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  1. Which ship is this from? I was just on Reflection in April, and the list contained approximately 5 French champagnes, not the 13 shown here.
  2. ... and it isn't the Perrier Jouet in the flowered bottle.... If I'm sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, I make a pit stop at Total Wines behind Embassy Suites on 17th Street. Gabi or John Michel will point out some of the best champagnes for your sipping enjoyment. I get my group to help me get them onboard. I spoke with a Food and Beverage manager on Infinity in 2016, and he told me that, with the advent of beverage packages, fewer and fewer bottles of the GOOD champagnes were being purchased. And since the good stuff shouldn't be subjected to constant rocking and rolling, they decided to downsize the availability of Dom, Cristal, the good Perrier, etc; opting for the more mainstream ( ie, mediocre) Veuve Clicquot and Moet y Chandon. I bring my own. I only book suites. I share with the sommelier. I occasionally pay a corkage fee. And I enjoy the champagnes I drink at home: Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d'Or Veuve Clicquot La Grand Dame Dom and Cristal (Brut and Rose') Others, as recommended by Total Wines I don't chance not being without my daily "fix...."
  3. Having sailed for the past 9 years mostly in C, R, and PH suites, I can honestly say that all of the butlers who have taken care of me have been EXCELLENT. I have learned, over the years, to prepare my list of KNOWN requests in advance, and present it to the butler when we meet. As new items come up, I add them to my Word document for the next time. I edit the original document each time, depending on length of cruise, where in the world I am, etc. Luminae staff is exceptional. Between the butler, the Suites Manager, and the Michael's Club Concierge, I am very well taken care of. The people who most disappoint me are the Shoreside Concierges.
  4. Contrary to what you may have been told, the beds in the Royal Suites DO break down into two beds. I'm currently in RS 1624, and the big bed is now two single beds. If you need a photo, email me: cef530@icloud.com. The bedroom on Reflection IS small and tight, but other areas of the cabin are spacious.
  5. I'm with you, Linda, When I spend $20,000 for a cabin, the LAST thing I want is minimalism....
  6. Thanks for the Adios; unfortunately I will decide when to go....
  7. I certainly WOULDN'T even think about cutting it that close.... Good Luck!!!!
  8. I've got 4 PHs booked on Summit, and I am NOT pleased with what I'm seeing. No one seems to know if the Butler's Pantry will survive. That table is butt ugly. The color scheme, or lack thereof, is awful. Kelly Hoppen sold Celebrity a bill of goods. She is laughing all the way to the bank. My dreams of achieving Zenith status are quickly fading. I don't think I could sleep in those DRAB surroundings. I'll let you know as I release my penthouses so anyone interested can jump on them.... VERY disappointing for me....
  9. Hmmmm, don't remember that. Let me see: Over the back of a chair on my veranda On a hanger in one of my closets (now that they're NOT dripping) On a towel rack in one of the bathrooms Over one of the shower doors. I've had jeans dry in just over 24 hours. Can't subject them to that ultra hot water in the laundry....
  10. Roll your clothes in a bath towel for an hour, to remove the moisture. They will dry much faster. Just sayin'....
  11. I was on Silhouette in November, and went to LPC. My expectations were low; but I enjoyed myself.... I find that Qsine, while nice, wastes too much food. I have vowed to never return as long as their wastefulness continues. MY opinion.
  12. OMG!! I remember Zenubio!!!! I don't remember the ship: Galaxy or Zenith. I know it wasn't Century, because I only started sailing in suites after my 2 cruises on Century. Thanks for the memory....
  13. And I bring my own bath products and pillow with 2 pillowcases with me....
  14. Thank you, Arno!! I did see some photos on the Millennium area of Celebrity's website. I'm interested in what might've been done to the Butler's Pantry on M-class ships. I loved the full-sized refrigerator/freezer, microwave oven, and second entry/exit. I know that those pianos are going away; I don't object to that. I hope you're doing okay. Haven't seen you since I met you in 2010. Those past 9 years have rocked my world, for sure....
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