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  1. If you are interested in RMS Titanic, your cruise calls at Belfast where she was built Harland and Wolff shipyard, a well worth museum exists in Belfast. Most cruise lines cover this on excursions, however I should recommend getting the earliest free of charge port shuttle into town. This also fixes the location of where to get your free bus back to the ship. The local authority run these on corporation buses. Then get a taxi to the museum £5.00 maximum. This gets you to the museum site before the coach loads of visitors arrive. Titanic sailed from Belfast with just crew as I understand it
  2. I have been cruising on Princess with my daughter throughout her ages of 2 to 17 and have found the clubs well run with good activities. This tends to make the children attend regularly and stay within the clubrooms a long time. The older ones might hang about the pool or frequent venues in the evenings. They do have a couple of male/female youth security team officials patrolling in the evenings. I have never encountered issues with children spoiling things. The total number of children on cruises is controlled by the cruise line by restricting booking with children of different ages pro
  3. P&O backed the House of Braganza, Portugal (blue and white) and the Spanish Bourbons Red and Gold (P&O yellow). They needed to do so or go out of business, fortunately both royal household won and P&O were allowed to use the colours and business continued. Blue to the mast red to the fly, yellow to the deck and white to the sky. Over the years P&O have built up a long and close relationship with both of these countries and they dock there as much as possible. I was told P&O shipping own the port of Vigo but not sure on that. Regards John
  4. I was referring to P&O steam navigation company from where P&O Cruises evolved about 180+ years old. Regards John
  5. Obviously P&O backed the royal households of these countries to get where they are now. Regards John
  6. This is a very sensible decision. The Canaries on Arcadia is an ideal choice for a warm weather cruise avoiding the Mediterranean. Southampton round trip to the Canary Islands is a good way of visiting that area of the world as you know Canary Islands fly cruises can be problematic. Regards John
  7. The bloc argument means that France and Spain will likely do the same thing so no alternate generally available particularly in Mediterranean. In this covid/vaccination troubled times yes avoid the Med due to the number of EU countries in the area. Regards John
  8. I thought we were only talking about France and Spain, why are you bringing other countries? The Canary Islands are a nice cruise probably trouble free. Regards John
  9. The EU could close borders and there is a tendency of them to act as a bloc. I cannot see how you think no one should book a Mediterranean cruise ever again. We are living through uncertain times and I have never said that the current conditions of Coronavirus will condemn us for ever. Vaccinations will endure and when they are completed on a world-wide basis things will revert to nearer normal. Regards John
  10. If you miss Lanzarote as a port you could go to another island or have a sea day. If you miss the EU you could have a number of sea days. Regards John
  11. A lot of EU rules which might be imposed in Spain are not necessarily going to be implemented in the Canary Islands. Regards John
  12. Agree with the choice but for political reasons with EU Regards John
  13. I recall standing in a lift on a cruise with my daughter, just two of us in the lift. When it stopped and the doors opened two parents were standing with two teenage children in wheelchairs. The father got in with one wheelchair and his daughter and we huddled up into the corner. Enough space was left for a second wheelchair and parent. The guy's wife declined and said she would wait for the next lift. So we spaced back out a bit. When we got to the dining room on Freedom Dining we were issued a big shared table and then within a few minutes of waiting our dining companions turned up incl
  14. There was a story that an old lady standing by the aft lifts asked a crew member if this elevator took you to the front of the ship. Which obviously was ridiculous, however Carnival did a project where a concept cruise ship design actually fulfilled this function. You Tube video "Carnival's Project Pinnacle" shows a number of radical design features destined for an innovative ship which got cancelled due to economic down turn in that era. Some of the radical design features have become incorporated into cruise ships in recent years. Regards John
  15. Cancellation on medical grounds and medical expenses on board should normally be covered but not if you had not disclosed your medical conditions and updated insurers if for example you had a serious medical incident prior to sailing. A lot of insurers are currently excluding corona virus related when issuing new policies. Ultimately it is down to your insurer and how they word things. Regards John
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