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  1. I tried this method previous to my post and it said seats not available, contact airlines. At this point, I am hoping since the flight was just changed, and they changed the type of plane that maybe it will get loaded into the Princess system soon. I called AA yesterday, and there was a 4 hour wait, so I left a call back, and they never called back. Kinda expected it though because they kept saying in the recordings to go to the next "level" that if you used a travel company, you needed to contact them. I was able to pick seats when we booked them months ago, but
  2. Okay, yes, our old passport was in Ocean Ready also, but we had to get a new one in March. I put it already into Ocean Ready. I was just checking to see if you found somewhere in the Medallion app. Thanks.
  3. American Airlines changed our flight into LAX. For the first time, the time was better for us. BUT they changed our seats so we are in different rows and even different aisle!! I called Princess today after not being able to change seats on the Cruise Personalizer, but whoever I talked to said she got the same message that I did - contact your airline. When I go to AA.com where we are a frequent flyer and the EZ Air for the next two booked cruises show up in our reservations, and I try to change seats there, it says until the ticket is issued the seats can't be changed. So a run-around from
  4. Where did you find a place to scan your passport? I haven't even found that. I scanned it into Ocean Ready but I don't know if they are even using that anymore - although interestingly, the new security/ profile picture that I put for both of us into the Medallion Class app were already in Ocean Ready!
  5. I hope they still have it! I love their bangers and mash!! Can't get the right gravy here, so I look forward to Pub Lunch.
  6. I was also disappointed to find out that we couldn't seem to apply our specialty dining credits.
  7. We picked L107 for an upcoming cruise for a similar reason mentioned - if it is raining, you have more space under a roof. For us, it was also because my husband cannot sit in the sun for long, so we also needed some shade.
  8. Yes! I didn't even know that was an option for anyone. I've never seen it. Apparently because I have always used a TA.
  9. I noticed this on today's Princess email/ad for 2023 cruises: "We are staying atop health and safety protocols in our continuing effort to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, which may also impact our voyages and offerings, including amenities and itineraries. If a threshold of COVID-19 is detected on board the ship, the voyage will be ended, the ship will return to the port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel home may be restricted or delayed. Health and safety protocols, guest conduct rules, and regional travel restrictions vary by ship and destination, and are subject to
  10. If you read the latest edict by CDC to the Cruise lines, they are required to have an agreement with each port to take care of any patients with Covid. This is the biggest hurdle IMHO for the cruise lines to overcome before we can sail!
  11. Another question I have regarding traveling to Europe has to do with the CDC. If a country is still on the CDC list for No Travel, I have heard that the travel insurance companies will not cover travel. Anyone heard this or know something to the contrary?
  12. Thanks for the picture! It's interesting. I know the Ruby and Majestic Princess are supposed to do Calif. Coastal cruises alternating with Mexico cruises because I have booked both of those on those 2 ships. Looks like the Grand is supposed to be doing Hawaii out of LA. Hope they are standing nearby to be ready to start again soon although we haven't heard that they have full crews yet. (Just a hope - you don't need to tell me they won't cruise this year. It doesn't hurt to hope!)
  13. We cancelled a cruise, but moved the deposit and credits to another cruise at the same time through our TA. It took only a few days for that deposit and credits to show up.
  14. One of the original proposals or theories that I had read about said that some cruise lines would not only move everyone to a balcony, but they would alternate decks leaving entire decks empty (perhaps for isolation or to simply reduce the number of passengers). I have noticed in the last 6 months when looking various Princess cruises for balconies that some ships are only showing a handful of decks available. But we are all really just guessing...
  15. We had booked our own air back from FLL after our Enchanted Princess Transatlantic cruise in November as Princess did not have nonstop trips. When that cruise was cancelled, AA was only offering travel credit through Sept. and we stood to lose about $500. When I called AA months ago, the lady said to just wait and see if they extended the date. So happy I waited as we could have only gotten about $20 in taxes back before now. Today they extended flights you could cancel and get credit all the way to the end of the year. So if you had AA flights, you can now get travel credit to use on you
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