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  1. We are taking our first Avalon cruise in April, through Burgundy & Provence. Both ports seem to be tiny towns, starting in St Jean-de-Losne and ending in Port St-Louis. Any tips on embarkation/disembarkation from those who've been there? We have pre- and post-cruise plans so will not be going directly to/from the airport in either case. We plan to stay in Dijon the night before the cruise, which is only about a half hour from the port, hoping it will not be difficult to get a taxi or Uber? At the end, we will be making our way to Antibes, either by train or rental car, so will need to get to the train station (Istres, or Marseilles) or rental office (Port de Bouc). Will there be taxis available or will the ship assist us in booking one? And what is the usual timeframe for disembarking? I assume they want us off early so as to ready the ship for the next voyage.
  2. I also sent an email to Avalon, no response - somewhat disheartening they are so unresponsive. Yes, I believe they do offer transfers to the Marseilles airport, but I'm hoping not to have to detour to the airport just to continue our journey to Antibes. Currently considering either a train (we'd have to get to the nearest train station) or renting a car (similar distance to the nearest rental agency), both of which would entail a taxi or Uber from the dock. Not sure how readily available they are?
  3. I have similar questions - have you learned anything further about transportation options? We are on an Avalon cruise departing from St-Jean-de-Losne (need to figure out how to get there from Dijon, think it's a 30-minute taxi ride, maybe that's the only option?) and ending in Port-St-Louis, need to make our way from there to Antibes, probably by catching a train in Marseille, so need to get from the dock to the train station in Marseille. Anyone??
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