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  1. Well that is a system. One thing I have also noticed is laundry labels on some of my shirts. Some have more than one label and certain cruise lines use your cabin number as the label. Regards John
  2. I remember walking around a large department store years ago. Two ladies came past me with one saying to the other "It's a nice dress but it's not really cruise wear". I am wondering if people tend to have two complete wardrobes? Regards John
  3. In the days before bespoke workwear men used to be digging the road up wearing old business suits often with a tweed cap. Same on the railway and youtube videos show men dressed like this. Regards John
  4. Just searched for Izal on ebay and there is an ebayer selling twenty plus packs plus a ceramic wall dispenser for a bid of £55.00. As far as I recall the product comes from the "now wash your hands" era where the focus was not absorption but moving things about on account of it being waterproof. Lol John
  5. Whatever percentage fill the cruise line has decided upon and this might be dictated to them by the government and they might move the goal posts. A cruise line will always try to fill as many cabins as possible at as high a price they can achieve. Most people seem to be thinking it is a badly organised plan but it might be force majeure. People also get norovirus and other suspected covid. There may be cabins where they want no body in following an unconfirmed case they might bring in a protocol of no cabin should be used on consecutive cruises, tricky on a 50% fill. I am sure there is a v
  6. The cabin stewards and where precisely they work has a greater relevance to potential infection transmission. Shifting passengers is a simple computer problem to the cruise line. The hotel manager may well have worked out systems of keeping covid secure environments and even separating teams within each sub-division of house keeping. This might mean if one employee was found covid positive they might only have been in contact with a smaller defined work group. Overall there may be other factors which are only understood by those operating on the ship. I think the problem is very complex.
  7. I was wondering about your system. The medallion wont know where you want to go and was thinking you have to be using something. Lol John
  8. One has to think about the logistics if you are only filling a ship to say 50% capacity. It might be that people are reasonably spaced apart but then you look at the cabin stewards' sectors one steward has ten occupied cabins in their run of twenty and another has two occupied cabins in their run of twenty. In other words there might be more to it than at first sight and I suspect shoreside does not normally get involved in the minutia of practical details of running what we now amusingly call the hotel section. Regards John
  9. I have a theory that they are spacing people out and only filling the ship to a reduced capacity. Regards John
  10. Do you know if these people are receiving upgrades or are they being spread out cabinwise to separate people for covid prevention reasons. I always arrive at Southampton the day before and stay overnight in an hotel. It has always struck me that arriving on the day of sailing adds risk of missing the boat so as to speak. Regards John
  11. I remember the days when they had lift operators on ships, however would this not reduce the capacity by 25% if four people are allowed in a lift during covid restrictions/ Regards John
  12. Yes the balcony will be 9' x 9' instead of 9' x 5'. The balconies at the sides of Grand Class ships tend to be tiered to some extent and the "C" deck balconies protrude but half if covered, useful if it rains. Have you selected "NO UPGRADES" as sometimes people get upgraded to a higher grade cabin on a different deck with a smaller balcony. Regards John
  13. If you nab a larger balcony make sure you tick NO UPGRADES in case you get upgraded to a higher grade midships cabin on a different deck with a smaller balcony. Regards John
  14. The early in the year fly out sail home is a good cruise to book if you can manage the dates. The long flight only happens once. You can bring back unlimited weights of purchases. If you go the Friday you get an extra day holiday (15) and it is one of the cheapest cruises per night. Regards John
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