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  1. Thanks, I may have a few questions later, but they do have a great web site. I posted this on our roll call page, but it's kind of slow. Must be too early. Still over a year out. Rollie
  2. Ok, you guys did it. My DH read this thread all the way through, and you convinced her. I knew I could count on you all. We've narrowed it down to SPB or All. I'm sure we will be happy with ether one. Thanks everyone. Rollie
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. I post this for my DW, hoping it would help with her reservations. Rollie
  4. Thanks everyone for your help. My DW tends to like the security of a ships tour. Me, I like private tours, for the reasons stated. Maybe upon reading these replies, she will change her mind. Thanks again. Rollie
  5. Thanks for the information. I checked out SPB and they said that they handle a visa requirements. Rollie
  6. Thanks, will keep them in mind. Rollie
  7. We are doing a Baltic cruise next June [2021] We're starting to look at excursions. I"m thinking of doing Celebrities 2 day tour in St Petersburg. Just wondering how people have liked or dislike this excursion. Are private tours better in St Petersburg? Open to suggestions. Rollie
  8. We bought 200 shares late last week. Rollie
  9. First, if it was anything but an Alaska cruise I would go for the aft corner. In this case I would stay with the center aft. An aft cabin on an Alaska cruise is prized, because you can view both side of the ship, but because you are in the center aft you could have more protection from the cold and wind. Rollie
  10. rollie

    Slush Bar

    That is pretty much what we experienced while on the Equinox in Dec. 2018. It looked yummy, but not worth the wait. Rollie
  11. rollie

    Slush Bar

    Thanks for all the replies. Now I don't have to look for it. The menu sure looked inviting. Rollie
  12. Wondering if there is a Slush Bar on the Infinity. We were on the Equinox a while back and it seemed as if the Slush Bar had very limited hours, and when it was open it was very crowded. Rollie
  13. Because the Reflection hasn't been refurbished yet, the retreat lounge is call Michael's Lounge. Michael's lounge is for suite guest only. Great meeting place before diner. Rollie
  14. Thanks Jim, that's another great question for the concierge. Rollie
  15. No need for reservations. Just show up. There may be a short wait at the busy times. Rollie
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