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  1. Abolutely the best food video I've seen on CC! We will be on board the Muse in a few weeks and I'm already salivating!
  2. I don't know. Are you sure it was in 1998? She did sail the Caribbean at the end of her career but was long gone in 1998. There are other ships which had a similar profile....I'm thinking of Saga Rose and Saga Ruby, ex Sagafjord and Vistafjord respectively.
  3. The Leonardo da Vinci was taken out of service in 1978 and burned while in layup in 1980. I'm not aware of any alteration of her original stabilizers . Raffaello and Michelangelo were twin liners with identical deck plans although Raffaello had a very slightly larger gross tonnage. I never could perceive where the increased space was. For some reason these two ships were built without portholes in some hull cabins which could easily accommodate portholes. That was a very bad decision. Andrea Doria and Christoforo Colombo were also twins sharing the same deck plan. Each ship had unique interior decor and unique ambiance. I'll post some comparative images.
  4. It wasn't just the French Line which used public rooms for Bon Voyage parties. I had by 16th birthday party on board the Leonardo and my dad brought a box full of champagne. Besides relatives there was a group of my high school buddies (who got quite buzzed). The venue was the 1st class dining room but other lounges were also used. I recall that while the line would not sell any alcohol while in port, it was possible to order hors d'ouevres. Cunard also made use of their public spaces for parties. I remember buying a pass to get on board the Queen Mary (50cents and you didn't even have to know anyone who was a passenger). I loved to sit in the First Class ballroom watching the parties and listening to the ship's band playing on the stage. I still have the pass from one of those visits. This coming week I will be spending a night on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I've done that in the past and always enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to having a drink in the Observation Lounge Bar which remains much the way it was in "the old days"!
  5. Here is a picture of the Cabin Class dining room which was smaller and more intimate than the one in First Class. There were 550 Cabin Class passengers accomodated in two sittings but there was only one sitting for 535 First Class passengers.
  6. We have cruised with SS since 1994 and have never had an issue with them. Over the years we've found more and more gays cruising with them and have had a great time. We will be on the Muse in October and can't wait to see who is on board .
  7. Although now long gone, the influence of these beautiful transatlantic liners extends into the design of 21st century cruise ships. The first class Excelsior dining room of the Raffaello has been a frequent source of inspiration. Having had the priviledge of dining there, I can say it was one of the most stunning rooms on any midcentury vessel. Its tree-like fluted columns were reinterpreted in the Queens Room aboard QE2 and now, the most recent homage is aboard Seabourn's Encore in the dining room designed by Adam Tihany. It is a marvelous reinterpretation and clear inspiration for what is in my opinion a gorgeous setting. Even the blue chairs of the original Raffaello room have been reinterpreted in blue. Great job Mr. Tihany. Bravo!
  8. Conte Di Savoia

    Maritime Nostalgia

    Ocean liner and cruise ship photos of ships now gone
  9. The Liberte started life as the Moore-McCormack liner Brasil and was actually constructed at the Pascagoula,Mississippi shipyard of Ingalls. So she was American before becoming HAL's Volendam. She had many name changes in later years.
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