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  1. To help each other maintain their ships. Once upon a time I was in credit management. Credit managers from competing companies would get together to share their credit history with their customers in common. Would think the same thing might happen with companies using similar equipment on ships.
  2. I find it hard to believe the cruise lines do not share info on maintenance issues. Pushing the envelope sounds more likely and guess that will cost them quite a bit.
  3. Very interesting thread. Guess not much of a warranty comes with new vessel.
  4. I seem to remember that but no guarantees
  5. We often see it offered in the afternoon especially on a TA.
  6. Typically on journey cruises you get older crowd lots of scooters and walkers. Did Harv and Marv for one (whale watching) and ____ Dave as another forgot first name of his company. but went to Yukon. Both very good private ones. Going back in August for combo cruise/land trip but with Princess this time
  7. Never been on a Princess cruise that did not offer it on sea days, usually morning and afternoon
  8. We did it two years ago as a journey cruise and had a very nice time.
  9. 1 to 1 1/2 hours for dining in steakhouse? That would be really pushing people thru a nice meal
  10. I would always want the option of removing or adjusting tips for poor service. Forty plus cruises and one time removed tips from waitstaff. DW has unusual food allergies and we go over them very carefully with waitstaff and she carefully orders dinner for the next night each day. This waitstaff made error after error. One of her triggers is green vegetables. She order chicken and carefully reminds them no spinach. The next night her entre comes to the table with the chicken covered in spinach, We point this out to the headwaiter and all he does is shrug his shoulders as not my fault even though he was the one who put it in front of her. That was inexcusable/ We called over MD who profusely apologized and he could not do enough for us. We had dinner the next night on lido and they sent us a rather special dinner and sent a bottle of wine and cheese plate to our cabin. This was the only time we removed waitstaff tips. Normally hand out cash last night as deserved. Also mentioned the waiter very prominently in our comment survey.
  11. The smarter employees would do as you say but would think many would coast
  12. Tips should be earned if they are paid automatically service will go down. Why should employees work harder when they get the tips anyway?
  13. That would be rather embarassing to CCL if that happened. Have they ever said what the problem was?
  14. We took a taxi from hotel to ship and worked well. Did take train from airport to hotel and that was ok once we figured out how to pay for it
  15. Nice port area no reason to leave that area. If we were going would get off early and go back to ship for lunch but also bring water off with us
  16. Friends of ours did the connoisseur tour and love it so we have booked it for this September, Will be the most expensive trip we will have taken to date but they were certain we would love it.
  17. This was what happened to us about 4 years ago when we started with Princess and had to call each time to change departure city. Was happy when they allowed us to change it on our own will be a pain to call each time
  18. only useful thing about the stationary was the nice wooden box it came in. Picture frames were useful and we have used tervis cups
  19. Carnival did a great job designing Dream class lots of open space and large show and comedy lounges. From what I have read they went downhill on Vista and Sunshine class.
  20. Tipping is generally expected but look at bill before you leave a tip.
  21. I know Carnival allows to 750 ml but they will confiscate overage
  22. We are Diamond on Carnival and overall find the loyalty benefits less than overwhelming. Laundry allows us to only take one large suitcase for the two of us.
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