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  1. MR is St. David’s road. SS is Southside Road. They are not that far apart. Southside Road would be closer but not that much closer. So if you are going to walk from the bus stop it probably does not make much difference. I never took the bus there. Years ago there was a van from the town square which unfortunately was discontinued. So I am not sure how far the bus stop is from either of those roads. I amalso on Insignia. If we decide to go to Clearwater we will probably try to find some other way to get there than the #6.
  2. Some drivers will overlook the rule but you can’t count on that. If you watch the YouTube video that was posted yesterday on another thread the fellow who made it reported the driver would not accept currency.
  3. The lady told you wrong. There are public ferries to St. George owned by the government of Bermuda that charge all passengers. There is the NCL ferry to St. George owned by NCL which is free for NCL passengers. There is no Celebrity ferry. Celebrity does not own, lease or operate a ferry. Is that clear?
  4. There are tokens good for 3 zones and tokens for more than 3 zones called 14 zone tokens because there are 14 zones. A ferry trip on the Blue or Orange Route requires one 14 zone ticket for each ferry trip. So for your itinerary I figure, hope I did it right, you need three 14 zone tokens, two for the ferry trips and one for the bus from St. George’s to Spittal Pond plus one 3 zone token for Spittal Pond to Hamilton. So three tokens at $4.50 each one token at $2.75. Total cost $16.25 for the four tokens you would need. When I buy tokens at the VIC or bus terminal I tell them my itinerary and let them figure out which tokens I need and they tell me the correct info as figuring it out from the map like I just did is confusing. I hope I did it right....so when you go the VIC tell them your itinerary be sure. I don’t know if they are taking credit cards at the Visitor Information Center this season. In the past they were then they were not, then they were.....also when they were the last time I asked they were adding no an extra charge for using a credit card so I paid with cash.
  5. On the public buses they don't take paper currency. if you don't buy tokens or a pass you have to pay with exact change in coins. They will take currency on the ferry. I always buy the tokens or a pass depending on my plans. They sell tokens and passes at the Visiter Information Centers. Tokens or passes are less expensive than paying cash. If you do Dockyard to St. George's to Hamiltion then ferry back to Dockyard with a stop at Spittal Pond then tokens would be the least expensive option. A pass may be more convienient even with the extra cost. If you are planning to make more stops than Spittal Pond or think you might make more stops than Spittal, then you would probably want a pass. Being in that area you might consider making stops at John Smith's Bay, or the Swizzle Inn, Caves. Or Blue Hole.
  6. The minibus is my prefered way from the Dockyard to Horseshoe. If you have four I would say it is a toss up betweeen minibus anad taxi. Both go direct and to the bottom of the hill. For trips elsewhere with four people I would combine ferries with taxis. The savings by taking public buses and time wasted are not worth it when you have four. Once you have four or more I don't think people are saving much taking a public bus. With less than four then the expense of taking a tax would be something to consider. This fall I will be in Bermuda and we will be three. We won't be taking the public bus, we will be taking taxis because for us taxi fare divided by three or even two is no big deal. But of course for others it might be. When I went solo to Bermuda I took the public buses but they were also very reliable then. Now they have a shortage of buses. Also back then when there were no seats I didn't mind standing up for 40 minutes.
  7. I have been thru three hurricane landfalls and I don't recommend it. It was bad.
  8. The public ferry to St. George, the Orange Route does run in the fall. Until October 29. Also as you are on Escape the last week of October, I am pretty sure NCL will still be running their free ferry to St. George your sailing. So no problem for you getting to St. George. From St. George's you can take the public bus or a taxi to the caves. For Horseshoe Bay you can take a mini bus for $7 each way between Horseshoe and the Dockyard.
  9. Of interest in this article is that the dock rebuild was completed in time after being 3 weeks behind. The new terminal building will be completed in July. There was some discussion on the board about whether the construction would accommodate larger ships. The answer is not yet but that extending the dock to accommodate larger ships is planned for phase 2. http://www.royalgazette.com/politics/article/20190517/burch-lauds-kings-wharf-team http://www.royalgazette.com/assets/pdf/RG403424517.pdf
  10. Fort Hamilton is closed at night. It closes at 5 PM.
  11. I suggest you do some research and have some ideas of what you would like to see. Don’t leave it all to Quinton.
  12. What is real and what is not? They are all tourist attractions. The Moongate in Queen Elizabeth Park is better in my opinion than that one in the Dockyard and as a bonus the park is very nice. I think the Moongate in the park is Bermuda’s oldest Moongate. When ships docked in Hamilton I always visited that park. I hate to admit it but the first time I visited Bermuda I saw the Moongate there I thought it was interesting but didn’t know that it was a Moongate or what a Moongate was!!! 🙃
  13. Yes. They go to the bottom and pick up at the bottom.
  14. When you exit the ferry terminal you will see the taxis. There is a Moongate in Queen Elizabeth Park. It is a short walk from the ferry terminal.
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