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  1. I have already applied to the Singapore border Service. - They say you don't need a visa. Visa-free transit is possible. - But representatives of the cruise company say that the ship without a Singapore visa will not be put. And the cruise company itself does not answer any e-mails. The first time I meet such a mess!!!
  2. What do I do now, in all visa-free countries visa, and then suddenly the staff of the cruise company does not know? ))
  3. Nothing has changed for the better... The same is not a loyal company. Even the question they ask! You can only buy something and book...
  4. Ок, спасибо, напишу по-русски: 1) Сайт Селебрити у меня не открывается, чтоб им вопрос о визе задать. Вот на этой странице умирает: https://www.celebritycruises.com/country-selection 2) Вот что мне ответили пограничники Сингапура: Dear Mr Sergey We refer to your email on 4 Jun 2019. Visitors holding an ordinary passport issued by Russia may be eligible for the 96-hour Visa Free Transit Facility (VFTF), if they satisfy the following conditions: • in transit to or from any third country (both forward and return legs); and • have a valid onward air ticket departing within 96 hours. Travellers may enter Singapore by any mode of transport but must depart Singapore by air. Transit travellers who satisfy the criteria for VFTF will have to meet the prevailing entry requirements before they are allowed entry into Singapore. Please note that extension of stay for transit travellers under the VFTF is strictly not allowed. For your ease of reference, we append the following link ( https://www.ica.gov.sg/enteranddeparting/entry_requirements) which provides an informative insight that travellers should know before arriving in Singapore. Assessment for entry, including the grant of VFTF, is determined by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers only at the point of entry. Thank you. Yours sincerely Zann Tan (Ms) Senior Assistant Executive (Customer Service) Customer Relations Branch Immigration & Checkpoints Authority W ica.gov.sg FB С их слов виза мне нужна. 3) Однако, вот что пишут путешественники из России, кто уже сталкивался с такой ситуацией и с этой круизной компанией: - "Мы имеем право на безвизовый транзит и этого достаточно. Повыпендриваются при посадке, но в итоге все будет нормально, потому что пограничники Сингапура как раз знают о праве на безвизовый транзит и штамп поставят на борту точно абсолютно". - " Теоретически можно, но визовые офицеры на кораблях об этом не знают и могут не посадить на борт в начале круиза. Так что переплата за сингапурскую визу в данном случае - это плата за лекарство от стресса". - " У меня есть личный опыт безвизового транзита в круизе из Шанхая в Сингапур. Виза не нужна. В Сингапуре об этом знают, а вот на кораблях могут не знать. У меня не знали, долго пришлось доказывать." То есть - как повезет? Хотелось бы решить этот вопрос ДО начала круиза.
  5. Yes, the Singapore border service told me that I do not need a visa. But what if the cruise company does not know about it and will not let me on Board even when landing in Dubai??? My compatriots on similar forums fans of cruises write that long swore when landing. I wouldn't like..
  6. Thanks. Since 2012 I have been sailing on several cruises, but by other companies. If this cruise I do not make a visa Singapore, then (perhaps) I will not be allowed on Board, and the cruise will not be. And if you do and it is not necessary - it would be a shame! )) Also you may need to use Google translator to understand my screen name. - Thank You Google.com!! ))
  7. Thanks. But this is the problem that the Singapore border service answers me that I do NOT need a visa. But cruise companies in Russia (who represents Celebrity in Russia) - they say that they need. Which is right? Is there an official response from the cruise company? What if I'm not allowed on Board?
  8. Hello! Again bought a cruise with Celebrity! Only now on Constellation. They will have an opportunity to improve! )) Although there are already difficulties - it is not clear with visas!
  9. After a long break, I bought the cruise again with this company. But something about the website not working, on the website of the Russian representative offices do not answer, you have to write here! Question: I am sailing from Dubai to Singapore (Russian citizen), do I need a visa to Singapore or transit 96 hours without visas? - Travel agencies write that a visa is needed. - Singapore border guards write that it is not necessary. - Tourists with experience on the forums write that you can without a visa, but will have a long time to swear with the staff of the cruise company when boarding. But do not want to spoil the rest from the beginning! I want to understand this mess in advance. Thanks!
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