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  1. Problem with Mama Angies is they might not have fish the day you stop there......it is a hole in the wall coffee shop type place. So I was stymied again for fish sandwiches in St. George's. We had tried to do the Art Mels location there when they were open, before it closed, but the location was not open. Twice. Perhaps the proper fish were not available there those days. Went to Wahoos in August and the seats were wet as it had rained for about 15 minutes about an hour before we got there. We had gone back to the ship (docked in St. George's) after Clearwater/Coopers Island and changed out of our swim clothes during the short shower. Told them we did not want to sit on wet seats but the outdoor seats were all they had. The host made a snarky comment dismising the wet seats as a problem. I did not appreciate that. So we left and went next door to The Wharf which had dry outdoor seats as they have a covered area outside. The Wharf has pretty good seafood but I don't know about fish sandwiches there and did not ask since never heard that The Wharf had good fish sandwiches. Mama Angies is probably the best bet if they have fish. They might be dependent on a fisherman who might not go out every day or might not have a good catch every day. Or maybe they sell out.
  2. I would suggest The Frog and Onion pub which is a short walk from where Anthem of the Seas will be docked at Heritage Wharf. They have multiple flat screen TVs for sport events. Bermuda is an hour difference in time so the game would start at 9:15 pm in Bermuda. So you would be out late. I think the Frog and Onion closed at midnight. There are a couple of other places at the Dockyard besides Frog and Onion that might show the game. Bonefish and Hammerheads. I don’t know their TV set up or hours. If the game goes on long you might have to watch the end of the game onboard.
  3. First version of 2020 cruise ship schedule. Link from Bermuda Government and attached. http://www.marops.bm/Documents/Shipping_schedules/2020 Cruise Ship Schedule.pdf Article from Royal Gazette about the schedule. http://www.royalgazette.com/tourism/article/20191013/cruise-ship-visitor-numbers-to-rise PDF document-2.pdf
  4. You could also do all buses. Take the #7 or #8 from the Dockyard to Hamilton bus terminal. That is about an hour. Then take the 1, 3, 10, or 11 to St. George’s about 50 minutes from Hamilton bus terminal. I would say the #7, then 10 or 11 most scenic. Your only logistic will be to decide how to return. You could do the ferry back from St. George’s to the Dockyard if it is running or do the buses in reverse and take the numbers you didn’t take to St. George’s for variety. Or take a taxi back some or part of the way.
  5. The 1,3, 10 and 11 all go past the Swizzle Inn.
  6. The 10, 11 and 3 go through Flatts Village so I would consider them more scenic. You would take a ferry to Hamilton which takes 30 minutes then walk to the bus station and catch a bus that takes 50 minutes. So approximately an hour and a half. At the bus station make sure you catch one that goes all the way to St. George’s as some buses don’t run the whole length. You could also do the reverse, take the ferry to St. George’s and the bus to Hamilton then ferry back to Dockyard. Ferry to St. George’s takes 45 minutes. Since going one way still means you have to get back you need to plan that too. Don’t know when you are going but ferry between St. George’s does not run on the weekend or after November 3 unless they add supplemental service for the cruise ships. The winter ferry schedule is not available yet. Logistics could be problematic if your date in Bermuda after is November 3 or on a weekend. If you want to show friends Bermuda a taxi tour would be better but of course that would be more expensive.
  7. Empress would be ok but NCL Encore is going to have a lot more for him. If I were taking a nine year old I would pick Encore over Empress. Don’t even consider Oceania. I was on Oceania to Bermuda in August and there is nothing for children. Saw two children onboard and both were pre school. Any Bermuda itinerary is good for beach access.
  8. It is a logical question. I was wondering the same thing many years ago before I took my first cruise that overnighted.
  9. There is no curfew. You will be able to come and go 24 hours.
  10. Some do but many don’t take AMEX. So if you are only bringing one it should it not be AMEX. Most only take MasterCard and Visa. Discover is not accepted.
  11. I would not wear camo in Bermuda but I don’t think it is illegal. Also have you ever seen the “military” in Bermuda? I saw the regiment and they were not wearing camo.
  12. You can get your passport stamped at the customs office on Front Street in Hamilton. That is an official location where cruises ship passengers can get a passport stamped. I have heard that sometimes there is a customs officer in the cruise terminal with a stamp but that getting it stamped there is hit or miss as an officer with a stamp is not always on duty. Given that it is 2019 now and your cruise is in 2021 this information could change. I would ask again in 2021.
  13. From the Dockyard to Horseshoe Bay the transportation is on a road. Minibus, public bus or taxi by road......
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