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  1. Start by taking a look at the Bermuda tourism website to get some ideas on what interests you. Lot of information there. https://www.gotobermuda.com
  2. The ferry is the fastest way to get from the Dockyard to Hamilton. You can also take a bus for a slower more scenic ride.
  3. I don’t have a recommendation on that but a good place to look at available tours is Island Tour Centre. They do list a twilight Bermuda Triangle tour. https://www.islandtourcentre.com/reservations There is also a Bermuda Triangle Exhibit at BUIE in Hamilton. It is educational.
  4. The blue flag drivers have a blue ID badge. That means they have taken a class and passed at test. At the Dockyard there has been a designated zone for finding the island taxi tours. They have divided up the area between the two docks into zones. Assuming no changes this year the taxi tour drivers would be to be found in zone 3. There are signs. Taxi rates are regulated by the Bermuda government. The rate for taxi tours is by the hour. If you have 1-4 people it is $50 an hour. For 5-7 the hourly rate is $70 an hour. There is a three hour minimum. As for the map below they been known to tweak in between seasons so I can’t guarantee that will be the exact location.
  5. I don’t think that it matters what folks on CC know it as. Do you? Most people, that is the general public, who book cruises are not on CC. When neighbors and friends tell me they have booked a cruise or have been on a cruise they don’t remember the name of the ship or even the cruise line. Did you know that there has already been a name change? Diamond Princess did not start out being Diamond Princess.
  6. Formal logic.....not relevant to the original posters concern.
  7. Uber knows but the driver does not know until at the pickup point. The driver is not the one giving you the price.
  8. The weather in Bermuda is similar to the Carolinas. That should give you an idea. I live in Maryland and it would be too cold for me to swim April 9. But a disclaimer, I find it too cold to swim in Bermuda in early May. Ferries run to Hamilton all year so taking a ferry over there is an option. You can walk around there or take a bus or taxi to other attractions. A bus or Taxi to the Zoo/Aquarium is doable. Another option is a taxi tour from the Dockyard. On a taxi tour you could get to see some of the beaches without doing a beach.
  9. Of course you can take a taxi or Uber/Lyft. They will take you from the Hilton Marina to the terminal. Uber/Lyft does not even know where you are going until they pick you up. You don't have to walk.
  10. There are two bus stops. One for Elbow Beach Resort and the other is the bus stop where you walk down to the public part of the beach without walking through the hotel grounds. I am not sure what your plans are at Elbow Beach. The resort does not rent chairs or allow use of their amneities at the private part of the beach without a day pass. But they do have a bar on the private part of the beach. What I did was use the public part of the beach, no amenities, you can put a towel down, then I used the bar. I told the bus driver to let me off at the stop for the public part of the beach. You as a passenger don't have to know where the stop is, you won't know on the bus when you get there, you have to explain to the driver. Ask politley to be told when you get there. Don't try reading the map while on the bus. That stop was a short walk downhill on a small road. When I was done using the beach I went to their bar. had a drink used the bathroom. it is a few steps from the public beach. When I went back to Hamiltion I walked up through the hotel grounds. I wanted to see what the resort looked like. No one stopped me. Outside the reception area were a few taxies. I decided to take the bus back. The other bus stop was at the end of that entrance drive. Same thing if going to Warwick Long Bay or Horseshoe Bay on the bus. Gibbs Lighthouse. Talk to the bus driver.
  11. There likely would be drivers there between 8:30 and 9:30 but my advice would be if you are sure you want to do a taxi tour to set it up in advance. Setting it up in advance would guarantee it and you would also be able to arrange it with a driver who has good reviews.
  12. There is no surcharge for Blue Flag taxi tours on any day. The hourly rate of $50 for 1-4, $70 for 5-7 stays the same any day. ( 3 hour minimum) There is not a surcharge for metered taxis on a Saturday. The surcharges for metered taxis are on Sunday’s, holidays and midnight to 6:00 am. Those are 25% for 1-4 passengers and 50% for 5-7.
  13. The OP knows that. They are thinking that since there will be ships on the weekend then logically Bermuda would have ferry service to St. George’s. I do think it would be logical to run ferry service to St. George’s on Saturday. That thinking is understandable. But for whatever reason, financial, union agreements, whatever, they have not been running the Orange Route on the weekend. Also NCL which has a ferry and runs complimentary service to St. George’s for NCL passengers has ships that call at the Dockyard on the weekend and they don’t run it on the weekend.
  14. I think April is too cold for swimming. YMMV. Where are you from? As for alternatives to the beach there are plenty but first what day of the week? What day in April? No ferries to St. George until April 13. No ferries to St. George’s on the weekend. Some things are not open yet in early April.
  15. Yes, there is a three hour minimum for a blue flag tour.
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