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  1. If you took the bus to Horseshoe after the caves that would involve two buses as you would have to change buses. Also remember buses make stops. I would advise a taxi from the caves if you decide to go to Horseshoe after the caves. And a $7 minibus shuttle from Horseshoe back to the ship, not a public bus. I don’t go along with the allure of riding the buses when you have one day. Riding the buses around is something to do when you have three days and don’t have to get back to the ship by 4 PM. As for the St. George’s alternative, St. George’s is a World Heritage Site, the town itself is worth seeing. Tobacco Bay is good for snorkeling. It is not a pink sand beach but it is not bad. I usually spend an hour or two there. Horseshoe Bay I could stay all day. Whichever you decide to do after to caves, Horseshoe or St. George’s will be good.
  2. When is your cruise, is the second day a weekday (M-F) and what cruise line?
  3. On pages 12-13 of the Spring Guide is the Summer 2019 ferry schedule. April 15, 2019 to Novemebr 3, 2019. The guide is also available to order. Highly recommended. They will send you the guide and maps for free. https://www.gotobermuda.com/sites/default/files/19bspg_small.pdf https://www.gotobermuda.com/official-visitor-guides
  4. That is an option for those who have plenty of time.
  5. After reading what you wrote after you asked about how much travel time to go to Horseshoe and elaine5's reply I am not sure we are clear where you want to go from where. Between the Dockyard to Horseshoe the travel time is about 30 minutes if you take a $7 minibus shuttle or a taxi. A public bus could take abuout 45 minutes as they make stops in between. Plus the buses only run every 30 minutes with the new schedule so there couldl be a wait for the next bus. Anyone with time constraints would best not take the public bus in my opinion. Are you there for one day and docking at the Dockyard or docking at St. George's?
  6. I have been a number of times. It is a street festival. Mainly tables with local arts and crafts, some food, and a children’s area with bouncy stuff. I usually eat on the ship early and have a drink later but you can eat dinner in Hamilton if you want. That is up to you. The parade is Gombey dancers. It is on the street. They have been starting their parade at 7:30. Last year they had ferries back to the Dockyard at 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm. Not 9:45. The ferries will be full if there are only those two times. The ferry schedule for this year is not out yet. There are usually changes so don’t go bye the old schedules. The new schedule will be out in April. These photos I took will give you some idea of it.
  7. In Park City Utah our Uber was a pickup truck. I never had been in the rear seating area of a Ford 150 before. Now I know why they are huge sellers. Uber and Lyft, I choose the one with the best price.
  8. Correct. All I remembered was the $60. Should have went back and reread the article.
  9. What web browser are you using? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Among the highest. Over $60 a day but don't count on getting that back. I have not been on MSC but I have had missed port days on Bermuda cruises and never got anything like that back. They give you what they want. Sometimes vouchers for another sailing. Good luck.
  11. There is a three hour minimum. You could of course just take taxis between those stops. If you only want those stops there is no particular reason to do a tour.
  12. I used it in Fort Lauderdale to get from the airport to my hotel on Las Olas. And to get from the hotel to the port. Both experiences were very good. I did not use it from the port back to the airport.
  13. It is a 40% off sale based on two persons so I guess that is why they won't allow solo booking. The only workaround probably is booking two in the cabin as many have suggested. I can understand being uncomfortable doing that, I was the first time but I had a long time travel agent who owned a large agency and I knew that she knew what she was doing. Unfortunately if you won't book two people, which I fully understand it being outside your comfort level you are probably out of luck with this sale. Maybe when the 40% sales ends at the end of April there will be cabins left that they will sell you. I have had the same thing as you are experiencing happen a couple of times trying to book a cabin solo on Celebrity that was on sale. They would not let me book the sale as a solo.
  14. Try a travel agent. Hotels, I never book thru the cruise line. Less expensive to book those yourself. You are never going to get a good deal booking a hotel thru a cruise line. All I booked with Princess my last cruise out of Southampton was their transfer from London to Southhampton. Booked my own hotel.
  15. I have done what has been suggested. Booked a Mrs. and had her removed after final payment. The first time my travel agent did it without my knowledge to make the booking and I noticed it later on the booking confirmation. She then explained that was the only way to book a solo in my category. Was done after that a couple of other times. There were no problems as a result.
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