote with our feet. We are Elite on Princess and the treatment we got from them was second to none. I hope P & O will rethink this change to Caribbean.
  12. Thank you everyone. All of this information is very helpful. Glad to hear we may be able to get off at the port gates. If not, it is not too far to walk to the Station.
  13. Thank you all for this information. It is very helpful and will help us plan our day out to Rome.
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