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  1. First, if it was anything but an Alaska cruise I would go for the aft corner. In this case I would stay with the center aft. An aft cabin on an Alaska cruise is prized, because you can view both side of the ship, but because you are in the center aft you could have more protection from the cold and wind. Rollie
  2. rollie

    Slush Bar

    That is pretty much what we experienced while on the Equinox in Dec. 2018. It looked yummy, but not worth the wait. Rollie
  3. rollie

    Slush Bar

    Thanks for all the replies. Now I don't have to look for it. The menu sure looked inviting. Rollie
  4. Wondering if there is a Slush Bar on the Infinity. We were on the Equinox a while back and it seemed as if the Slush Bar had very limited hours, and when it was open it was very crowded. Rollie
  5. Because the Reflection hasn't been refurbished yet, the retreat lounge is call Michael's Lounge. Michael's lounge is for suite guest only. Great meeting place before diner. Rollie
  6. Thanks Jim, that's another great question for the concierge. Rollie
  7. No need for reservations. Just show up. There may be a short wait at the busy times. Rollie
  8. I now that window seats are for two, but can tables be pushed together to make a four top? Rollie
  9. I’ve seen video’s of it, and it does look amazing. Just sorry that we won’t be able to enjoy one on our next cruise. Rollie
  10. We've cruised before on a S Class ship, and found that Luminea was roomy enough to accommodate everyone. Looking at the deck plan for Infinity's Luminea, it looks much smaller. Wondering if we will have trouble getting a table. Rollie
  11. That's too bad, as we're doing a five day cruise. Thanks for your reply. Rollie
  12. In a few weeks we will be on board the Infinity in a suite. Just wondering if you have to pay extra for the chocolate sphere in Luninea? If so, how much is it? Rollie
  13. Enjoyable, thanks for posting. Just wondering what retrofit cost. Rollie
  14. Will be on the Infinity at the end a Feb. We also got a great deal and will be staying in a suite. Have seen a lot of negative reviews on the ships condition, and feel it is why we got such a good price. Knowing this in advance has lowered our expectations. Rollie
  15. Thanks Jim, not a game changer, but I did want to take advantage of it if available. Rollie
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