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  1. A Future Cruise Deposit is more than enough to give Princess in these uncertain times. For now I'm holding onto my money till I know when cruising will resume. Our cancelled cruise on the Ruby Princess for September and the future cruise deposits we had down on it was credited back to our Princess account with the double cruise credit in about six weeks. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  2. We are booked on the Sky Princess for Feb. 28th using Future Cruise Deposits ($200.00 total). Final payment is not due till Dec. 28th, so we will wait till then to make a decision. I'm hoping Princess will cancel so we will receive double credit on our FCD's. We would very much like to go on this cruise, but don't see it happening with the virus spreading in Florida. I expect the cruise port in Ft. Lauderdale to be closed this winter. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  3. My military benefit also shows the expiration date of 12/31/2021. Hope when the time comes Princess automatically extends it to a later date. But the big question is will they with the pandemic shut down and loss of revenue? Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  4. cruiseypop, thank for posting the You Tube link. I will check in to watch. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  5. Received the same E-mail, it would probably be interesting to watch, but I'm not sure if I can get it live on you tube. I did notice cruise director Duvall Gamble will be joining Jan Swartz, he is one of my favorite cruise directors. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  6. Slowly but surely things are starting to get back to normal some what in Kenosha. We went out for the first time to eat dinner in a local restaurant on Wednesday. It felt good not eating at home for a change. We found out our local Perkins restaurant went out of business during the coronavirus pandemic. Always liked going there for breakfast, so that's a bummer. I'm sure other business's may not make it either. This summer won't be the same though, the 4th of July parade and fire works have been canceled. All church festivals have also been canceled. Many of the city events where crowds gather are history for this summer. Kenosha is still struggling with the virus, over 1300 virus cases and 39 deaths. So we still try to play it safe the best we can. The good news we are still dreaming of our next cruise on the Sky Princess for Feb. 28th to the Southern Caribbean. We at least have an active roll call to follow along and post. Everyone seems ready to cruise and the roll call does give us hope for that to happen in the future! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  7. Don't clump together, I like the saying. It was in full force in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin this weekend. Some people are still not taking this virus seriously! My home town (Kenosha, Wi.) now has over 1,000 cases of the virus and 27 deaths. Salons and barber shops are opening up along with restaurants and bars. Most are at least trying to do the social distancing which is good. We will probably wait a few more weeks before we enter a restaurant. We enjoyed a beautiful Memorial weekend, it's great to get outdoors a lot more now. I wonder if the coronavirus effects bees, they sure are clumped together in this picture. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  8. Our Sept. 26th cruise on the Ruby Princess was not listed as being canceled. Princess put that announcement out on May 6th, a lot could have changed in a weeks time. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  9. I Haven't heard a thing from Princess about our Sept. 26th cruise. I knew Princess announced all Alaskan cruises were canceled this year, but our northern California Coastal cruise was still a go from Seattle. If canceled, I'm surprised it's still available to book on Princess's website. Hopefully we should know more in a few days. I'm glad I only have a deposit (FCD) down on it. Final payment would be a big no at this point. If you hear anything from Princess, please post. We also have a roll call for this cruise, folks are wondering the same there. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  10. I just checked the Port of Seattle website. It has a updated cruise advisory, all 2020 cruises including Princess, Holland America and Carnival cruise ships have been canceled for the rest of the year. Below is the link to read. Our Sept. 26th cruise on the Ruby Princess is history. Cheers - Ken & Darlene https://www.portseattle.org/page/covid-19-updates-2020-cruise-season
  11. Thought I would check in after a couple weeks being silent. First of all, happy "Mother's Day" to all you moms! Wish I could take my wife and family out to a restaurant to celebrate, but will have to settle again for pickup food. I'm glad the warmer weather is arriving, spent yesterday digging up a patch of lawn at my daughter's house to plant a garden in the coming days. I love being outside when all possible. I'm still wondering about the cruise we have booked on the Ruby Princess for Sept. 26 out of Seattle round trip. It's the first cruise after the canceled Alaskan season that is still scheduled to go. It's a northern California coastal cruise. I have until July 26 to make final payment and will wait till that date to do so, but I have my doubts this cruise will happen. On the home front in Wisconsin, we are still in lock down mode till May 26th. I don't understand these protesters with guns storming our state capital and other areas demanding the governor open everything up. What's a couple more weeks of waiting. I'd rather be safe than sorry (just my feelings). Our city (Kenosha, Wi.) now has 629 coronavirus cases with 19 deaths. Wisconsin as a whole has 10,000 cases and about 400 deaths. I've heard some news that a vaccine may be available by Sept., that would be incredible if true. Hope everyone is doing the best they can. Stay safe! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  12. It's another not much happening day in our household. We decided to take a ride around town this afternoon and dropped off a couple items on our daughters front porch. At least we got to see the grandkids for a few minutes and say hi as we stood on the front lawn. Afterwards we drove to a BP Gas Station by our house and filled up the car. The place was packed with cars filling up as the cost was at a unheard price of 98.9 cents a gallon. It's great to have cheap gas, but no where to go. We have a bunch of Turner Classic Movies recorded to watch. They are actually relaxing to see in the evening instead of all the news about the coronavirus and we refuse to watch our President's daily briefings. Kenosha, Wisconsin where we live now has 189 confirmed cases of the virus with 5 deaths associated with it. Many households in our neighborhood and around town (including us) have been placing heart decorations in our windows. It's nice to see people coming together to beat this virus. Hope everyone is finding something entertaining and fun to do. Keep up the effort and stay safe! Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  13. Thought I would check in, still hunkered down! At least the weather in southern Wisconsin has been nice the past few days. Our morning walks are something Darlene and I really look forward to. Been doing a little yard work and tuned up my lawn mower for the season. Our biggest disappointment is not seeing the family and our 6 grandkids during this virus lockdown. Kenosha as of this morning had 79 cases of the coronavirus. Milwaukee is now over 1000 cases and Wisconsin as a whole is over 2000 cases. I feel bad for those folks and all the medical staff in the hot zones like New York City. These folks are real hero's!!!! Well I hope TMC has a good movie on tonight. I do have a few recorded though. Stay safe everyone. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  14. Hi Stan, at least you got your cruise in during January on the Grand Princess. We we're able to complete our two week cruise on the Sky Princess in February from the 8th to 22nd. Right after that, everything starting happening with the virus. We will probably miss out on our Sept. 26th cruise on the Ruby. We we're hoping to do another California coastal cruise round trip from Seattle, but we will give it some time and see what happens. Good to hear from you, stay safe my friend. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
  15. Cruiserkenn, hopefully you will get to do your Hawaiian cruise next year. Darlene and I really enjoyed our cruise there on the Ruby Princess. The sea days were relaxing and fun as well. It was one of our best cruises ever. Here's a couple more pictures for you to enjoy from Hawaii. You have to try the shave ice in Lahaina, Maui and don't forget to decorate your cabin door. Cheers - Ken & Darlene
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