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  1. All of Italy is now part of RC's ban. Got a text/email this morning. Anyone travelling from, to, or through Italy within 15 days will be denied boarding. Jewel is scheduled to leave Dubai for Italy in 3 weeks. Wonder what will happen to that sailing. Are they really going to deny boarding to anyone who's been in Italy, then take the ship TO Italy?
  2. Their pricing is a mystery. We're on the March 9th sailing from Dubai. I've been watching the price trying to figure out if it's worth it to try to upgrade. I'm Canadian, but we booked in Euros since we live in Europe. I've been checking in both US$ and Euros every day or so, depending on which site my VPN points the RCL website to! The prices have been up and down a bit and rarely go up and down in US$ and Euro at the same time. Then yesterday, our nearly empty ship seems all of a sudden almost sold out. No balconies, no Jr Suites, when there was a lot of inventory on Monday, dozens of cabins. I'm very curious on our Royal Up bid (received the offer yesterday), and whether the ship is really as booked as it now seems.
  3. We’re 13 days out right now. Jewel, from Dubai. I got a Royal Up offer just now. We have a balcony guarantee, and we’re happy with our room. But the ship has been seeming very empty, lots of empty cabins in all categories. I’ve been watching to see if an upgrade to a Jr Suite might be worth it. Until yesterday, it was about 1000€ more than we paid. Not worth it. Today, all of a sudden, balconies show as sold out when there were tons yesterday, and there are no more suite guarantee cabins available (but still lots of suites empty). Royal Up shuffle I guess. I put a bid on a Jr Suite and the 2 bedroom suite (no balcony). Fingers crossed.
  4. Love it! Keep posting the menus and the dailies, please! Trying to get a sense of what our cruise in 3 weeks might be like.
  5. We’re on Jewel on March 9. Looking forward to your review! Have a great time.
  6. It's been a few years, but when we cruised NCL, they had "Freestyle Freeplay" times (or something) where the kids' center was open for all ages, no real groups, just a few low key activities going on and kids could join in wherever. We cruised with 4 kids (mine and my sister's kids) between the ages of 7 and 11 and that was the only time they were all able to be together.
  7. We’re on Jewel in a month. Not overly concerned. Travelling anywhere in the world has some risk. We’ll be cautious but we’re not worried.
  8. I have a 16 and 19 year old, and we've been living in Europe for the past 2 1/2 years. We have traveled a lot while we're here to make the most of the opportunity. There have been some ups and downs. Many mornings where we couldn't get kids out of bed to start the day. Skipped breakfasts because they're too tired (but still made the tour timings) followed by whining about being hungry. And lots of heads in phones. But I will say that they have really enjoyed the trips. In spite of some aggravating moments, they've seen some of the best parts of the world and they are grateful. If your granddaughter is like my 16 year old daughter, one of the best parts of the trip will be the pictures for instagram. My daughter has to get the perfect shot everywhere we go (she plans ahead for what she's going to wear and where she wants a picture). We help her with that (she says I'm a better Instagram photographer than her dad is!). She gets input into what we do and gets to skip things at times. We pick the battles and try to let her have the vacation she wants while letting her know that family time is part of it too. Dinner on the ship is required in general. Sometimes they had made plans with friends they met on the ship who had a different dining time, so we let them bow out that night. The cruises our kids had the best times on were the ones where they met kids in the teen club. Encourage her to go to the first night "meet and greet" at the teen club. Now, if that's successful, you may not see much of her 🙂 I would say to set yourself up for some moments where you wish she'd put the phone down. Expect she'll be uninterested in some of the stuff. Manage expectations. But in the end, she'll probably look back on this vacation as one of the best times she ever had.
  9. I have the same issue. I’ve never received promotional emails from Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. My husband gets them, but I don’t. We have a cruise in 34 days, this is our first with Royal since Royal Up. I called a few days ago and they said they reset my email settings, so I should start getting emails. None yet. I haven’t received a Royal Up offer on this cruise. There appears to be lots of empty rooms, including suites. Crossing fingers.
  10. We're on the March 9th Jewel sailing from Dubai. We're not overly concerned about the security situation. Still lots of room on our sailing from what I can tell. Smaller, older ship. Challenging port to sail from. We live in Europe and it was still challenging to figure out the flights. We booked the cruise in early December and the flights a few weeks later, and we're paying a lot more for the flights than the cruise. Our itinerary has us arriving back in Dubai at 2 pm the day before. We're probably going to go to the souk for a bit, then back on board for dinner and packing. We have a 7 am flight, so we'll be off the ship before 5 (the 17 year old is going to LOVE that!)
  11. I've been watching a cruise for a week now. Waited on Black Friday sale, no different than prices last week (instant rebate vs OBC, but other than that basically the same). Cyber Monday sale? Same as Black Friday. No change in price. What's really frustrating me is the cost for the 3rd person (17 year old daughter). The third person is significantly more than the first and second. Still not as much as booking two cabins. Well, we could book two inside guarantees, but then we could be on opposite ends of the ship. Kids sail free, all others pay through the nose.
  12. I can add insight on the RC cruise maybe. We were on Harmony of the Seas and couldn’t get an extra key to our kids’ room because the newer ships with the RFID keys can’t be duplicated like the swipe card. A new key would have to be a new sea pass for someone in the room which would cancel the old one. We got around that by getting a wow band and using that as the spare key but the fact that they couldn’t get a spare key was accurate. Depending on the ship they were on. When we were on Mariner, no problem, we got a spare key for their room that didn’t have charging privileges on it. It wasn’t a sea pass, just a key. But not on Harmony. No idea if any of the celebrity ships have the RFID keys, it’s been a while since we were on Celebrity.
  13. We haven’t cruises Celebrity with teens yet (this summer!) but we’ve done 5 cruises with our teens, on Royal Caribbean, Cunard and MSC. The quality of the teen club per se was never really a factor, it was the number of teens and where they were from. More a factor of date, itinerary and home port. They found friends and went from there. They did few of the activities but it was always with kids they already knew. After the first night they didn’t just drop in to do an activity, they’d show up to find their friends and if the activity was good, they’d join in. Examples: Mariner of the Seas, a Singapore-Shanghai repositioning cruise. Very few teens on board. Under a dozen I think. They went a couple of times to the teen club and it was them and one other boy (who we had met through our CC roll call). The club had some good activities arranged but there were never enough kids there to run them. Harmony of the Seas Christmas cruise - about 1000 teens on board, they had a blast but didn’t do much in the centre itself. Mostly met kids there, then went to hang out somewhere. Our MSC cruises, there were a lot of Italians, so the language barrier was a bit of a challenge but they still found a good group to hang out with. Cunard transatlantic, summer. Grey haired older crowd, but still enough teens that they had lots of fun. Cunard isn’t known for their kids programming but my kids would probably rank it as their second favourite cruise (Harmony being their top one). If the itinerary is Caribbean and it’s spring break, there will be lots of kids, they will find friends to hang out with and will likely have a blast, regardless of the specifics of the teen club itself.
  14. Here's the info I found - Post with similar questions to ours, some good info in this thread - Website with some port info - https://travelanni.webs.com/berthslp31lp41.htm
  15. I found another thread here about Rostock, nothing concrete about shuttles. But someone did say that there was a shuttle, but they didn't hear about it until the day before. It was also mentioned in that thread that there are lots of taxis. Someone posted a link in our Roll Call, with some info about the port. I'll hunt both of those down and post them here. For us, it's looking like taxi to the Warnemunde cruise centre to pick up our rental car. Google says it's about a 15 minute drive. Unless Hertz has a shuttle for us (I've got my husband looking into that).
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