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  1. We haven't either. Sailing on Britannia in June we were given a time to disembark and told to leave our embarkation tags on our cases. I didn't realise that I could have gone to reception and ask to change the time allocated (10.30am); but will know for next time
  2. I write on the front of the envelope "To X, thank you for looking after us from X and X" I don't put the cabin number or full names on there. I either hand it to the cabin steward or leave it in the cabin if I don't see them. Wait staff I write the same on the envelope and hand it over on the last night.
  3. My friend and I found we were excluded from convserations around the table and received a few frosty looks - maybe other diners thought we were husband stealers!!
  4. I cruised as part of a group of 5 last year with Royal Caribbean and for the first time selected My Time Dining. I hadn't realised that you should book your dining times before you sail and as a consequence we had to wait most evenings to get a table. I sailed with P&O this year and had Freedom dining. There was only two of us and we didn't mind sharing a table each evening. If we'd have wanted a two we would have been sent away with a buzzer. A couple of evenings were a bit awkward at the table as some diners clearly didn't like two single ladies on their table!
  5. My second P&O cruise was this June and Wesley Dunlop was the Captain. His daily briefings were the highlight of our day; so funny but also informative without getting too technical. As he spoke I could clearly imagine Britannia pirouetting as it manoeuvered from the port!!
  6. Sorry I don't know if you can take your case on with you. I sailed on Britannia in June and was given a boarding time of 3.30pm. We got to Southampton by 2.30pm handed over our suitcases,, went in to the terminal to wait. We were on board before 3.00pm and our cases were outside the cabin waiting for us. I've never had that in all of my years cruising with RCI!! I thought the service was great but maybe I was lucky
  7. Thank you for your reply John. On Britannia in June we did not receive a questionnaire or new luggage tags. We were notified our departure time would by 10.30 am and to keep the boarding tags on. When we disembarked we went to number 12 (the deck we'd been on) and ours were the only remaining cases!! I was surprised. Having cruised with Royal Caribbean before you get a questionnaire, new tags etc - although I never get the time I ask for! The next time I sail with P&O I will know I can go to reception and change the time I'm allocated. But I do think it's a palaver having to vacate the cabin by 8am and therefore have to take hand luggage to breakfast with you. However, I do undstand that the cabin stewards need to get into the rooms to make them ready for the next guests.
  8. Thanks for a speedy response Brian. My allocated time was 10.30 am - I've never been off a ship so late. And whilst waiting to disembark the fire alarm went off in the terminal so disembarkation was suspended for a short time! Thankfully they were ahead of things at that point and it was sorted out very quickly so will still departed more or less as advised
  9. How do you ask for a disembarkation time? When I sailed Britannia in June we were allocated a time. Could we have asked for that to be changed? I had too much luggage to carry it all off myself!
  10. I've cruised 8 times with Royal Caribbean and now twice with P & O - most recent was on the Britannia at the beginning of this month. The ship never felt crowded. There was lots of varied activities (should activities be your thing) or quiet places to sit and read. We were still discovering new things towards the end of the week. Very impressed with the condition and cleanliness. Our balcony cabin was lovely. I would most definitely look to P & O, and Britannia in particular, when I book my next cruise.
  11. Thank you for sharing your review. This is the first place I'd go to when looking for a review; the Royal Caribbean page is usually full of trip reports
  12. For me I’m not sure I want first or second seating - the times don’t suit. I want to dine at a regular time that I can choose. That to me is freedom.
  13. sorry to jump onto this thread but I'm wondering how strict are the Britannia boarding times at Southampton? We've been given 15:30 but would like to board earlier - is that possible? We don't want to be there early and made to sit and wait until our allocated time Thanks
  14. I've done the train at Flam independently of the cruise line - but that's all I did there - book the train tickets online in advance but I don't know about the other elements of the tour
  15. I am on a 7 night cruise on Britannia this June and there's a black & white night and an 80s night - not sure what to expect of either!
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