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  1. Royal class has best buffet we have ever seen on a cruise line
  2. Freeport for sure. If we ever went back it would be a port day for us
  3. Looks like he will not be doing any journey cruises. When they announced the Hawaii cruise out of San Diego last year he said he expected to be on it. Nice fellow but if you book a cruise because he is on it be aware his plans change all the time
  4. He does not blog anymore sticks to fb. Interesting fellow.
  5. When you have a problem a good pvp is invaluable to resolving it
  6. We have had that when there was only a couple of Diamonds. Once we are the only Diamonds so had very interesting private hour with captain on his bridge.
  7. Only other way is to cruise a lot and become Diamond. They will often offer as diamond benefit tea with the captain on the bridge
  8. At best two tables next two each
  9. We will be Elite for the first time on our upcoming cruise this week and see no reason to tell the world. Happy to just enjoy the benefits
  10. Steward does not have corkscrew anymore have to get it opened by room service. Silly isnt it
  11. Went downhill when the porterhouse was discontinued. These days not the superb dining experience they offered when the steakhouse was first introduced
  12. Let me clarify. Did not get quote from TA before getting pricing from cruise consultant on ship.
  13. I figure if I just transfer booking to TA, the TA may not give us a good price when he did not originate the booking and wants to be sure he is competitive
  14. For years we take the bus to the Waikiki beach. Very nice shaded spots where you can take your towel and lay out on the grass for free. And come and go as you please. Last time they would not let us have senior pass going as I did not have my drivers license with me to prove our age. Going back driver let me on for a buck.
  15. We got pricing on an Asian cruise from the onboard consultant and it was higher than what our TA quoted. Showed it to him and he immediately told us he had no authority in terms of pricing
  16. But taste will depend upon how much water is added.
  17. Go to cabin to drop off our carryon stuff and head to lido for lunch
  18. The "free oj" has always tasted watered down to me
  19. Usually wait till we board before making steakhouse reservations. No way do we pay for this in advance.
  20. I should clarify. We have seen downgrades over the years but do not expect anything to happen based on new events. If anything they will be forced into improvements
  21. Service in DR is not as good as it used to be. Servers used to have time to chat with passengers. Sadly they are too busy to do so these days
  22. I read that it is drifting at sea
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