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  1. I'm set to sail on Symphony in 2021, and I'll be with a group of people in the 4 bedroom Villa. It's part of the Star Class suites, with the Royal Genie and other perks. Has anyone already occupied this cabin, and if so what was the experience like? Any insight would be welcome!
  2. All that matters is that I'm thankful that you are safe; life is fleeting and precious.
  3. Nope, we're frequent cruisers. Just wanted to check with others on their thoughts regarding Empress. Nothing more.
  4. I love the rolling motion of the smaller ships,although I'm aware that can be problematic for some.
  5. I would really appreciate your perspective on the ship!
  6. Considering surprising my hubby with a shorty cruise (3-5 dys) next Spring, and I'm looking at possibly trying Empress. Anyone who has been on her, please share your thoughts/experiences on the ship. Clearly it won't have the bells and whistles of the mid-size or mega ships; but I'd like to know if I should try it or book another since it's one of RC's oldest in the fleet. Thanks in advance 😉
  7. Over 130 posts and still going strong! 🤣
  8. You selected a room facing the Boardwalk, so your expectations were excessive. A bit petty, don't you think? 🤔
  9. That is incredible... that's my 40th wedding anniversary! Enjoy Freedom!
  10. Thanks my good people. It may have been a problem with my filter. I'll try to check it again!
  11. Maybe this has been asked previously. Does anyone know why there are no Royal cruises that sail out of San Juan PR? Those sailings on Adventure out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean were my absolute favorites. I notice that the Caribbean itineraries only include San Juan as a quick port stop now. Just curious about what changed.
  12. In December 2018, we had the cabin next door to yours... 6674. Loved the location, and heard absolutely nothing the entire time I was on the ship. Also liked being on the same deck as Starbucks and the hot dog stand, LOL 😂 (Sorry OP, that had nothing to do with your original post...)
  13. That's kind of what I thought, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for responding.
  14. Quick question... On the 5 night sailing of Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston, when is formal night? If my memory serves me correctly I think it was always night #2, but it may have changed.
  15. What a way to celebrate the end of a career!
  16. I'll be sailing on POA in October so will be watching as well, at least for a few weeks. Can't wait too much longer because I want to get this squared away. Flying to CA from the Chi.
  17. If you're still researching flights to Honolulu for an upcoming Pride of America sailing, Southwest Air is finally booking through September! I know that not everyone is a Southwest fan, but for those who are this is a good time to check out their super-reasonable fares. All of their itineraries are out of CA hubs, so you'll need to get there first. Just an FYI.
  18. Hubby and I are booked and looking forward to sailing. We are from the Chi!
  19. Hmmm, that's interesting. Sure makes searching for the ship a tad bit more complicated than necessary, but I'll check it out. Thanks much!
  20. I'm booked on Mardi Gras for a 2020 sailing. Does anyone know why the ship isn't listed in the drop down, since Carnival is taking bookings for their itineraries? Doesn't appear that a roll call has been created either, unless I'm missing something.
  21. Sorry to hear such sad news... I will miss his contributions to the CC boards. My prayers go to his family.
  22. Wait... did I read correctly? You were on Navigator from Oct 26th thru Dec 2nd?
  23. Well, I won't need to worry about the Pinnacles in Coastal Kitchen... I'll be on Enchantment, LOL. If I like this JS experience though, I may book it on another class of ship next time!
  24. Will be in a Junior Suite on a Summer sailing in 2019. Aside from the increased size of the cabin, are there any other benefits to having a suite over a regular oceanview balcony? Anyone ever been disappointed with the Junior suite? Thanks for any input.
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