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  1. As a LEO, there are so many scams out there that I never respond to an unsolicited text, especially if the purpoted company being referred to already has my contact information. In some cases , just like scam phone calls the shady sender sends to random numbers and by responding you are verifying your phone number as active. Beware.
  2. Is this really your first post on cruise critic as it is shown under you name? Welcome to Cruise Critic
  3. We did Sydney to Vancouver in April on Noordam and the internet(starlink) was excellent. Zandam also has Starlink. We had Premium package and had no problem streaming. We were able to watch Prime videos and Apollo. However you would need the highest Internet package to use Netflix
  4. We were just on Noordam in a Neptune Suite. We had anytime dining. Each night we requested and were seated at a table for two. Once we had the waiter we liked, we requested him each night. They were very accommodating and we normally dined around 5:30
  5. If you check often, there are still some sporadic good deals out there
  6. In the Neptune Suite on our recent cruise , we exchanged the sparkling wine for a bottle of flat mineral water. Considered it a good trade.
  7. It is anyones guess, but things dont look good over there
  8. It amazes me how many wear the robe to the Lido restaurant
  9. On Noordam, no separate area in dining room. Just one Club Orange item each night at bottom of regular menu
  10. A quick phone call to your TA or HAL upgrade department would give you a definitive answer
  11. Kudos to HAL Noordam for their laundry service. Sent out a stuffed bag for laundering at 3 pm yesterday and at 10 am this morning it was back in my cabin all nicely folded.
  12. We are also currently on the Noordam ttans pacific. Are you sure you are on the Noordam. So far dining room meals have been excellent and good portions. Wait staff have been excellent. Piano performers have been great and very well attended to capacity. World stage has been full each night and performances have been IMO average compared to other cruises I have been on. Rolling stone has been rockin every night. I did an Alaska 14 day cruise on the Noordam in 2019 and I dont see any difference other than no production show. I guess everyones expectations and observations can be different
  13. That was a great opportunity for you to show support to your friends and help them board based on their status rather than yours
  14. This thread hints , no screams , of entitlement. We , the customers are in no position to dictate who a cruise line allows on a cruise. I agree with the one post that if a few kids bothers you, sail at a different time or pick a cruise line that only allows adults to book. Being 4 or 5 star gives certain perks, but does not entitle someone to dictate who sails on the ship. The families money is just as appealing to the cruise line as the upper * mariner.
  15. The 28 days involves two cruises. A 7 and a 21 day. It is only the 7 day that is fully sold. The 21 day still has lots of ov and Balcony cabins available. Did you book it as B to B. If so did you ask for a paid upgrade for the second leg. Currently it is not available for booking as one 28 day cruise. That is quite common with HAL. I currently have a 25 day one booked that was earlier sold as a 39 day. The first 14 days sold, but the 25 day still has cabins. I had a guarantee and was assigned 20 days out and got an upgrade three days later. So there is always hope
  16. If its the NA leaving on Apr 6, there are still high end cabins available so if ov, veranda move up, it might create a domino effect
  17. It is a guarantee. I booked that way for my upcoming cruise
  18. Would it not be cheaper if you had him sleep in your stateroom rather than pay single supplement twice
  19. As stated by someone else “except for suites”
  20. And since the description of suites indicates, triple or quad for all of them, if im in a neptune as two and a triple or quad reservation gets assigned my cabin, wonder what equivelant cabin they could move me too. I know it is hypothetical and maybe an overreaction of sorts, but the question begs to be asked considering the new policy
  21. I did and since I am booked on Noordam, I checked deck 6 and deck 7 and none of the suites have those symbols. Yet I know some are quads because I am in one.
  22. And have you seen how reliable the IT system has been lately?
  23. And when you are viewing the deck plan how do you know which cabin has a sofa vs a pullout?
  24. When selecting a room where does it show me whether it accommodates 2, 3, or 4
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