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  1. Well not so sure there are more and more platinum every day. Lot of platinum are elderly folks who at some point are not physically able to cruise anymore. So really wonder if the total number of platinum is really growing and if so is it an appreciable amount?
  2. Turned platinum about 12 years ago in late 50's. Agree that people like me do not give them as much revenue as folks with blue cards who will spend a lot more on the ship than we do. Been a long time since we booked excursions thru the cruise line.
  3. We will be on the Miracle in Jan and have that type of cabin. Would be interesting to get the straight scoop
  4. If you booked thru a TA call them if a pvp call them.
  5. Not sure which was taken away first but not many guests at farewell party and waitstaff got tired of holding trays of drinks so they kept offering more and more
  6. So true, hard to believe how much we used to be able to drink at one of these parties
  7. Have often had our itinerary changed but either get email (sometimes via our spam folder) or a letter when we arrive at the port. I would be happy with the latest change
  8. We will leave books we have finished on the cruise at the ships library for others to enjoy.
  9. Just like they change itineraries for "operational reasons"
  10. My logic is that older people have had more opportunities to take cruises and build up cruising days. Have met young children who are Diamond but not very many.
  11. Not an accomplishment but nice to reach loyalty levels that make cruises extra special. For example, nice to have affair with captain on each cruise we now go on.
  12. I believe plats and diamonds are older folks with either more vacation time or retired and can take longer journey type cruises so those would obviously tend to have a larger number of those two categories. Would be interesting to learn if the other categories have changed and if so in what direction
  13. I wonder if that is true. We all know that their preferred guest are the newbies with blue and red cards who will spend a lot more per cruise than us old folks. They will never tell us but wonder corporate wide what percent of cruises are plats and diamonds and has that been changing?
  14. Dream used to have a laser show at night and after problem after problem they could not fix it went away. Lets see what happens with this.
  15. Theoretically they have loyalty perks to keep us coming back so they do get something out of it or they would get rid of the whole thing
  16. And very often they would divide folks into three groups and hold three parties to accommodate loyal customers
  17. Wonder why they didnt figure this out before construction?
  18. This is why we stopped having it.
  19. Use EZair all the time but would never fly into departure port same day as cruise, not worth missing half of it if flight is delayed
  20. Based on our previous experience would prefer doing it on a cruise line that does it more regularly like Princess (and we are just back from Norway) but would have no qualms about doing it on Carnival if everything lined up
  21. We turned Elite during our last cruise and didnt know this was a benefit. Have to try it on our next cruise
  22. They are making more as needed so do not think there would be a difference
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