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  1. It's funny to me, some repetitive things I'm "tired" of, yet others I look forward to. We haven't been to a Welcome Aboard show for many years. But I love Carnivals farewell song in the MDR and I sing along. I think I went to a port shopping talk once. Blah. But I still ooh and aah over the towels animals, which sadly, may not come back post covid. One (of the many) thing I really enjoyed about river cruising was the regional entertainment brought onboard at various ports, like the glassblower and the oompah band. It would obviously be much harder logistically to do with ocean crui
  2. honestly, it wasn't the food. It was the surrounding circumstances... We turned Diamond on Carnival on that particular cruise. We had a Diamond invite to tour the galley and take a picture with the captain. I believe that was all the invite said. Typical galley tour... stiff photos with the Captain... Follow the people in front of us to leave... Turned a corner, and there was a section of the MDR, set impeccably. We enjoyed free flowing beverages, whatever we wanted, fantastic service, and one of the better meals we've had in a MDR. I'm sure the food didn't nearl
  3. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the "new" Princess. When we cruised Princess before, we were still relatively newbies. Now we have a better basis to compare lines and ships and staff. And actually, I remember the Sea Princess as being very light and bright, one of the prettiest ships I've been on. The ship I always correlate with wood and brass was the HAL Rotterdam, which was beautiful as well. You brought up a few aspects about covid effects that I hadn't considered. Assuming we get to go on our planned cruises (after many cancellations and rebookin
  4. Thanks to you all for answering my questions. I've done B2Bs before, but not like this where you can book 3 weeks as one trip. I was hoping there would be some variation of entertainment and food, in consideration of those who do 2 or 3 weeks. If things are on weekly repeat, then it's a more leisurely cruise, as we won't feel we "have" to go to the entertainment every night. If they change it up - great, something new to see. Either way - it's ok. 🙂 I understand the Regal has such a great buffet at night, that many people don't even go to the MDR - maybe we'll try that on oc
  5. Hubby and I have a 21 day Med booked on the Regal in 2022. It's one of the infamous Princess cruises that are 7 day segments, that you can book as 7, 14 or 21 day. I've looked thru reviews, queried this board, can't find my answers. Because this 21 day is actually three 7 day legs, does that mean the entertainment will be the same each week? The same big shows, the same champagne waterfall, the same balloon drop (do they still do that?), the same parties? And does it mean that the MDR menu will be on a 7 day repeat? I haven't sailed with Princess since 2003. Does P
  6. Just last week, we canceled our Aug 2021 Med cruise on the Pacific, and rescheduled in 2022 on a different ship. We weren't convinced that we, the port countries and ship staff would be vaccinated yet by August. Guess I'm glad we made that call. We've already had seven cruises canceled on us (two different cruiselines) and we've canceled a couple ourselves! 😂
  7. The price on our 24 day Med cruise dropped almost $800! Plus we get a free dinner at a pay restaurant. We already had the other bonuses, which we'll be keeping. And we were told we would not lose our OBC. Sounds like a deal to me!
  8. I'm sure most people have more than a $100 bill already, considering tips, beverages, excursions, pictures, etc. It's just less money hitting the credit card.
  9. I was just online in MSC's system, and it was going to allow me to select the exact same date and time for both of their Cirque shows. Obviously impossible, as both shows are in the same location. I have no faith that the date/time you select actually has meaning.
  10. mjmiller

    MDR food

    I've tried searching and haven't found a specific thread for this yet... What are the best, or your favorite, items in the MDR on MSC? I know food is subjective, but if a lot of people like something, or dislike something... That usually means something. Thanks
  11. We booked the Mera a few days ago. $199pp for a 7 day cruise in a Fantastica balcony. We've cruised a lot, but we'll be first time MSC. Thought the price was right for a trial run.
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