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  1. On Regal, we had these exact rooms and we did open the divider on the balconies. We had no issues at all. Looks like Skyhas the same layout so hopefully you'll have no issues either.
  2. My cabin category was also all sold out and that's why other princess travel people kept saying I couldn't refare with the BSE promotion. I just don't know why it's such a hassle and why so many people get different responses. Obviously it really comes down to someone knowledgeable and finding ways around the blocks.
  3. When I originally booked this cruise, there was no mention of casino discount. Then when I called for another promotion, I was then informed of a casino discount listed. Both my husband and I play when onboard but I didn't think enough to get a discount. Maybe he's playing more than I think😉.
  4. Yes Rosalind was a princess person. My usual Person has been away on vacation. Yes, I did lose a speciality dining and some OBC but with the addition of the BSE perks, my price only went up $115 total. Not sure where that number came from but I'll take it! I still made out better and I'm very happy with it. I'm wondering if she refared under BSE promotion and added casino discount after. I kept my same cabin as it's my favorite location. I did need to put a deposit down (that's why I think refare) but that didn't matter because I paid in full anyway (it was due this week). Winner winner chicken dinner!
  5. Wahoo!! After many different people all saying different things as to why I couldn't combine the BSE promotion and keeping my casino discount, I FINALLY got someone who figured it out. ✅ 🎉Rosalind tried to do it herself but kept coming up with not being able to but she had the insight to get someone who was able to do it. Just goes to to show you-keep trying various people and don't give up! Final payment was due in a week so quickly jumped and made full payment today (didn't want anyone to change anything)😉. Sky Princess here we come!! So excited.
  6. I know there's a very long thread with this topic but I haven't seen any updates recently on whether someone has been able to get the new BSE promotion combined with the casino discount. I've tried multiple times-even reading them the small print from the princess PDF promotion on how it states it is combinable. No luck. If someone did it, please tell me how.
  7. I love the Lime & Ginger scrub❤️ Just don't do it with a sunburn😂 Your skin feels so soft afterwards! Enjoy
  8. Flafunn888, we were in a dolphin extended balcony cabin midship on Regal this past spring and absolutely loved it. Very quiet and easy to get to everything. No obstructions below as the promenade open deck seating was there and low enough from the skywalk that there was only a slight blue light seen at night. We loved it so much that we've booked both the sky and enchanted in the same location/cabin❣️👍🌴
  9. I also asked a few crew members on my recent cruise. Each one said they got to keep it and didn't need to turn it in. I handed them substantial cash, no envelope. How would princess know they received this money? Is it an honor system? I guess I'm just trying to figure out how princess would know someone received the "extra $". And in case you're wondering, no I didn't remove gratuities 🙂
  10. I just got off the Regal and absolutely loved the Sanctuary. It was wonderful to have "my space" every day from 8-6p. It was heaven. I RAN the moment I got on the ship (some of the first ones there) and barely had options available since others had booked already (due to first b2b before us). The scones are to die for😋. As stated, it's a place for quiet and relaxing- nothing going on in this area for entertainment-except maybe some snoring😂
  11. We are on this cruise with you and received them about a week ago. When you go on your ocean ready app and look in your medallion section, it should say "on the way" when you click on details. Do you see that? If not, at this point, I would just plan that you'll get them at check-in. 1 week from today 🛳🌴🎉🎉
  12. So silly of me, of course you want to know the captain 😊! In one email it said-"greetings from the bridge" so I'm guessing he's the captain: Tim Stringer. I couldn't find anything in the emails about those others you asked about. There also was something about prebooking photo pkg: $199 vs $249 onboard. Everything else was just links back to the princess site about that item. Just general information, no details specifically (like the guest entertainment or the specialty dining). You must be a planner like me. No surprises please. Let me find out as much as ai can beforehand 👍 . First time on Regal for me so I'm super excited to see it. She looks like a beauty. I just can't wait to get into warm weather and shorts. Let's get this vacation started 🛳🌴🍹
  13. Here you go johnmik1- We received our medallions last week. Pretty cool looking. Can't wait to see how they work out. But here are the two important questions you probably have... Ignazio D'Agostino, your maître d Cruise Director, Corey Moir
  14. I'm boarding the Regal on April 7th and I have received a few emails regarding the ship, dining and just Saturday one about the entertainment and cruise director. Also information about all the apps available since it's a Medallion cruise.
  15. Do the B2B cruisers get to book the sanctuary for both segments of their cruise at the beginning of their trip?
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