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  1. Generally speaking you will need world-wide cruise insurance including USA and Caribbean. The main points to look at is the number of consecutive days on one trip limit and the single trip cost limit which might be imposed by the insurance company. Most insurers do not issue insurance cover further ahead than twelve months so if you book eighteen months ahead you will be at risk for six months without cover. You need to consider the financial risk at each stage i.e. on the day of booking you are likely to be liable to pay a cancellation fee equivalent to the deposit amount which might be 10% of fare. Risk on these figures could be as much as £2,800. This amount increases the nearer you get to sail date quite often 50%, 75% and 100% at different dates approaching sail date. So it is important to get the cancellation penalty timescale and levels of liability off the cruise line and conversely be aware of the limits on the insurance to be able to make a claim relevant to your cruise should a claim be necessary. This should mean you choose a suitable company and policy. Regards John
  2. Totally agree with your maths John. I was somehow thinking Oriana with one balcony deck instead of Aurora. Regards John
  3. An excellent video on YouTube is called "A history of Australian P&O cruise ships - films and images from the archive" It explains why their flag colours are not red white and blue and connections to foreign royal households. The guy doing the presentation is very knowledgeable and witty. I suspect he is Australian. Regards John
  4. This type of sailing is technically a "Line Voyage" and the term "Line" comes from drawing a line on the chart going along in a single direction and is why ships belong to lines. A cruise is more traditionally a circular tour terminating at the place of origin. At some point the shipping companies started to fill in the end of season of line voyages with cruises and I suggest this would be around 1960 when Canberra was built. Canberra was a huge 45,000 ton purpose built cruise ship whereas we were used to 28,000 tons either way you did not have an en-suite. The even earlier ships were sometimes ex-navy ships like Sitmar Fairsky 1958 - 1973 previously known as HMS Attacker 1942 - 1945 I am wondering if passengers realised that their cruise ship was previously an Escort Aircraft carrier. The amonut of open deck space must have given them a bit of a clue. Lol John
  5. There was a time when P&O 1960's ?were exporting Brits to Australia for £10 and later £25 I believe. The return journey needed Australians paying a bit more and flying home as space in Earl's Court had a limit.. They needed a bargain fare to help fill the empty ships. Lol John
  6. I am not referring to build dates so much as the actual point that as time has gone by the proportion of balcony cabins to ocean view has risen enormously. The most modern cruise ship designs seem to eradicate ocean view completely and this has been a continuous trend in my opinion mainly due to being able to charge a premium on private balcony accommodation. Regards John
  7. If you search for Princess Obstructed Cabins Royal Princess you should come up with "Princess Obstructed View Google Sites. then there is a link https://sites.google.com/site/site/cabinbyviewrenmar If you compare Royal or Regal Princess to Britannia the E deck cabins on Royal and Regal correspond to G deck cabins on Britannia. This is because all three are almost identical ships in many respects but Princess letter their decks differently because the top couple are called something special not A<B<C etc. until lower down putting them out of kilter. If you can get on renmars webpages they have a lot of information which often agrees with P&O. This obstructed view balcony question comes up a lot over the years. Regards John
  8. Aurora is an older design with far fewer balcony cabins than on Oceana. This is a big factor in choosing to go on a cruise and the lines have gone consistently for a higher and higher proportion of balcony cabins in modern cruise ship design. A number of changes have come in with modern designs which have been generally detrimental to overall passenger experience such as abbreviating Promenade Decks often with cabin or other venue incursion. I took my first P&O cruise 52 years ago and you would not believe the things they had then by comparison to modern ships. Regards John
  9. Anyone claiming OBC as a shareholder would no longer be able to get this money set against their on board cruise account and oh yes they lose all their capital too. I think this would be unpopular with the shareholders. Regards John
  10. john watson


    I am totally in agreement with being an overhang fan. If you look at the video on YouTube you can see how open the balconies are below and lack of privacy is a major problem on some of the lower deck balconies. Regards John
  11. She is getting a free meal in lieu at his own restaurant which will be very special. Regards John
  12. john watson


    L238 and L242 are neighbouring cabins on the Port side. These cabins have treatment rooms above them and are on the opposite side to the Gym! (having a Gym above your cabin is not ideal). When choosing a Lido balcony you would be sensible to choose one ahead of the lifts access area thus reducing bypassing foot traffic. Conversely a bad choice would be the first few as you step in from the open deck as there will be a slight noise issue from the actual pools area as well. L202 and L201 have steel fronts so worth avoiding. The bridge wings will dominate your view in the few leading cabins and you will witness officer activity when docking. All in all L238 and L242 are going to be among the best choices in this area. Points raised by Scriv relating to sea conditions and high waves are totally correct and this will be felt more up on Lido Deck. see video of L235 on YouTube "P&O Cruise Ship Azura Balcony Cabin L235 Deck 15 2013" Regards John
  13. This is all true Denarius however I should say thatif you want a cheaper cruise with Star Clippers the Ocean Crossings option is half the cost you suggest. I did a St.Maarten to Lisbon with them for just over £1000 that is eighteen sea days in a row with a total of just 33 other passengers. The only downside would be the storms. Search YouTube for a video called 000002] that is five zeros 2 and a square closing bracket other videos in series are 3 and 5 Regards John
  14. I tried to cancel my Holiday Inn Herbert Walker Avenue but was on non-cancellable. The lady advised me that because I had another cruise booked I can transfer my booking to a night before the new sail date. However because it is over twelve months ahead of now it is not possible to book. She advised phoning to transfer within 12 months prior to the new date but before the old date was due to occur. So I have a specific time frame to phone within to facilitate this. Regards John
  15. Problem with selling off old cruise ships is that they will not realise a lot of money and who gets them might be able to market extremely cheap cruises as a rival operator. This will make your problems even worse. Regards John
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