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  1. Martinique and Guadeloupe announced the change in September. There has been plenty of time for the cruise lines to notify passengers affected and for those affected to get passports. Both are considered part of France, they are not territories. They vote in French elections. France is likely behind the change. Can’t be a coincidence that both are actually considered part of France. Similar to Hawaii‘s status as a US state. They were never part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative like a large number of Caribbean islands. Those two previously waived the passport requirement out of courtesy to the cruise lines. There are a few other islands and countries that are not WHTI that also waive passport requirements out of courtesy. Those not in the initiative could decide to stop their courtesy but it’s not likely.
  2. I have been on a bunch of behind the scenes tours. Bridge tour, galley tour, theatre behind the scenes and engine control room. Those were before reaching Elite+. I was not a suite guest. I am pretty sure I was invited because we always got to know the Captains Club person. Lately no invites but I am really not that interested anymore. Been there done that. I think there are less invites as the cruise lines have made the behind the scenes tours into revenue streams and if they do free tours they give them to suite guests.
  3. For Real ID documents I used my passport to prove US citizenship. You can take that instead of a birth certificate. I brought that, my social security card and my vehicle registration.
  4. If you don’t get a Real ID drivers license after October 1, 2020 in addition to domestic flights you will need your passport as ID to enter Federal buildings and military bases. Seems penny foolish to me not to get a Real ID license. Glad I live in a state where a Real ID drivers license is not optional for US citizens or an additional cost. I had to get a Real ID license when I renewed. It took ten minutes to provide the documents to get my license. Hardly hoops.
  5. Martinique announced the change several months ago so there has been time for passengers on sailings stopping there to get passports. I agree that cruise passengers should get passport books but it is understandable that some won’t want to make the financial outlay. Think about a large family. And since there is the closed loop loophole and some cruise lines like Carnival have marketing that says you don’t need a passport to cruise it is to be expected that some will decide to do that. The way to look at it is that people can cruise without a passport on some itineraries but that does not mean they should.
  6. Yes, but they were towed to a US port that was not the port they left from. It was no longer a closed loop cruise. So having a passport to return thru immigration was waived. People should get a passport book but don’t lie to them and tell them they have to have it for every cruise. We should tell the truth.The US government permits not having a passport to certain destinations. Most Caribbean ports allow passengers arriving on a ship not to have a passport. No Caribbean port has ever made me show a passport arriving on a ship. The cruise lines allow passengers to board without them on certain types of sailings. But we can explain why it is not a good idea to travel on those cruises without a passport book without deceiving them.
  7. And you are not going to have them there. Enhanced driver’s licenses are only issued in Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington. What you will need in October 2020 is a Real ID license for domestic flights. You have until October 2020 to obtain one. Until then you may fly with your drivers license as ID. Don’t confuse EDL with Real ID.
  8. Nice try to spread fear but no they won’t. On the rare occasions when that has happened an emergency waiver was issued for passengers without passports.
  9. As has been pointed out it is the 15 St. Fisheries. I took the water taxi from the 17th St stop. I walked back after dinner to the Renaissance. It was a moderate walk. Walking depends on how much you like to walk.
  10. Martinique is a outlier in many ways. It was never part of the WHTI and it is a department of France. When I was in Martinique it was apparent they are not as dependent on the cruise business as other islands. Martinique has nothing to do with the question. As has been answered the OP does not need a passport for her cruise. Would it be a good idea to get them, yes. Are they needed, no.
  11. Martinique requiring passports is not a sign of the times or a trend. Martinique is an outlier in many ways.
  12. No severe consequences. Only a hassle. They would go to a consulate and get an emergency passport. As for the Caribbean island requiring a passport most of them don’t want to lose the cruise ship business. So don’t expect them to require a passport anytime soon.
  13. A passport is only useful for international travel. Not everyone wants to travel internationally and not everyone can. I think everyone should travel internationally but we are blessed with a lot of wonderful travel options that don’t require traveling across a border. As far as cruises when I tell friends and neighbors I am going on a cruise the next two weeks most have never been on one and only a few express any interest in taking one. Most of them do travel internationally though often for work reasons so that is why they have passports. I would not say everyone should have a passport book because that would be arrogant. The US government recognizes that. Thus EDL licenses and passport cards. Birth Certificates on Closed Loop Cruises.
  14. You can cancel and rebook in the cruise planner. That is what I always do. It’s a great feature. Not only for sales. You can change your mind. When you cancel they send an email confirmation within seconds. You can rebook right away at the lower price.
  15. The big box store that OP is using does not take Amex for purchases but I don't understand why the TA there would not do the above or call Celebrity and give them the Amex number. The big iox has an exclusive agreement with Visa but the purchase is thru Celebrity. All I can think of is that the commission part has to go thru Visa.
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