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  1. The update is in the thread in a sticky at the top of this forum. See Laura's last reply. Neither Tapatalk or the Cruise Critic app is supported and neither is going to be supported in the future.
  2. I get the Voom plan and do WiFi calling. If I need internet at the ports I use my plans $5 a day roaming. Perhaps they don't have something like the $5 a day roaming on UK plans. I guess then i would look for free WiFi.
  3. I always got the one device plan and shared because we did not alll need to be logged on at the same time. If one of the other two people logged on and logged on that would log off the one who was logged on who was usually with me and had not bothered to log off. Really sharing with three on a cruise was not annoying at all because with everything to do it was rare for all three wanting to be logged on at the same time. The only negative could be if you want the plan to message each other. We used the Royal App messaging for that which was free at the time.
  4. Unfortunately they fixed that. They planned to charge for the Royal App messaging. Don't know if they ever got around to that.
  5. I have been to Bermuda over 15 times on a cruise. The only view at the Dockyard that I don't like from the ship is from the aft or bow facing the aft or bow of a ship at the other berth. The views from port or starboard are each nice in their own way. That is good because there is no way to know in advance which way a ship will be docked at the Dockyard.
  6. You can walk off the ship and wander. The Royal Naval Dockyard is a cruise ship port. All the shops, restaurants and attractions at the Dockyard are geared to cruise ship passengers. There is transportation available to go to other parts of Bermuda and I would urge you venture beyond the tourist area. Bermuda has history and beautiful beaches. https://www.gotobermuda.com
  7. I believe another site that is now defunct took the addict name. There are definitely some addicts on this site who don't think rationally about cruises.
  8. If the employers raise wages they will get employees. If they can't beat the unemployement rate then they are not paying enough. It is the employers being selfish. What does unemployment compensation have to do with cruising and vaccination? Antivaxxers like yourself are extending the pandemic and the time it will take to return to normal. Your normal for the foreseable future without vaccination will be no cruises.
  9. You can request an Uber or Lyft from their websites.
  10. Are you still an antivaxxer? Figures you would try to make a silly political jab.. If so why do you care......you won't be cruising whenever ports reopen in NY, NJ, or Florida......
  11. While it is true that a return to normal is slowed by reluctance to take vaccinations and that such reluctance harms everyone, herd immunity is certain to fail because the pandemic is global. Much of the world has not yet received any vaccines to give.
  12. Carnival Paradise has not been non smoking for years. That was discontinued many years ago. One non smoking ship doing the same itinerary over and over could not succeed over the long term. Plus enforcement was draconian. Better to have a few outdoor smoking areas so smokers don't smuggle smokes. Celebrity has no indoor smoking, not even the casino, only several outdoor areas, that seems to work.
  13. You mention an interview but you don't say with who or give a source. That seems less than forthright. I would like to read the interview. I am sure that Pharma would like to keep selling shots but isn't it better to be prepared in case a booster is needed rather unprepared assuming it won't be?
  14. The virus needs to feed so it is going to go after the unvaccinated, Kids need to be vaccinated.
  15. I care on a cruise because if there is an outbreak onboard it probably will ruin the cruise. I won’t cruise unless passengers and cruise are required to be vaccinated. Looks pretty certain vaccination will be required to cruise.
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