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  1. Moderno - have never had any good meat there. Way too salty and never cooked properly, Either overcooked or undercooked. Plus I don't like being constantly interrupted to get my food.
  2. Looked at my Bliss oct 20th Mexican Riviera reservation to book Six and the itinerary now says "default itinerary" Anyone see this before, and what does it mean?? Is NCL changing the itinerary?
  3. We have used it 3 times. Twice in New York and once in Miami, roundtrip. Was always on time, texted us to let us know ETA. Both from hotels to cruise ports, and from cruise ports to airports. Very courteous, safe drivers! Really liked the service even though it cost a little more than other services.
  4. Hello, I I just booked a cruise to Mexico on the Bliss, restaurants I want to book aren't available on lie and neither is the Six show. Where do I book them on the ship?
  5. Pretty much everything in Le Bistro: My husband loves the escargot, I love the mushroom soup. Beef tenderloin is delicious. Chocolate Napoleon Dessert. Profiteroles dessert. Los Lobos: Guacamole made tableside. I could make that my whole meal! Q Smokehouse: Chopped salad, my husband likes the chili starter, Pork spareribs. if you like bananas the pudding, is light and refreshing. Cagney's: is okay steakhouse. Love the 7 layer chocolate cake. Moderno ; Don't like it, meat is salty and I don't like sitting around waiting for a waiter to bring me the next meat choice.
  6. They used it when we got off the Bliss in Seattle, in August. Worked great!
  7. Been thinking of going on a Mexican Riviera cruise, but kind of nervous about it. Have read on CC about dirty ports. Lots of drugs, etc. Even some posts about federales with machine guns in some ports. If you have been lately can you please give me some feedback of you trip? Do people go on cruises and not get off in the ports?
  8. Saw a porcupine in a tree hiking to Nugget falls/Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Was in June. I didn't even know they climbed trees. be on the lookout for them!
  9. Went on Yukon Tour out of Skagway. once in June and last week. Saw bears both times. Saw whales in both Juneau and Icy Strait on whale watching excursions, Sorry downloaded same picture, don't know how to delete one
  10. I also have used hairdryer if its not quite dry.
  11. Loving your review! We really like Los Lobos too. They need to put it on all the ships. Q was really good every time we have eaten there.
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