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  1. There have been changes the last couple of years. The $2 rides to the top of the hill are no longer available. So you will have to walk up the hill to the bus stop to catch the public bus. There are now $7 each way minibus shuttles which are described in some of the posts above that go down the hill and pick up from the bottom of the hill that run between the Dockyard and Horseshoe. A few weeks ago on one of the days I was in Bermuda I went to Warwick, Jobson's Cove and walked to Horseshoe. The minibus shuttle driver agreed to drop me off at Warwick after he did his Horseshoe drop off for an extra $1. If he had not agree, or another driver had not agreed I would have taken the public bus. but the drivers seem to be agreeable to dropping off at Warwick. The public bus stop by the way has moved to the Clocktower Mall. I took the $7 minibus shuttle back from Horseshoe to the Dockyard.
  2. Charles4515

    Sea Turtles

    The only tour guide I know who brings a dog is Heidi Cowen. She is not a captain...... I never heard anything about swimming with turtles but I think on her Natural History walking tour they go somewhere that you might spot turtles. You can contact her for exact and correct info. http://www.bermudabyways.com/tours/
  3. I was there a few weeks ago. The price is now $50 for an umbrella and 2 lounge chairs. 😒 The rest of your post was spot on.
  4. Not a New Yorker but I read in the NYT that it was equipment failure. A 13,000 volt cable burning up that caused the outage. Con Ed is stating that it was not high demand that caused the outage.
  5. And if it is a Saturday or Sunday the ferry does not run to St. George’s on the weekend. Without that information it is problematic giving recommendations other than Horseshoe Bay. I believe that Adventure of the Seas may only call at Kings Wharf on Sunday’s.
  6. It is illegal if it contains THC. Did you read the article? They found that the e cigarette contained THC.
  7. Some HAL back to back sailings cruises are booked as a single and the person who started the roll call is not aware of that. A couple of years ago Princess had a combined sailing like that and a roll call was started for the whole 22 days. Then there was a roll call started for the seven day leg. We continued with two roll calls. I do think they should have been split into separate roll calls as there was a lot of confusion but it happened because the person who started the roll call did not know it was a combined sailing.
  8. I need chairs too. My point is that you are not forced to rent chairs. If you drive to Bayonne you could bring your own chairs. We brought a sun tent once. I also cruise to Bermuda almost every year. Sometimes twice like this year. I don't mind the $37 that I spent renting a chair and umbrella twice a few weeks ago and I will pay it again a few times when I return in August. I don't think it is an extortion rate, it is not a cheap rate but it is not extortion. It also seems to be the going Bermuda rate. The other beaches that rent chairs in Bermuda charge about the same as at Horseshoe.
  9. Bermuda resticts restrict fruits and vegetables to protect their community. Many countries including the US do the same. Please don't be the ugly tourist and violate their regulations.
  10. Horseshoe Bay has full facilities. Restrooms, changing rooms and showers.
  11. The prices are not cheap but I don’t agree that the prices are extortion prices. If you want Caribbean prices go to the Caribbean where you will be bothered every five minutes to buy something. Everything costs more in Bermuda. It is an upscale destination. Also none are forced to rent chairs or umbrellas. You can sit on a towel or bring your own chairs. You have a choice, the beach is free, you can rent or not so there can’t be extortion. I was at Horseshoe two days in June, rented a chair and umbrella on both days.The line was not very long.
  12. I agree. I took my Phillips electric toothbrush on an 11 day cruise a few weeks ago. Brushed twice a day and actually never had to recharge it but I would have used the regular outlet if I had to.
  13. Celebrity, NCL and Oceania. All from the New York area. Celebrity and NCL each have had a ship that regularly does 3 days at Royal Navy Dockyard. I have not looked at next years sailings though. Oceania has been doing a few sailings a year that have 3 1/2 day says in Bermuda. About 2 days at St. George’s and 1 1/2 day at Hamilton. In my opinion the Oceania itinerary is better but there are only a few sailings. Carnival just announced last week some longer sailings for next year from varied ports. I have not had time to check out the itineraries on their web site. That should give you a general idea but all the cruise lines have search engines that can give exact details. Another way for more time would be to fly in. Hotels are very expensive but there are now Airbnbs which are a less expensive than booking hotels
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