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  1. Thank you very much to everyone for your suggestions. I probably will need to check it out when I get abord as réservations is not possible. I will check with guess service when I get on. We we may not be quiet all the time but hope we will not be disruptives. Thanks again
  2. Hi, does princess gives access to a card room for long cruises with many sea days. We will be on the sapphire if there is a room available, can it be booked in advance. If no room is available what are the options on the sapphire for a quiet place to play. Thank you diane
  3. We tipped US& for St. Petersburg, kroner for Denmark and Iceland because we were there 3-5 days and did our own things in other countries, so no tipping then.
  4. Hi Marge, glad you had a great adventure in Colombo. Do you remember what you did in Colombo. I have heard trafic can make it difficult to go too far from the city. We will be there for about 8 hours. Thank you Diane
  5. Going to Singapore return Rome March-April 2019 Booked Ezair, economy air canada, Cathay pacific, return British air, I was able to book preferred seat (bulk head with more leg room) on all flights as soon as I paid for them. Agreed, it is airline dependant,
  6. Location is Phuket, scheduled arrival 7:00 am.
  7. Hi, if i do not have priority tendering and I am not on a cruise ship tour what could be a reasonable time to be ashore. I am trying to get an excursion time setup. The tender time is 15 minute without loading. I am thinking to allow 2 hours after scheduled arrival. Thank you diane
  8. mrandmrsdd

    Phuket tender

    Hi, we will stop in Phuket in March, it will be tender port. We do not have privileged tender so How long could it take to get ashore, I am figuring 2 hours, is that enough what is around the tender area, can we walk to the temple and or old town. Do local take us $ or do I need Thai currency thank you. Diane
  9. Hi, we still have 4 months to our trip. Looking at shore excursions from princess, many are very reasonable. Does princess generally increase the price of excursions after you have boarded, even when there are still openings, i realize they may have sold out when i board. Thank you diane
  10. Hi, the above post seems very important, maybe it should have a tread of its own. And if you find the form that needs to be submitted please share the URL, i presume this will impact cruise ships travellers as well. How is immigration handled when you get to UAE, is it face to face meeting? Thank you diane
  11. Hi, if I buy 125can $ as I have the option on my booking, would that give me 100us $ obc to buy whatever including excursions or gratuity thank you diane
  12. Hi anyone knows that the time will be for shows in the theatre yet, thanks di
  13. Thank you both for your reply. Checking further I had not realized it could take over 3 hours to do 120 miles. I have decided to forgo this option and plan to remain more in town thank you again
  14. I will be in Colombo Sri Lanka next March and would like to visit the temple of tooth along with the botanical garden in Kandy. Anyone can recommend tour operator or taxi service to get us there and back to Colombo. Thank you diane
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