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  1. I'm hooked🥶 RC just squashed my June 7 Carib. cruise for which I took the 100% refund. Three hours later, I got the shakes and now need to find another cruise or else!. Having faith in our world health system, I'm taking a risk by looking at a Sept 4, 2020 sailing on a Celebrity to the Western Carib. booking through their site. They are presenting offers for Drinks and Tips at $200 pp. Has anyone been able to negotiate these or more perks to a better price with one of their partner agents rather than using their site? At least, any suggestions on how to get a better price than $1,500 pp for the cabin Thanks
  2. Just got an email from RC informing me that they are canceling my June 7, 20 cruise. I think they say they will start back on June 11.
  3. It's so hard to get a good simple answer to a simple question for some reason.
  4. Haven't they closed down bars, gyms, dept stores barbershops and pools? Mandating 6 ft spacing.
  5. I am guessing that when the cruise ships start cruising again, all of the previously purchased souvinier T's will be worn out, shot glasses broken and the local island shops will again make a killing.🤑
  6. When cruising, I enjoy the gaming tables and slots in the casino. I am wondering how the sitting at tables with players that are elbow to elbow, sometime knee to knee contact, not even mentioning blowing into the air when smoking given the virus adjustments now being implemented will change or will it. Casino revenue is a large chunk of cruise profit and each chair is part of this generation I'm not sure that want to forgo. Are there any thought about how this may pan out
  7. I think the Ponzi game went something like that
  8. My cruise date is June 7, 2020. I tried to cancel this cruise using their link but the pull down tab for the date only shows April and May. Is the cancel option not offered for June ?
  9. This liability can be waved by including a qualification ( I certify as of this date____________ that______________ is fit to cruise) ________________________________MD
  10. Of coarse I'm aware of all of the actions taken after the powers that be accepted the reality that there is a clear and present danger. Pretty much all communities came around and did the right thing but many did not. You would be surprised at those that ride public transportation that have other means of travel. I agree that cruising needed to be halted sooner. As you can see here on the board, there are many cruisers that would sail today if it was possible. It must be the addiction.
  11. WOW . Good point. It's kind of like having thousands upon thousands sitting in venues for ball game, concerts, theaters, subways and on and one. I won't mention all of the handheld pump hoses to put gas in the car. Imagine that.
  12. Loss of their share of the 18% gratuity charged won't be coming in now. I imagine that will be a big hit for all of the employee's.
  13. If they are, they won't be doing that long.
  14. Your country is beautiful indeed. That's why I have visited Italy at least half a dozen time for 10 days a stay and feel very fortunate to have done so.
  15. Reduction of dividend is more likely than Ch 11. Things are going to turn around shortly my crystal ball says.
  16. They might be after they pay for their cruise. Tons cruise that really can't afford to. I worked years without more than a week off with no pay. It's expectations that changed. Not income.
  17. That won't be true at least once.
  18. I see that RC is allowing someone to cancel a current reservation with no penalty up to 3 days before sailing date. Does anyone know if that for real? My final pmt is due March 9. I want to cruise but would like to hold off on the final until I can see better where things are going.
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