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  1. I believe this incident was on a Princess ship ...not HAL
  2. I really enjoy the BB King group. They are very talented musicians. Yes it is loud but I did not find it too loud and the sound quality was good. I'm looking forward to the R&R group on our upcoming NS cruise.
  3. Thanks for your review. Glad you enjoyed the Oosterdam. We love it and have sailed on her 3 times. Did you get a chance to listen to BBKings group?
  4. Good to hear that you enjoyed the Rolling Stones Rock Room. We are looking forward to it on our upcoming NS trip in May. We spent most evenings in BB Kings lounge and are excited about the new venue.
  5. Looking forward to your report. Boarding in May for a Baltic cruise.
  6. I just checked and the offer showed up this morning on my Amex Gold card. It was not there yesterday.
  7. Thank you for the heads up. I also have used this in the past. Easy way to save some money.☺️
  8. My first cruise was on the SS Empress of France in 1957. It wasn't really a cruise as we emigrated To Canada from Liverpool England. I have no idea of the cost as I was only 10 years old. I was in an cabin with my mother and 6 year old brother. I remember the cabin was at water level and it had a very small port hole. The porthole cover was closed for the majority of the cruise due to extremely high seas as we crossed the Atlantic. It actually took two extra days to reach Quebec City due to the rough seas. The ship was nicknamed the "drunken empress" for good reason it rocked and rolled almost as soon as we left port until we reached the Saint Lawrence River. I remember that there were no lines for anything .... everyone was sick. I was young enough to really enjoy myself and had no fears ...lol.
  9. I received ours in the mail yesterday.
  10. I just received the same offer. I was tempted but unfortunately it doesn't fit my schedule. Hope I get another one sometime.
  11. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are enjoying your cruise.
  12. Enjoyed your blog and pictures. Thanks for posting.
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