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  1. I've decided to unsubscribe from all Celebrity adds. We were getting half a dozen promo's a day from Celebrity. We used to get one or two a week. Enough already. Rollie
  2. I wonder when they expect to finish this project. Rollie
  3. We did a b2b cruise on the Equinox this past winter. On the first leg we had a suite, and the second leg had an aqua class cabin. Overall we liked Luminea better than Blu. It appeared to us that there was less crowding in Luminea, servers and mater d knew us by name, and were very helpful fulfilling all our needs. Just my opinion, but we did enjoy the lobster more in Blu. Both restaurants were a lot better than the MDR. Our next cruise will be in aqua class, as suite class has been priced out of our reach. Rollie
  4. We will be cruising with another couple on the Reflection in the near future. We have used to app once before on the Equinox, but we cruised solo that time. I was wondering how to communicate with one another. Is by texting? Rollie
  5. We are being offered a chance to bid for a move up. We are in Aqua class, so our move up would be to a suite. Is this statement correct? Moving up to a suite gives you the amenities [Luminea, Michaels Lounge, etc.] but not the suite perks [premium bev, unlimited wifi, tips, and OBC]. The Minimum bid in my case is 700 dollars per person. Not worth it in my opinion. I know the perks that I have carry over, but on this cruise we have no perks. Rollie
  6. As it happens, we are also on the Infinity in Feb. We have b2b scheduled for Feb 24th and 29th. Rollie
  7. We ask our room steward to supply us with a pitcher of ice water, to be replenished every day. This service used to be provided without asking. Rollie
  8. We cruised Celebrity out of Miami this past December, and Celebrity used terminal G at that time. Rollie
  9. You may have trouble getting a response to your question here, as Celebrity hasn't cruised from this port for many years. Rollie
  10. The upsell for this cruise is very high. Check out the Celebrity price and compare. These so call theme cruises are way to pricey for me. Rollie
  11. One other thing to be aware of, I Pad might be an older model. Rollie
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Lots of food for thought. We still love Celebrity, and we have 3 future cruises booked. Areas that I feel that Celebrity has slipped, MDR food and service, Edge class ships are not for me, the constant hacking for speciality restaurants and drinks packages, the long lines and hustle and bustle boarding and disembarking the ship. I may be a romantic, but I really miss the Zenith and Century class ships. Rollie
  13. Our first Celebrity cruise was on the Galaxy back in 2001 (still one of our favorite cruises). We really miss the old Celebrity, and thinking we might find it on Azamara. Any thoughts would be helpful. Rollie
  14. The reason for the late departure is the arrival times of planes from the US mainland. Because of the time zone, planes arrive in the late afternoon. Rollie
  15. If I had a chance at a rear facing balcony, I’d jump on it. That being said, both cabins are great. Rollie
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