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  1. We loved Maya Chan, but the sea grass and murky water made snorkeling impossible. 😞 It was still a gorgeous place!
  2. The Breeze is one of my favorite ships! I think it depends on how close you like to get to the "back onboard" time? I'm guessing passengers must be back by 1:30pm? If you're ok with arriving close to that (and enjoy eating + drinking) then probably worth it. For me, I try and always get back about an hour BEFORE we're actually supposed to be onboard. Because I'm a nervous type. 🙂 So, factor that into your decision. When we went, the roads were very smooth and it was a pretty easy journey. But I think that is changing constantly, and if there's a storm before you dock, the journey could take much longer given the size of the potholes. I posted some pics and information on Maya Chan in my review when we sailed the Rotterdam. You can find it here if that helps! It is a very unique and relaxing experience, so it definitely wouldn't be a waste, even for a short period of time!
  3. Visited Maya Chan when we sailed to Costa Maya onboard the Rotterdam. We loved it! In case you're interested, it's on page 5 of my review I wrote here. We'd definitely go again!
  4. I'm wondering if you can expand on this? What happened during your time on the Rotterdam? Did you feel your safety was jeopardized or...?
  5. Any more updates on this situation? We'll be there soon on the Nieuw Statendam and hoping to grab taxis to either Magen's Bay or Sapphire Beach for the day...
  6. Hello all, We're going to be in St. Thomas soon on the Nieuw Statendam, and I am torn about which beach to visit. There will be two ships in port the day we are there. We'll be there from 8am - 5pm. We went to St. Thomas once, about 7 years ago, and spent the day at Magen's Bay. This time around we are taking my parents (seniors, but active), and our kids (ages 3 and 9) along with my husband and I. Some of us are hoping to snorkel from shore, some REQUIRE an umbrella or shade, and we'd like to get a few lounge chairs. Also need bathrooms and access to food and beverages if possible. We want to DIY it from the ship. Would Sapphire or Magen's Bay be best and why? If you have information on taxi prices and the costs to enter or rent chairs/umbrellas, that would be very helpful as well! Also, is one particularly closer to the ship than the other? Thanks so much!
  7. I just hung up with HAL, and was told they were able to make the repairs while at sea (instead of HMC), and they are expected to disembark and load up with new guests as scheduled tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  8. Oh no! Please keep us posted everyone! We're supposed to be getting on board the NS next week! I'm so sorry for those of you that had to miss HMC!
  9. I'm so happy I found this review! I'm looking to book the Armonia for my family (husband, myself and two kids) for our Spring Break next year! One very basic question: what's the best way to book? I typically book through the cruiseline directly, but I'm not sure about MSC? OP, I'd love the EXACT same cabin you snagged, but I don't see it on the website. Can you tell me the "category"? How did you book this? Also, does the Armonia have a proper medical station / doctor onboard? The one reason we're not doing a land tour of Cuba with our kids is because my husband (the one fluent in Spanish who was actually born in Latin America 🙂 ) is concerned of a medical emergency or something with the children - in a place with hardly no internet where we would have to depend on only cash currency. Hence, the reason we're considering a cruise there instead. We have super healthy kids, but I wanted to ask, just in case! (We did once end up hospitalized in Prague with our little one, and had another medical emergency in Bucharest with the other one, so I seem to think ahead and plan for these things)!
  10. That's awesome! It was the closest I've been to a helicopter, and I couldn't believe how fast it was! So loud as well!!
  11. Hello! Thanks for reading along! I too had heard about the fire at Princess Cay, but didn't see any evidence of it whatsoever. I believe it was a generator and in the area hidden behind the wooden fence. Thanks re Patinum status! I loved having our cabin available so early!!
  12. Ok, I'll be honest in saying Nassau is definitely NOT one of my favorite ports. I think the vibe there can be so different, depending on how many ships you have docked. The day we arrived we had FIVE! Ugh. So it was crazy crowded and chaotic. We did get off the beaten path a bit, and while I wasn't scared or anything, it's easy to get a pulse for the city and see that crime/theft is probably an issue. Last time I was in Nassau we were traveling around on our own, and ended up spending a couple of hours on Cabbage Beach. A very aggressive man who was obviously high on something was trying to get us to a) book a parasailing trip or b) buy drugs from him. He wouldn't take no for an answer and got very agitated/angry. Honestly though, this could happen anywhere. I often travel to places higher up on the advisory warning scale than the Bahamas without any issue, so for me, it wouldn't be a deterrent. I'd simply have a plan or an excursion booked. Or even a day pass at a resort, if you know you want a beach day. I wouldn't leave Nassau as a "wander around and explore day". Not necessarily due to the crime, but just the sheer numbers of people that may be there the same day you are!
  13. Haha, I usually have to book one as soon as my previous cruise is finished. Otherwise I get depressed! 🙂
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