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  1. Wander around Horizon court and see what they have to offer. After lunch DW usually will take a nap and I will wander around and explore the ship.
  2. Bear in mind this is not a local jewelry store looking for a customer who will be coming back. As a result they will look to get what the traffic will bear and the quality might not be what you think it is or told what it is. Never understood why people will buy expensive jewelry from people they will never see again.
  3. DW has unusual food allergies. She is ok on lido for breakfast and lunch but for dinner in the dining room we tell the headwaiter the first night and they will arrange to make her food separately. This is not fool proof so look carefully at what comes and remind them constantly about her allergies. In the past one of the dining room hostesses would handle this and worked much better as the hostess has a better command of English and is more of an authority figure.
  4. And do not forget to stock up on gold by the inch. Guaranteed to turn your skin black.
  5. Do you really want to take a chance that if they did it before they still do so? I would call and ask and get definitive answer.
  6. As part of our booking for an upcoming cruise on Princess we get a coupon book free. About what it is worth.:)
  7. Unless your going to Hawaii or Alaska boring stupid and a waste of time as my son used to say about school
  8. Thinking the Raiders were from the 60's so that would make him in his 70's.
  9. Seems like it is cheaper to bring on two that they allow and than purchase another bottle or two at prevailing prices.
  10. Since the weather is obviously out of Princess control that is a very generous amount of obc.
  11. We can enjoy a nice leisurely dinner in DR and than have our nights free to enjoy the evenings entertainment
  12. On the Royal in August going around the British Isles they used two gangways to get off the ship and you had to get numbers and get called off to avoid long lines. .
  13. These days our favorite entertainment with Carnival is comedy club. Late seating pretty much prevents one from seeing any of the later shows.
  14. Cant wait for the laundry only a few more cruises to go:)
  15. Very true. We did not cruise for a number of years as we didnt feel we had the money to do so. OP would call and ask for extra time.
  16. Sales on Carnival are anything but. Good advise above
  17. Doing our first cruise on Pacific Princess in December and really looking forward to it. Smallest ship up to now for us has 2000 passengers and wondering how we will like such a small one.
  18. If it says wine on the label would think it would be ok.
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