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  1. We had a sail away balcony a few years ago and got an upgrade offer.
  2. Thank you! Can you tell me which nights Choir of Man and Kinky Boots are on? Not sure if it will be the same nights when they go down to the Caribbean, but I’m curious. And desperate for a cruise to look forward to. Enjoy Alaska!
  3. For those who have upcoming cruises on Encore, are you seeing Kinky Boots as an option? My cruise isn’t til January, so I know it’s too early to book, but I’m not seeing Kinky Boots listed, and just wondering what folks booked on cruises within the 120 day window are seeing. Also, are you able to book shows in advance? I notice some things say “too early to book,” while others, like Choir of Man, say “Book on board.” I am a planner, so really hope I’ll be able to book shows in advance as usual.
  4. Which sailing are you booked on? We are booked on Encore from Miami 1/16/22 and I am hoping for the best, but not booking flights until I see how things go with the Gem in August. I really don’t want to book a different ship because prices have increased quite a bit from when we booked.
  5. I hear that sone of them are good, but I was underwhelmed with mine. I felt I knew more about the ship and logistics from my time on cruise critic than she did. And she keeps calling my teenage son to try to sell new cruises, despite my repeatedly telling her that my number was the “primary” one. She’s always going on about the “30% off,” even after I’ve told her that means nothing, because NCL is always running the same “30% off” sale. I’ve asked if she will contact me if the Haven drops to x price on x date, and she’s not willing to do the work. She’s like “feel free to call me and check pr
  6. Celebrity has a better “base” product, especially MDR and buffet food, and feels less crowded and more serene. Part of that is that there is less actual crowding on the ships and part of it is that the passengers are overall quieter. NCL is pitching to the day-drinking Carnival crowd. (Not that I have anything against day drinking, especially when on vacation, but I don’t love seeing grown-ass adults acting like toddlers.) . I like that X’s non-alcoholic beverage package includes specialty coffee drinks and bottled and sparkling water. On NCL I have to upgrade to premium plus to get those
  7. SUCH a waste of time and money, and the wine was really bad, too! I never have high expectations for cruise ship wine, but yuck!
  8. Well said, Gary. I wish NCL would do something like the Lift and Shift that Celebrity did. That would allow the loyal customers to book a similar stateroom and itinerary at the original price they paid, while letting NCL raise fares for new customers if the demand supported it. We took the refund for our cancelled cruise, because we expected they’d raise fares, and with kids in high school, our schedule is not that flexible. I feel badly for those of you who have had your money tied up innFCCs for so long. Hope you get a satisfactory resolution.
  9. Which sailing are you on? We are booked for Encore January 16th.
  10. I live in NC and was not required to show ID or my insurance card when I got vaccinated. This was at a drive-through mass vaccination clinic. I think this was done in an effort not to deter undocumented immigrants or anyone else without an ID from getting the vaccine. Yes, I had to fill out my name and contact information, but, in theory, I could have sent someone else to get vaccinated in my place. Seems stupid, but some anti-vaxxer might pull a stunt like that. With that kind of system, it’s going to be hard to prove vaccination status.
  11. My sentiments exactly. I’m not so much afraid of catching Covid, but I don’t want my vacation ruined by an outbreak. I’m also hoping for fewer restrictions (masks, social distancing) if everyone on board is vaccinated.
  12. Anyone seeing this on their Amex gold card? And is it only for new cruises, or payments for existing cruises? We have a cruise booked, but final payment isn’t due until September.
  13. I have not been in the spas on Bliss and Escape, so I can’t really compare, but I think the spa on Breakaway is awesome and well worth the $, especially if the rest of the ship is crowded or you have more than one sea day. We loved it!
  14. Yes, I definitely use the hand sanitizer. My main point is that I welcome the service by staff in the buffet.
  15. My husband is an executive at IBM. And yes to the grossness of elevator buttons, handrails, and all the high-touch surfaces. Not so much for Covid, but Noro and the other fecal-oral bugs. Don’t want any of that ruining my vacation.
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