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  1. If you are sure you will keep the sail date would book ES and if price goes down you pay less. $ 50 deposit does nothing for me as we have to pay for cruise anyway
  2. Some sales are good and some just useless or could even cost you money.
  3. In August took taxi to train station and than train to Southampton and taxi to port. Worked very well and train station at port was near licquor store. Will do it again next summer.
  4. Sometimes these bargains are not exactly bargains
  5. Sorry this happened to you but years ago this happened to us. Called our pvp who spoke to his supervisor and got us reinstated. Since that time very careful to make sure we pay before final payment date
  6. On other ships free for lunch and you get to pay for dinner.
  7. It does offer a nice lunch always wondered why they do not do dinner as well.
  8. Some roll calls are better than others just seems to depends who is on the cruise. For our British Isles cruise in August nobody was interested in meet and greet and never met anyone from CC on the cruise. For a TA on Sky next year very active roll call.
  9. If everything goes as planned you make it but one fly in the soup and you will miss your flight. I wouldnt chance it
  10. Early in a cruise they are quickly credited to us but later on can take much longer up to a week.
  11. Actually find the passengers on princess to be most interested in seeing the world where many Carnival passengers want the drink of the day.
  12. They will not repeat shows but will have a series of flyons. Should have a couple of lecturers each day. We have done two and enjoyed them
  13. Just because a handful of people line up before their dining times do not understand why everyone suddenly has such early dining times
  14. I get chips thru my card play some table games and than cash out. Works for any obc.
  15. I would look at port of call pages and see what people have posted and if nothing than post there
  16. Onion soup, mushrooms and like to try many different soups
  17. We got all of $ 50 obc for booking a new cruise within two weeks of getting off the Conquest last month. Oh for the good old days where they sold fcc's.
  18. Unless the tour is far away from the ship we always do private tours. Find them to be cheaper, better and not so crowded.
  19. So true. We make sure we take our meds and pack them before the cruise and DW will take passports and I will always double check and have her shows me them before we leave our house. We can easily deal with any other needs.
  20. We started going back and forth between RCCL and Carnival and settled on Carnival and became Diamond a few years ago. Got tired of same old and tried Princess to see the world and find it a much better overall experience. No reason to be tied down to one cruise lines, as you get older your tastes and wants will change so why not try new things
  21. We have never had an issue with temps in 40 or so cruises
  22. I would have thought they would want to keep cruisers in their "family" as they got older and their cruising desires changed but apparently they are more interested in getting new cruisers than keeping the older ones. Certainly the average new cruiser will spend much more than experienced ones
  23. If food containers are sealed like bottles of olive oil would think you could bring back home.
  24. I know that they have talked about it internally but apparently decided to either not do it or do it someday when they decide to change the loyalty program. In the meantime we are mostly cruising on Princess and will be elite long before any changes made in loyalty programs.
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