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  1. Thank you for the replies. Thankfully it was just muscle spasms and all is well. We'll all be cruising come Saturday.
  2. Thanks. I thought that was the answer. I wonder if my 3 year old grandson would count? We have adjoining rooms and would probably still take him. After we get on, he could move to our room and friends could stay in that room. Hmmm...
  3. My son and his family are scheduled to leave on the Grandeur Saturday, 5 days to Bermuda. He is in the hospital with chest pains and will probably not be able to go. If he doesn't go, none of them will go and nope, they don't have insurance. Since the cruise is paid for, would RCL allow totally different people to go in their place? I have a feeling someone with the same last name still needs to be in the room but just checking.
  4. Obviously people disagree with me but I say YES! Our grandson was 10 months old on his first cruise (and took his first steps on the Grandeur). In October he will be going on his third cruise along with his sister who will be 6 months + 12 days. Yes, there are germs, but no more than at daycare. We've had a wonderful time sharing what we love with our children and grandchildren and can't wait to sail with them again. One note of advice...make sure you go on a Kids Sail Free cruise. I learned the hard way paying full fare for a 10 month old.
  5. Cian (not sure of his last name) from Ireland is the Activity Manager on the Adventure now. He said he is moving to the Grandeur on Nov. 23.
  6. Thank you for all of your replies. We'll definitely join the Executive Club and download the app on BA and will look for other options the next time we use Air2Sea.
  7. I know I’ve seen this before but now I can’t find it. Will someone please give me the list of when itineraries come out?
  8. We booked through Air2Sea from Newark to Barcelona for our upcoming TA in November. For a one way ticket on BA, you really can't beat the price. When we made the reservation, the only choice we were given were seats in World Traveler Standard Economy. Although this is what we normally fly, we decided this time we might try to upgrade to World Traveler Plus. I called Air2Sea who said they couldn't change the seats, then called BA who said the same. BA said that the reason our flight was so inexpensive is that Air2Sea had a block of seats to sell at a discounted price. I've read on other threads that people booked with Air2Sea but have upgraded seats. So I'm curious, how did you make this happen? Thank you.
  9. I got off the Majesty on June 29 and the credit was posted to my account on July 1.
  10. Another vote for Rome Cabs. Our guide was wonderful and we saw everything we wanted to see. He took us to a local restaurant where I ate the best tomatoes of my life. I still think about those!!
  11. I had not seen them advertised either. The only reason we got it was because when my friend called to question the price of a cabana, the RCI agent offered her this. I think we were very lucky!
  12. Not sure. All of the signs as well as our tickets said we were at Chill Island. All the way at the end of the island.
  13. Four friends and I rented a bungalow on Chill Island during our June 24, 2019, Majesty 5 day cruise. We were lucky enough to reserve it at the last minute by calling RCL and paid $244, quite a steal compared to the prices listed in the Cruise Planner. There were five of us so we were happy to pay $49 pp. for the day. We arrived around 9AM, chose the bungalow we wanted - #24 which was in the first row, directly in front of the water. (I heard people on both sides of us who were cruising on the Navigator, say they were assigned a bungalow. Not sure why we could pick) We were given wrist bands and a menu to pick choices for lunch. It was recommended that each person choose one from each of the three available categories - salads, sandwiches/burgers and desserts. We did this and there was plenty of food. It was very tasty and we were happy that it was delivered to us and we didn't need to go find the buffet. Although there is a bar there, I would recommend you bring drinks from the ship (we all had water bottles which we filled before we left). They only give four bottles of water per bungalow but will give you as much ice as you need. We went to the bar once - $11 for CocoLoco, the drink of the day and $3.95 for a Coke. Our bill came to $18+ with added fees. Five towels and two floating mats were provided. The water was beautiful and we spent a lot of time there. Directly in front of our bungalow the water was very shallow. To the right a few feet, it was deeper. We did not snorkel but did see a small shark swim by!! There were no jellyfish the day we were there. Three of my friends had the internet package but it did not work on Chill Island. There were signs nearby saying that it probably wouldn't and that they were working on it. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Would I go again if the price was $799 as it is listed for our August cruise? No! If you can get it for under $250, especially if you split the cost with someone else, I would highly recommend it. One more piece of advice - TAKE THE TRAM. It is a long, hot walk if you don't!
  14. We rented a golf cart from Bonaire Cruisers when we were there in May. It is a great way to see the island at your own pace. They also rent snorkel and mask for $5.00. We stopped along the road at one of the marked spots and saw the most beautiful and unusual fish we’ve ever seen. Highly recommend.
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