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  1. He made no mention of the Whitsunday Islands, celebrating the seventh Sunday after Easter, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ's disciples? Is he not a Methodist or Anglican? Regards John
  2. I think cruise cards give a lot of easy to understand information on them, however in the bottom right hand corner is a code number and most often the letter "A". The number indicates number of completed cruises and the "A" lets bar staff etc, know this cardholder is an adult. Children always have blue cruise cards. Regards John
  3. I think you might find that the age limit on drinking alcohol on Princess Cruise ships varies according to where the cruise started. It may also change when in territorial waters according to local laws. So it might vary at some ports particularly US Caribbean Islands. Guests must be 21 years of age to purchase or drink alcohol on all ships except guests on cruises originating from Europe, Australia or Asian ports where you must be over 18 years or over and from Japanese ports 20 years or over. I think someone once mentioned the Eastbound and Westbound drinking age anomaly on what would technically be an almost identical cruise type. Regards John
  4. Some hotels let you check out from your room and wait in their foyer for a taxi. Holiday Inn for example has a bar that does coffee and light snacks. An early morning coffee will take up a little bit of time so you then arrive at the cruise terminal slightly later at a time when bags can be deposited immediately but are still early in the terminal's schedule. Regards John
  5. It is not as outlandishly rare as Les seems to be thinking. Regards John
  6. I have been on a cruise where cabins directly below a swimming pool had major issues. I assume feed pipes had become very leaky trickling down to cabins below. Mattresses had to be withdrawn from a series of cabins carpets were relaid and dehumidifiers were needed to sort out the final moisture issue. Total ruining the ambience of the holiday for some. I have no idea what arrangements were made for them. Walked past the aftermath in the corridor for three days. The usual issue is early early morning dragged loungers upstairs. Avoid below open decks particularly Lido. Regards John
  7. Azura and Ventura, are very close sisters with some clear detail differences. Ventura has a continuous Promenade Deck you can go all around the ship with straight ascent/descent of fairly wide stairs at the bow. P241 is in my brochure with icon "Cabin has two additional beds in the form of pull-down beds" These are typically on opposite walls occupying about 6 to 8 inches of space on each respective wall, Brochure also states "Note; All pull-down beds are accessible via a ladder. When pull-down beds are in use, lower beds cannot be converted into a double". It could reasonably be interpreted that your beds can be made into a double if there are only two passengers. Some of the "P" deck cabins have fixed twins than are permanently bolted to the floor and double bed configuration is not possible with those cabins. P241 has an inside cabin opposite with an open square space section of corridor to the left. It appears you can access "P" deck cabins by the long straight corridor starting near the shops (avoiding art gallery) or by going through the art gallery looking at all the paintings as you go through. The transverse corridor nearly opposite your cabin permits a short cut to the port side well forward launderette, and if you make a port/starboard error when attempting to return to cabin the transverse corridor can solve that problem. I think P241 is far enough aft to avoid theatre noise problems being a bit more mid than forward. It is close to the forward lift bank but not too near for noise issues. If you are sailing with anyone who hogs the bathroom, emergency solutions are a short walk up one deck near theatre entrance and a longer walk with no stairs involved to far end of lowest part of Atrium which also has facilities which include the coffee place and general seating. I see a lot of positive things about this cabin. Regards John
  8. It is down low so you get a close view of the sea. There is a group of people who think this is a good area and repeat book. Mid forward you are away from the theatre and close to the art gallery which is very quiet. Forward port side is a launderette well out the way for people from other decks but handy for you. You do get an early morning call at tender ports. Regards John
  9. You would be amazed how far my head swivelled round when then pegs were put on. Ohh John
  10. I've tried this excruciatingly painful, couldn't sit down for the rest of the cruise made no difference to the shower curtain which still grabbed me.. Regards John
  11. There is a free shuttle bus to the dock gates. A privately owned cruise shuttle bus takes you into town from there. Alternatively use the P&O shuttle bus and get a taxi from where that drops you off. That is fairly short distance. You could also look at the www.rome2rio website and see the options on there. Regards John
  12. I can see the problem. However it will be OK with Scottish men wearing shorts as you will see their kilt hose sock flash garters but why would they not simply wear their kilts? Surely English gentlemen wearing shorts would look ridiculous as you would see their sock suspenders. You should not want that sight. Regards John
  13. there is a website so you can also check the minor half-term holiday dates etc. https://www.myschoolholidays.com Regards John
  14. I found the foot (six inches is probably more accurate) void between 2 tops very awkward. Waiter can't always get right round the table to serve some passengers. More importantly, do you join in "their" conversation? If you do, is it better then to opt out of conversing with the next table generally or what? Lol John
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