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  1. We did...I will look into that.Thank you! I'm sure they meant 90 days since cancellation of the cruise...it is 25 days SPsince the TA was sent the refund by Azamara.
  2. We are still waiting for our refund from our 28 March cruise on the Quest, cancelled on 13 March. I contacted Azamara and they told me they had sent the refund to our TA on 18 May, almost 4 weeks ago. After many unsuccessful phone calls and emails to our TA, and the situation is worsening as phone calls and emails are just not being answered now, I am becoming increasingly frustrated. Until now, I have been very patient and waited the 90 days our agent was saying it could take...that has passed, and my patience is wearing very thin now. Christine
  3. Thank you...I will look into it...
  4. And us too! We were also booked on 28 March Dubai to Athens on the Quest, and have heard absolutely nothing! Despite numerous phone calls to our travel agent, I got nowhere, and now can't even get through to them. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  5. Just realised my comment re Azamara is ambiguous. I agree with you, Cinnamon...I don't think they would cram so many in.
  6. Good morning! An interesting comment from the Captain about Azamara...I agree...not sure about that! i was wondering how we let the state room attendants know the appropriate time to make up the rooms on our Viking cruise...new ship etc. I've completely forgotten!
  7. Hi Corinne! Really looking forward to following your cruise...hope your weather is better than ours in June. Your cabin looks very good. With love to you both, Christine X
  8. We've just come home from this fabulous cruise. So sad to hear of your issues...how worrying...but glad you had so much assistance. The crew are just amazing! I had my Azamara bag slashed from top to bottom, either in or en route /from the Hermitage on our first day in St.Petersburg. I was completely unaware of it until we arrived in Estonia. Surprisingly nothing had been taken or fallen out. I had the bag clutched close to me the entire time, with the logo hidden.again, it was taken very seriously... We love Azamara...just the best! 🥰🥰
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